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7 Efficient Nail Polish Removers That Get The Job Done Real Quick

Seasons change, so do our nails.

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Nails can describe a lot about a person. Whether it’s the choice of colour, design or even the length of your nails, your personality is basically showcased to the world and it only takes a few good looks to make a deduction about you. As much as we love to upkeep our nails to make sure they remain fabulous, quite frankly, removing the old lacquer can be quite tedious. 

Does acetone nail polish remover damage nails?

 Only if you have super dry, damaged nails, as they will get drier and more brittle when exposed to acetone. Naturally, polish remover can dry out your nails, leading to brittleness, splitting, peeling and breakage, so it’s crucial to moisturise your hands and nails with creams before you go to bed and in the morning. Alternatively, go for non-acetone nail removers. Nonetheless, there are nail polish removers that will leave your nails clean and fresh in no time. Our recommendations below are a good place to start!

Gel Nail Polish Removal Wraps

RM 25

Gel nails may be all the rage for its ultra-glossy finish and lasting power in comparison to conventional nail varnish. But with that, also comes the hefty price that you would have to pay to have them removed. Visiting the nail parlor is an option if you don’t have the time for that, these wraps are a one-step removal option to consider — no fuss, no foils.    

Orly Treatment - Genius All Purpose Remover

RM 42.4
2. Orly Treatment - Genius All Purpose Remover
Best for acrylic nails, shellac and adhesive
Updated on 5th April 2019

Containing a 95% content of Acetone, this all-purpose remover by Orly should be added into your shopping cart if you’re looking for a good nail polish remover that strips off any last streak of colour or glue effortlessly.    

Microcell Nail Repair Remover

RM 46
3. Microcell Nail Repair Remover
Best for soft and brittle nails
Updated on 5th April 2019

Nails that tear easily are an indication that the health of your nails isn’t doing very well. Occasionally, for beauty’s sake, we ignore these signs and continue repainting them until they turn into an appalling yellow color. If you’re not keen on using nail strengtheners, at the very least, use this nail repair remover to prevent further tearing of nails.   

Innisfree Eco Nail Remover

RM 25
4. Innisfree Eco Nail Remover
Best alcohol-free nail polish remover - suitable for glitter
Updated on 5th April 2019

Do you despise the suffocating smell of regular nail polish remover? Innisfree’s Eco Nail Remover is formulated with Jeju’s natural tangerine oil and has a sweet tangerine scent. Add a few extra drops onto the cotton pad, and any glitter residue will be out of sight instantly. It’s also alcohol-free!   

Nails Inc. Express Nail Polish Remover

RM 47.00
5. Nails Inc. Express Nail Polish Remover
Best acetone-free nail polish remover pot
Updated on 5th April 2019

Set your cotton pads aside. Lazy sisters, refreshing your nails wouldn’t have been any easier and quicker. With just one step: simply stick your finger into this pot and watch your nail polish vanish! 

Silkygirl QuickClean Nail Polish Remover

RM 9.6
6. Silkygirl QuickClean Nail Polish Remover
Best affordable nail polish remover (below RM 10)
Updated on 5th April 2019

Finding a good nail polish remover doesn’t always have to break your bank. QuickClean may cost less than RM10, but it’s enriched with Vitamin E to condition your nails. Besides, it’s also acetone-free which is perfect for parched fingers. 

Kester Black Nail Polish Remover Wipes

RM 45
7. Kester Black Nail Polish Remover Wipes
Best remover wipes with vitamin E
Updated on 5th April 2019

This nail polish remover wipes is every on-the-go girl’s best friend. Its water-based formula is not just acetone- and acetate-free, but also only requires one wipe to clean all 10 fingers of yours. Formulated with vitamin E and aloe vera to keep your skin soft too.

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Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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