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This Scalp Brush May Just Solve All of Your Hair Problems

“Let us fix your hair!”

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Your mane is an important aspect of how you look physically, so it should be well taken care of. Unfortunately, almost everyone experiences some form of hair woes such as dandruff, oily locks, hair loss and more.

Having a simple scalp massage is one of the best ways to improve your hair situation, like those massages you get during a hair wash at the hair salon. Not only does your head feel thoroughly clean due to even distribution of hair product, but the message is also just:

Instead of making frequent trips to the hair salon, try a scalp brush!

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Compared to fingers, a scalp brush will evenly distribute hair product much better (usually used for shampoo) while taking care not to detangle your hair. They also improve healthier blood circulation of your scalp to stimulate hair growth.

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Grafen Edge Finger Hair Brush

RM 46.9

Giving it an “edge” against its competitors, Edge Finger by Grafen is made of silicone which lends its softness and durability for comfortable shampooing moments. Its pointed bristles help to relieve itchiness while targeting scalp pores to effectively wash off bad oils and other bodily waste. The result? A healthier, cleaner scalp!

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