Good lighting always complements a room decor, giving it that perfect touch. The best lighting choice can help in making a room look bigger, cheerful and brighter. Hence it is essential to have a suitable selection of lights that accentuate the details of a room. Here's the lineup of the best room lighting that'll suit your needs.

1. 1. DP LED Rechargable Desk Lamp

Best room lights with LED strips for a study room
Price from RM42.45
Shopee Malaysia RM42.45

This LED rechargeable table light is ideal for the study room. It's built with high efficiency LED bulb of 1800mAh power capacity and can stand up to five hours of use. The body of the lamp, as well as its brightness intensity, is adjustable according to your preference.

2. 2. IKEA TVÄRS TVARS Table Lamp Bedroom Lighting

Best for night time
Price from RM18.00
Shopee Malaysia RM18.00

This cute looking bedside table lamp makes an ideal selection for a night lamp. The exterior shade, as well as its body and leg, is made of durable Polypropylene plastic. Its dimly lit light will make your room cosier, creating a perfect environment for a good night sleep.

3. 3. Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector

Best room light projector for a baby’s nursery
Price from RM17.00
Shopee Malaysia RM17.00

This room light makes a suitable choice for a baby's nursery. The projected stars and the moon impression through its 360 degrees rotating light will easier put your baby to sleep. It also comes in three modes for you to choose from and is fully powered by a rechargeable battery.

4. 4. USB Led Light Portable

Best for computer and gaming
Price from RM5.50
Shopee Malaysia RM5.50

If you're always on your laptop or PC, then this product might be the one for you. This room light is made specifically for computers and fully powered via its USB port. The product is made using a flexible type of metal that allows 360 degrees of rotation and bending.

5. 5. LED Alarm Clock with White Night Light

Best room light with an alarm clock – good for your eyes
Price from RM14.90
Shopee Malaysia RM14.90

This energy saving light uses the LED technology that will not damage your eyes. The two in one alarm clock and room light allows you to access the time, date and temperature as well. Plus, the product has a smart sensor that automatically dims and softens the light when your surrounding is dark, creating that evening mood.

6. 6. Remote Dimmable Ceiling Light

Best for living rooms and dining rooms with low ceilings – comes with a remote control
Price from RM88.00
Shopee Malaysia RM88.00

If your living or dining room has a shallow ceiling, then this light would be ideal. It's made to produce low heat and zero UV rays. The product is made entirely of LED and controllable via a remote. So you can adjust its intensity and creates a romantic environment.

7. 7. Philips 71567 PEAR Table Lamp

Best for photo editing
Price from RM39.90
Shopee Malaysia RM39.90

Photo editing requires you to have that perfect lighting; one that does not damage your eyes in the long run. Hence why you'll need this LED room light from Phillips. It has an adjustable lighting angle and comes with energy saving features.

8. 8. LED Light Surface Downlight Round Daylight

Best for rooms with no windows
Price from RM14.90
Shopee Malaysia RM14.90

A small room without windows will definitely need this LED room light. This energy-saving product produces a warm white light, while emiting less heat and UV rays. The light is also an eco-friendly product as it's made using non-toxic and recyclable materials

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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