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What’s "Today At Apple"? An Interview with Hayley Richardson, Head of Worldwide Retail Engagement and Marketing

Apple Store @ The Exchange TRX is opening soon!

We're all buzzing about the opening of the Apple Store at The Exchange TRX, which will be the first-ever official Apple Store in Malaysia. However, little is known about the store and what it has to offer apart from Apple products; using other Apple Stores in neighbouring countries (3 in Singapore, 2 in Thailand) as examples, we can probably expect Apple Geniuses and full showcases of the Apple ecosystem in the store.

One of the offerings that we're most excited about are the Today At Apple sessions, which are daily sharing sessions by experts on various topics – including creativity, photography, programming, video, music, business, education, and more. In simpler terms, you'll be able to join free seminars on how to better use your Apple devices at the Apple Store.

But don't take our word for it: we interviewed Hayley Richardson, Head of Worldwide Retail Engagement and Marketing in US while we were there for WWDC24 to learn more about the Today At Apple Sessions!

Q: What exactly is the philosophy of Today At Apple?

A: Today At Apple is our worldwide free educational program, and it’s designed to help our customers unlock their creativity. With the opening [of the Apple Store] at The Exchange TRX, we’re so excited to welcome Malaysia to join us for our Today At Apple Sessions.

Q: Give us an insight into how Today At Apple would benefit new, casual, or even regular Apple customers. What should they expect?

A: That’s such a great question. And the magic of Today At Apple is that it’s created for everyone. Whether you’re brand new at Apple, or you’ve been using our products for years, we really welcome you in with sessions that are designed to help you get set up or go further.

My personal favourite: our brand new, recently relaunched, Video on iPhone sessions. You can come in and learn how to take the most perfect family videos.

Q: Who are these sessions going to be led by? We’ve seen local creators and photographers carry out workshops at authorised resellers. Is that something we’ll be seeing at Apple Store @ The Exchange TRX as well?

A: Our program is a fantastic mix of sessions that are available every day to our customers, hosted by our teams. On special occasions, we bring in some of the most amazing, creative talent that Malaysia has to offer.

Malaysia's very own Apple Store will be opening at The Exchange TRX this weekend, on 22 June 2024. We truly can't wait to see what will be in store (pun intended) for us!

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