In case you have been living under a rock recently, Malaysians have been going crazy for White Rabbit candy-flavoured ice cream, available at Inside Scoop or Waka Waka Gelato. The nostalgic ice-cream flavour has been pretty much the talk of the town, so much that now there's even milk candy flavoured lip balm. 

Inspired by White Rabbit Milk Candy, the Vase Creation Milk Candy Lip-balm uses 100% natural ingredients, including the essence of sweet almonds and jojoba, shea butter, organic wax, vitamin E, and milk candy. It comes in a pure-white holder, and is packaged in an eco-friendly pouch too!

“Vase Creation uses 100% natural ingredients without any synthetic elements which allow customers to be at ease when choosing cosmetic products,”  - Charlotte Tan, co-founder of Vase Creation.

Milk Candy Lip Balm

Price from RM35.00

shopping_cart Vase Studio RM35.00

Nothing feels better like moisturising dry lips with a tinge of sweet and creamy milk flavour, reminiscing your younger days. This limited-edition Vase Creation Milk Candy Lip-balm is free of petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients like phthalates, parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Besides being free from animal-testing hence, it's also 100% handcrafted, kid-friendly, lead-free and Halal-Test Certified.

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Despite the White Rabbit craze, there are some of us aren't too fond of this candy, or prefer or lip balms flavourless.  If that person's you, take a look at some of the best lip balms you can buy in Malaysia instead.

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