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Apple Store TRX

Apple Official Store at The Exchange TRX to Open On 22 June 2024

We'll be getting our own army of Apple Geniuses soon!

Apple’s first official store in Malaysia is set to open on 22 June 2024 at The Exchange TRX! The date has been confirmed on Apple Malaysia, where you can also download wallpapers in commemoration of the inauguration.

This store marks the sixth Apple official store to open in the Southeast Asian region.

As of now, Apple has yet to reveal what the inside of the store looks like, but the outside of the rumoured building looks huge. It will be located in the TRX City Park.

Apple official stores don’t just sell Apple devices (though it is the main purpose). They also offer the full experience of Apple services, serving as a community centre for the Apple ecosystem and providing knowledge about Apple products.

Some of the services offered at the Apple Store are already available through the official website, like the Apple Trade-In program and instalment plans, but the new Apple Store will allow Malaysians access to Apple Geniuses, who are experts on Apple products. 

Besides that, the Apple Store could also offer sessions called Today At Apple, which are daily sharing sessions by experts on various topics – including creativity, photography, programming, video, music, business, education, and more.

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