Anyone can experience pain at their joints, especially if you work at a retailing that requires you to stand for long hours. Also, if you're very active in sports, you might experience joint pain as well. Fret not, as we've gathered a list of the best joint supplements that will help relieve the pain at your joints.

1. Wise Nutrition Joint Health Supplement

Best for athletes and runners

Price from RM108.00

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You’ll never need to worry about having painful joints while doing sports and other activities. It only takes one week to relieve any continuous pain you have. If you're an avid runner or an athlete, then you should definitely consume this supplement.

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2. Blackmores Glucosamine Arthritis Support

Best joint supplement for arthritis

Price from RM95.90

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This Glucosamine from Blackmores will help with pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. It also improves joint mobility; results can be seen as early as two weeks. Glucosamine is essential in providing relief to symptoms of arthritis, and this 1500mg dosage is just enough to ease any pain you're facing.

3. Mega Strength Glucosamine Sulfate

Best for knees without MSM

Price from RM85.00

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This supplement for joints doesn't contain MSM, but 1000mg of Glucosamine instead for protection. It keeps your joints healthy so you can enjoy your active lifestyle without worrying about injuries. Start getting on this supplement if you're active in sports.

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4. California Gold Nutrition

Best joint supplement with hyaluronic acid and without shellfish

Price from RM89.00

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If you're allergic to shellfish, then this product is perfect for you. It has no GMOs, gluten and soy too. Consume this to get healthy joints in no time, especially if you're always experiencing joint discomfort.

5. Kordel's Eggshell Membrane Plus Boswellia

Best joint supplement with eggshell membrane

Price from RM217.20

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Eggshell membrane is used to treat osteoarthritis successfully; it can also outperform glucosamine for joints health. Kordel’s supplement for joints has both eggshell membrane and Boswellia, which are effective in treating osteoarthritis. The Boswellia, or better known as the Indian Frankincense, is used as an anti-inflammatory for injured knees and joints.

6. Solaray Rose Hips

Best joint supplement with rosehip

Price from RM94.18

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Solaray Rose Hips supplement is made to relieve pain, inflammation and joint swelling. Besides, rosehip works to give you glowing skin, too. Additionally, it helps with atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

7. Youtheory, Joint Collagen, Type 2

Best joint supplement with collagen and turmeric

Price from RM121.70

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This supplement has a combination of collagen and turmeric that helps supply your joints with protein. With Collagen Type II, turmeric, Boswellia and cinnamon, it fights pain and inflammation very well. Just two tablets a day and you'll be on your way to looking healthier and younger.

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