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Coway Aims to Combat Restlessness Among Malaysians with "Rest with Coway" Campaign

78% of Malaysians are not well-rested.

A recent survey by Coway reveals startling statistics about the restfulness of Malaysians, with the data indicating that a whopping 78% of Malaysians are not well-rested.

With this, Coway has launched its "Rest with Coway" campaign with the aim to educate and assist Malaysians in achieving better rest and enhancing their sleep quality.

The Key To Sleep Better: Relaxation

Ryan Jung, the Head of the Marketing & Education Division at Coway Malaysia, emphasized the company's commitment to fostering a holistic, restful environment for Malaysians.

Coway offers a variety of products to aid rest, including massage chairs, mattresses, and air conditioners. "We aim to be a partner in your journey to better sleep and enhanced well-being," Ryan Jung mentioned, emphasizing the link between quality sleep and overall vitality.

The campaign's survey unveiled several key insights:

  • 63% of Malaysians sleep deeper with air conditioning.
  • 62% of Malaysians fall asleep faster when their body is relaxed.
  • 79% of Malaysians desire a more comfortable bed.

Experts from various fields, including diet, psychology, and interior design, provided comprehensive guidance to address these insights:

Diet and Nutrition: Celeste Lau, a Dietitian, highlighted the importance of magnesium in promoting sleep. Magnesium-rich foods like walnuts, almonds, and salmon can aid in better sleep. A light evening meal is also recommended for optimal sleep quality.

Mental Health: Michelle Chong, a Clinical Psychologist, underscored the significance of mental well-being in achieving restful sleep. Mindfulness meditation, journaling, and other relaxation techniques can help in decluttering the mind, reducing stress, and improving sleep quality.

Sleep Environment: Dr. Nurul Yaqeen emphasized the importance of a sleep-conducive environment. Simple steps like avoiding screens and work in bed, creating sleep rituals, and keeping the bedroom free from distractions can make a significant difference.

Bedroom Ambience: Interior Designer Effendy Nadzri shared insights into creating the perfect bedroom environment. A cool room, dimmable lights, and aromatherapy can enhance sleep quality.

Coway's campaign underscores the company's dedication to the holistic well-being of Malaysians. For more advice on achieving restfulness, Malaysians can visit the campaign's website at www.restwithcoway.com.my.

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