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Losing Weight Will Be Much Easier With These 7 Chia Seed Brands

Small in size, big in nutrition!

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A trending and easy-to-eat power food, chia seeds are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, fibre, iron, calcium and antioxidants. Many say that consuming chia seeds daily will increase the “good” kind of cholesterol in your body to protect against heart problems.

Here is a couple of chia seed packeted brands that are great for certain needs.

Country Farm Organic Chia Seed 250g

RM 20.9
1. Country Farm Organic Chia Seed 250g
Best chia seed for pudding, smoothies and water

CFO’s Chia seeds are organically grown on fertile volcanic soil at high altitudes to produce extra crunchy seed which is perfect for your puddings and ice creams. These seeds can be eaten raw or mixed into water. You can even add them to your smoothies and shakes if you wish.

Highland Grown Organic Chia Seeds

RM 25

For those on the Ketosis diet daily, you can step up your weight loss regiment by incorporating chia seeds into your diet. Adding chia seeds to your meals will give you a good dose of healthy cholesterol and omega 3 fatty acids to help you burn fat faster. 

The organic chia seed packet featured here come in a big 1kg pack which makes it quite affordable as it can last you a few weeks.

True Food Organic Chia Seed

RM 19.9
3. True Food Organic Chia Seed
Best chia seeds for weight loss - great for snacking with!

If you’re watching your weight, these handy trail packs of Chia seeds can help keep your hunger pangs at bay. They can be eaten raw, be sprinkled into liquids or confectionaries if you wish. Being both USDA Organic and Halal certified, everyone can try them.  

Signature Market Organic Chia Seed

RM 10.4
4. Signature Market Organic Chia Seed
Best chia seed for breakfast and with oats or overnight oats

Why not start your day with some Signature Market’s chia seeds to improve your stamina and its endurance? If you’re trying to eat less, Signature Market’s chia seeds also help to reduce hunger pangs. Eat them as they are with your morning cup of a hot drink or mix them into your oatmeal!

Watsons Organic Bliss Chia Seeds

RM 12.25
5. Watsons Organic Bliss Chia Seeds
Best chia seed for detox

Watson’s organic bliss chia seeds are a great option to aid your detoxing journey. Chia seeds are commonly used as an ingredient in detoxing drinks and an organic variety such as the Watson brand's fit the bill just nicely. You can choose to eat the seeds raw, boiled or roasted and put them into your usual meals or drinks.

Organic Care2u Organic Chia Seed

RM 20.99
6. Organic Care2u Organic Chia Seed
Best chia seeds to go with rice and yoghurt

Organic Care2U’s chia seeds are certified organic with no additional ingredients, colouring, flavourings or preservatives whatsoever. With that, you can consume these chia seeds in a variety of ways such as eating them as a snack, mixing them into beverages, mixing it into rice or yoghurt and more.

Pocket Chia Seeds

RM 13.9
7. Pocket Chia Seeds
Best chia seeds for camping - helps with constipation

Packaged into bottles, these chia seeds can be carried anywhere with you, wherever you go. If you ever feel constipated, just pop a handful of them into your food or drinks. Soon, you’ll be passing motion with ease.

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