A fridge is one of those essential appliances we can't live without. Even if your family is considerably small in size, you still need a fridge for food-storage purposes. 

While some of us may think just the bare minimum is sufficient, with the right features no matter how luxurious, your fridge can change the way you live at home. Whatever your need is, we’ve compiled the best fridges that’ll make do for any small families.

1. Samsung 2 Door Digital Inverter Refrigerator 220L (RT20FARVDSA)

Best inverter fridge for small family

Price from RM979.00

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Another quality product from Samsung, this 220L capacity fridge is equipped with Digital Inverter technology. It works by making 5 different moving cycles according to ambience humidity levels and usage patterns. This helps to maintain consistent temperatures while improving the compressor's durability. As a fridge that utilises inverter technology, it consumes less energy, thus reducing your electric bill.

2. Sharp SJD186MSL Single Door Fridge 165L

Best single-door mini fridge

Price from RM538.00

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If all that you need is a decent fridge that meets both your budget and minimum needs, you can place your bet on this single door fridge from SHARP with a capacity of 165L. 

With 535 mm of width, it is compact and suits well in a small kitchen. The fridge is great for a small family of 2-3 members or even more depending on your household groceries. It comes with an extra big freezer compartment, plus a meat case, bottle pocket, and a vegetable case.

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3. Elba 2 Door Fridge 250L (ERG2521)

Best buy/value fridge for small family

Price from RM880.00

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Here is a refrigerator from ELBA that is will not break your wallet. With a 250L capacity that is enough for a small-sized family, it uses multi air-flow and no frost technology for effective cooling. The Humidity Control Fresh Zone will help maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables. 

With adjustable shelves, comes great convenience to you as you can adjust their heights according to your storage needs. As for the freezer compartment, this model comes with a movable twist ice maker too.

4. Electrolux Refrigerator Bottom Freezer 350L (EBB3500MG)

Best fridge with bottom freezer

Price from RM1,865.00

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Bottom freezer is trending nowadays. That’s because you can comfortably access your fresh produces at eye level. If we would recommend one, it’s this variant from Electrolux that’s built with NutriFresh inverter technology for consistent temperature maintenance and energy saving  of up to 37%.

Additionally, the 360 AirCool ensures even cooling at all fridge levels so your fruits and veggies stay fresher longer. With more than 100 combinations by Flexstore, you can adjust the shelves and bins to meet your storage needs.

5. Liebherr Comfort Integrable Under-Worktop Fridge (SUIK 1510)

Best integrated fridge freezer

Price from RM6,500.00

Looking to save space or keep your home free from clutter? Then you are in for the most practical solution; an integrable fridge from Liebherr that you can install under your worktop.

It suits well for a small family as it comes in 136L of capacity, with its VarioBase feature that allows you to fit anything into the fridge easily. You can adjust the fridge in terms of the height and depth with height-adjustable feet that allow 50mm of adjustable range from the front. 

Moreover, you can fix the fridge's door directly onto the kitchen cabinet's door using the door-on-door system. This fridge also comes with reversible door hinges that permit optimised use regardless of the refrigerator's location.

Got a lot of frozen goods to store? This 270L fridge freezer from Beko comes with all the necessary and additional features you can make use of. 

Beko uses NeoFrost Twin Digital cooling. That cooling feature keeps humidity at an optimum level, preventing odour transfer between the fridge and the freezer. Also, the ProSmart Inverter Compressor technology will adapt and create fewer temperature variations to help cool your food quickly and save energy at the same time. 

Additionally, this fridge is equipped with Active Fresh Blue Light in the crisper to help your fruit and vegetables preserve better by 30% than normal.

Wines are supposed to be kept in a dark, cool place in order to preserve its taste. If you can’t find any suitable space, we’d recommend this wine fridge from Tuscani, which utilises nano air-cycle cooling system to keep your wine safe and cool. It also uses a compressor motor that enables slot-in installation. The glass-door is of UV-protected, triple glazed and tempered and can store at least 32 bottles safely.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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