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Apple Store TRX vs. Apple Store Online: An Interview With Karen Rasmussen, Vice President of Apple Store Online

With all the hype about Apple Store @ The Exchange TRX, who better to ask than Apple themselves?

WWDC24 just wrapped up last week, and we were fortunate enough to be there in person at Cupertino as Apple unveiled iOS 18, iPadOS 18, MacOS Sequoia, Apple Intelligence, and more

But now that we’re back, it’s time to focus more on what’s happening in our own country where Apple is concerned: and the biggest news recently is probably the opening of Malaysia’s very own Apple Store at TRX, the first in the country. 

Photo Source: Soyacincau

While attending WWDC24, we had the chance to interview Karen Rasmussen, Vice President of Apple Store Online, so of course we asked her some questions about the impending opening of the first-ever Apple Store in Malaysia.

Q: Malaysia has had the Apple Store Online for a number of years. Can you share the way it’s shaped how customers interact with Apple in Malaysia?

A: Apple retail is where the best of Apple comes together, where we can really showcase how our hardware, software, and services come together in magical experiences for our customers. And when it comes to shopping on the Apple Store Online, we always focus on the customer first, putting them at the centre of everything we do. And we work super hard to deliver new and magical and innovative experiences all the time. In fact, recently, we just introduced amazing new features in our Malaysia Online store, bringing the kind of magical experience that they expect from our products.

For example, we recently introduced brand new payment options to the Apple Store Online in Malaysia, including introducing Apple Pay, the most seamless way to purchase Apple products, and brand new credit card instalment programs, allowing customers to finance their purchases through all the major banks in Malaysia.

And of course, we introduced Apple Trade-In, which customers all over the world love to use when they’re upgrading to the latest iPhone.

Q: Why the decision to bring a physical store to Malaysia now? Will it have any impact on the online store? How will the online store experience complement having a physical Apple Store?

A: We know there is nothing like experiencing our products in person, and we are so excited to introduce our very first store to our customers in Malaysia. In our online store, we’re equally focused on delivering exceptional customer service every day. Whether it’s helping our customers discover our products, go further with their products, or just get whatever support they need. 

Our specialists are ready to help customers find the product they need and customise it to their needs, like personalising their Mac, or their watch, or engraving their AirPods with free engraving.

We really built the experience between our physical store and our online store as one integrated experience for all of our customers. 

Q: How do both the Apple Store Online and physical Apple Store differentiate themselves from existing Apple Authorised Resellers?

A: We are deeply focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience for our customers every day, providing a shopping experience that’s as magical as our products. When customers shop with us, they can customise the products the way they want, and they can get exceptional service whether they’re at home, or in one of our stores. 

We really believe that bringing the best of Apple to life through our hardware, software, and services is the way we differentiate ourselves from any other experience that you can get in the country today.

ICYMI, Malaysia's first-ever Apple Store will be opening at The Exchange TRX on 22 June 2024, which is this very Saturday. We're all very excited to see what Apple has to offer!

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