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FINAL Galaxy AI Royale Product Nation

Be Part of the FIRST AI Royale in Malaysia and Win RM10,000 in CASH!

Only one person will walk away with the grand prize!

The time of AI is here… will you submit, or will you FIGHT?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is perhaps the smartest smartphone so far, with its arsenal of AI features and capabilities. If there’s any time to be worried about an AI takeover, it’s probably now—but humans are resilient, and we’re not going down so easily!


RM10,000 in cash?! 🤑 Be part of the first ever AI Royale in Malaysia that will be happening on the 25th February 2024. ONE person will get to walk out with RM10,000 CASH PRIZE. 💰 Sign up form is in link in bio. Only 24 candidates will be selected, join quick! #AIROYALE #samsung #galaxyai #tiktokmalaysia #realityshow #squidgame

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join us in our AI Royale scavenger hunt and harness the power of AI for your own benefit! After all, we have to know our enemies, don’t we?

Play & Win With Us in Our AI Royale!

This February, join us in an exciting adventure harnessing the power of AI! ProductNation, in collaboration with Samsung Malaysia, is hosting the AI Royale Scavenger Hunt, where you’ll have to complete multiple challenges with the help of Galaxy AI. Get ready to decode clues, solve riddles, and uncover secrets as you race against time to emerge victorious!

ProductNation X Samsung AI Royale

Date of Event: 25th February 2024 (Sunday)
Time: 8:30 am
Location: Petaling Jaya (The selected participants will be informed about the location later)

But remember: the competition is tight! Only 24 participants will be selected for the game, so register early to secure your spot. Out of a total of 24 participants, only one will stand out and bring home RM10,000 in cash—yes, that’s 10 grand of cold, hard cash. This is an offline physical event that will take place on the 25th of February 2024! 

To register for the AI Royale, visit here and answer the following question:

 “Share Your Story: Which New Samsung Galaxy AI Feature Do You Think Will Make the Biggest Difference in Your Life or the Lives of Those Around You?” 

You’ll receive word from us if your answer pleases our AI overlords… I mean, if you pass the test! Entry will be closed on the 19 February 2024 and we will announce the 24 participants on the 21 February 2024. 

Register and be part of a first-of-its-kind reality show in Malaysia that will be featured on ProductNation’s YouTube and other social channels with an estimated viewership of over millions. The video is scheduled to go live on the first week of March 2024! 

This is your chance to learn about Galaxy AI’s secrets before it’s too late… 

Register Now!

Terms & Conditions Apply.

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