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What is a stove used for?

A stove is a cooker that is designed to control fire when you’re cooking. They come in plenty of shape and sizes: single hob, double hob, triple hob up to five hobs in one stove. Stoves give your food in your wok that direct heat from the fire, making cooking more efficient.

The stove is the heart of the kitchen. It's where all the magic takes place; where the ingredients and spices mix to turn into a marvellous, delicious dish. But the use of the stove is not limited to just the kitchen. Thanks to innovation and technology, there are different kinds of stoves available today. From the portable type to the type that is attached to an oven or hood, these innovative appliances offer better convenience. Check out the best stove with our top listed selections we've picked for you.

1. Rubine RCH-BOXLINE2-90SS Chimney Cooker Hood & RGH-PEPPER2B-BL 2 Burner Gas Stove

Best stove and hood

Price from RM1,299.00

shopping_cart Presto Mall RM1,299.00

A 2-in-1 combination of stove and hood, Rubine features a tempered glass stove with a stainless steel and tempered glass hood. The stove is a gas type with two burners, making it suitable for everyday cooking. Whereas, the chimney cooker hood comes with 1100m3/hr of suction power, sensor touch control, and pyramidal baffle filter system.

2. ELBA 2 Burner Gas Stove with Stainless Steel Body EGS-F7112(SS)

Best stove for rental property

Price from RM81.00

shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM81.00

If you're moving into a rental property and don't want to spend so much on your kitchen appliances, then this gas stove is an ideal choice. With a stainless steel body and two burners, this gas stove makes a perfect addition to a small and basic kitchen. The appliance has an enamel trivet, iron plated burner ring and is equipped with a copper ignition feature.

3. Zanussi Freestanding Gas Cooker ZAN-ZCG940W

Best stove and oven combo

Price from RM1,849.00

shopping_cart Senheng Malaysia RM1,849.00

A selection for the baking lover, this stove from Zanussi comes with an oven. The freestanding stove has a gas cylinder storage compartment with four cooking burners while the oven has a capacity of 62 litres. Additional features include a mechanical timer, battery push ignition, and tempered glass lid.

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4. Beko Cooker Hob BKO-HISW72225SOB

Best stove for seniors

Price from RM709.00

shopping_cart Senheng Malaysia RM709.00

This stove has a gas safety feature that works by cutting off gas supply when the flame is off, preventing gas leakage. The appliance comes with a cast iron pan support that adds stability for cookware placement. This two burner stove makes an ideal product for seniors due to its safety features and sturdiness.

5. Portable Steamboat Gas Stove

Best stove for campervan

Price from RM35.00

shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM35.00

Are you going on a road trip with a campervan? Then this stove will make an ideal addition to your campervan pantry.  It does not take much space as it has a single burner and is powered by the small canned gas. The stove is made using lightweight epoxy material and comes with a portable case which allows you to take it anywhere with you.

6. Portable 1000W Travel Electric Stove Cooker Hot Plate Cookware

Best stove for backpacking

Price from RM24.00

shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM24.00

This super small, electric powered stove is only 20 centimetres in length, allowing you to fit it into your suitcase or backpack. The appliance has a single burner with a setting knob for temperature adjustment and is suitable for glass, stainless steel, stone, and ceramic cookware. Save money on food while travelling too, as this stove allows you to cook and heat up your food anytime, anywhere.

7. Gas-Powered Portable Card-Type Stove

Best stove for camping

Price from RM19.00

shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM19.00

A product for the outdoor enthusiast, this stove is suitable for camping. Small and compact, it utilises uses gas that assures generation of high flame for quick heating. It is made using copper alloy and stainless steel which promises sturdiness. Say no more stale sandwiches and canned food; now you can enjoy freshly cooked meals during your camping trip.

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