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Century Egg Cheesecake Is Next On the Malaysian Strange Food List

It’s topped with anchovies and peanuts, too!

Penang strikes again! After a bizarre encounter with the Bubble Tea Hot Pot, the food haven now shocks the nation with the Century Egg Cheesecake with Ikan Bilis and Peanuts.

Image credits: Moody Cow Café Penang

Century eggs have moved on from soaking in Asian congee to this creamy cheesecake served at Moody Cow Café in Penang. Originally named the Black Moon, the century eggs have replaced the Oreos that formerly sat on top of the chocolate-based cake. This newly enhanced version is accompanied by anchovies and peanuts – two ingredients that blend perfectly with the fermented eggs.

Image credits: Moody Cow Café Penang

The new Black Moon is said to be super rich and sweet, and is recommended to have one slice shared between two or more people. Although the name itself might sound intimidating, some foodies claimed the dessert to be extravagant. Go ahead and try it; this cake might be your calling.

Moody Cow Dessert Café.
170, Jalan Transfer.
10050, Georgetown, Penang.

Opening hours:
Daily; 11am to 12am.

Contact number:

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