What is a dryer in a washing machine?

It's basically a dryer and a washer made into one machine instead of two. If you live in a tight apartment or have limited space at your home's laundry area, then this combo is ideal for you. A washer-dryer is an great solution if you have a heavy load during laundry days. However, it's crucial to pick the right one that'll suit your needs. Check our picks below.

1. LG Washer Dryer TWC1450H2E 10.5 / 7KG

Best front load washing machine with a dryer

Price from RM3,148.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM3,148.00

This machine comes with a 10.5 kg wash capacity and a 7kg dryer - perfect for a household with heavy laundry loads. Additionally, it's built with TrueSteam to combat 99.9% allergens and dust mites; the feature creates disinfecting steam using just water and heat.

Besides, The Six Motion Direct Drive technology allows the machine to move the drum in multiple directions to protect the fabric. Also, there's the SmartThinq - a smart feature that enables you to interact with the machine via a mobile phone even while you are away.

2. Electrolux EWW12753 7kg/5kg Washer Dryer

Best value for money washing machine with a dryer

Price from RM1,899.00

shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM1,899.00

This Electrolux comes with the Smart Sensor feature to detect humidity. It's activated three times throughout each cycle to avoid overdrying your clothes. Also, the Vapour Refresh technology freshens and gently revives your garments by maintaining their shape and texture. Additionally, you will be able to reduce up to 75% of energy consumption with the EcoInverter motor.

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3. Samsung WR24M9940KV/SP FlexWash Combo 21KG/13.5KG

Best top load washing machine with a dryer

Price from RM5,899.00

Samsung's All-in-One Flexwash allows you to wash two laundry loads simultaneously; it's built with a top and front washer. The Ecobubble technology works by generating cleansing bubbles, penetrating fabrics and removing dirt 40 times faster than detergents. Additionally, the Digital Inverter Technology promises less noise and vibration.

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4. Panasonic Washer Dryer ECONAVI Inverter NA-D106X1WMY

Best fully automatic washing machine with a dryer

Price from RM4,599.00

This Panasonic's ActiveFoam System can wash a full load in just 34 minutes. It vigorously sprays ultrafine foam onto clothes and thoroughly removes dirt. As for the dryer, it utilizes the EcoDrying system, removing water from the fabrics with a powerful, large-capacity but low-temperature airflow. Plus, the intelligent EcoNavi sensors automatically chooses the optimum operation to save energy, water and time.

5. MIDEA Fully Auto Washer & Dryer MFC80-DR1400

Best ventless washing machine with a dryer

Price from RM2,250.00

This washer dryer from Midea is equipped with Ventless FastDry Technology. It uses high speed and forced airflow to dry your clothes almost completely. It’s ventless, therefore you can place this machine anywhere with a conventional household plug.

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6. LG Frontload Washer Dryer

Best large capacity washing machine with a dryer

Price from RM6,019.00

This is another variant from LG with a larger capacity of 21kg washer and 12kg dryer. It functions with TurboWash where it combines quick soaking water spray and filtration motion. Your washing time can be reduced to 49 minutes without compromising the washing performance. Additionally, its EcoHybrid technology, as well as EcoDry mode and NormalDry mode, helps you save water.

7. Haier Duo Drum Front Load Washer and Dryer

Best twin washing machine with a dryer

Price from RM6,479.00

This dual-drum washer and dryer from Haier is the ideal pick if you like to separate your machines, but at the same time, save space in your home. The upper drum has 12 modes of washing, while the lower drum comes with 8kg of washing capacity and 4kg of drying capacity. Its Airwash feature will clean and restore your fabrics without direct water contact - talk about a 'spa treatment' for your clothes.

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