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9 Best Mini Washing Machines in Malaysia 2024

For small loads that are tiring to hand wash.

Mini washing machines are becoming more mainstream due to a couple of reasons, primarily the size and, on occasion, the portability of the washer. 

It is only natural for those with limited storage space to work to favour small washing machines over their full-sized counterparts. Mini washers are also popular for doing smaller laundry loads, such as underwear and baby clothes.

How to Choose the Right Type of Mini Washing Machine:

So you think that choosing a mini washing machine is just as easy as picking out clothes to buy? You are kind of right.

Choosing one will depend on several factors, such as your needs and budget, as well as quality and space.

Portability and convenience are what these mini washing machines will excel in, especially when you're going for a short holiday. Hence, capacity is usually not a problem unless you are looking to wash for a big family.

Here's more on each factor when choosing a mini washing machine:

  1. Capacity: In Malaysia, most mini washing machines come in different capacities, ranging from 4.5L to 12L. In our experience, the 4.5L washing machine is already capable of washing a full set of clothing unless you are wearing thick jackets and cargo pants.

  2. Type: Most of the time, top-loading mini machines are available in Malaysia. They kind of look like buckets to hold water and, thus, do well to wash clothing items rather than big blankets and such. Washing floor rugs is possible with these machines too.

  3. Portability: You're in luck that most portable washing machines found locally comes with a built-in handle, even the ones that are meant to be stationary for a small dorm. The bucket kinds tend to be foldable with an accordion build so as to collapse downwards for storage purposes.

  4. Wattage: Most washing machines will start with a wattage power of 30W. This minimum number will be able to wash clothes and light clothing efficiently. For items such as washing floor rugs, those with 100W and above worth of power will be able to clean them better.

  5. Features: At a minimum, look for a machine that gives you more than one wash setting, such as a 3 and 6-minute wash + a spin-dry feature as the bonus. While dubious, many mini washing machines also come with a UV light feature to kill lingering bacteria. If you like one, some also have a dry spin basket though they are usually too small to fit a set of clothing.

  6. Price: Thankfully, most mini washing machines are much cheaper than full-size washing machines, but prices can still vary widely. Most will fall between RM50 and up to RM200, whereas the better quality ones (with even more advanced features such as a dryer and dehumidifier) can go up to RM600-RM800, which are great for longer-term use as they have great built-quality.

How We Do Our Tests Here in Malaysia:

A mini washing machine doesn't exactly come into mind for many users. Thus there wasn't a lot to expect when it came for us to review them. Our stint with each machine was, however, greatly surprising and pleasant.

Mini washing machines do much more than just be good portable washing machines when you go on a trip. In fact, they are great for daily use, such as washing your kitchen cloth, fabric toys for babies or pets and swimsuits, because why would you want to warp the fabric of your swimwear in a big washing machine?

To cut it short, mini washing machines are great alternatives to handwashing, and we decided this based on real-life daily chores at our homes.

For instance, at home, when doing our reviews, we pay attention to how well each machine cleans a piece of cloth, whether it has been abused on the floor or tainted with kitchen sauces and whatnot. 

We also tested how well the mini washing machines drain water and if they move much or even too loud of a noise. Another thing would be how easy and quick they operate. It is with all of these collective features to expect that we can safely say that mini washing machines are with the money, and they are really affordable too.

Many washing machines we tried were of smaller brands or OEMs. Thus we believe that you would be safe with any type of mini washing machine brand. The more reputable and advanced mini washing machines are also likely a good investment, especially if you need them for a longer term or as a permanent unit in your household. Remember to watch out for the features we stated in our guide above, and you should be good.

Without further ado, here are some of the top small washing machines in Malaysia.

Top 9 Mini Washing Machines in Malaysia

- Our Tried & Tested Choices

Best portable mini washing machine
OEM Portable Mini Washing Machine 2 in-1
Check OEM Portable Mini Washing Machine 2 in-1 price below:
add_circle 2-year warranty
add_circle Light and foldable
add_circle UV sterilisation feature to aid in killing bacteria
add_circle Good drainage system
add_circle Waterproof touch button
add_circle Easy operation
add_circle Strong suction at the bottom to prevent shaking
add_circle Has a handle for easy carrying
remove_circle Short cable; you will need to be closer to a wall socket during washing
remove_circle A bit noisy
remove_circle The spin-drying function is not too strong


For a truly mini washing machine, meet the product that puts the mini in the mini washing machine.

This foldable washing machine is perfect for travellers due to its weight of 2.5 KG, and compact storage design although this means you have to keep your load light due to its smaller capacity. It comes with UV sterilisation that kills up to 99% of bacteria to ensure your clothes are truly clean.


  • Washing Capacity: < 2.5 KG (8L)
  • Power: 36 W
  • Input voltage: 220 V
  • Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 30 cm (unfolded) 30cm x 30cm x 12.5cm (folded)

Who is it for?

This mini washing machine is made for those who want to wash few clothing pieces or need to wash something quickly. Not to mention, this is suited for especially long-period travellers who don’t want to carry a lot of clothes as they can pack the mini washing machine in their luggage. 

Thanks to the detachable drain basket, you can even spin-dry your clothes so you don’t have to worry about how long it will take for your clothes to dry.

Best mini washing machine for floor mat
Large Capacity Washing Machine with UV Light (12L) review malaysia
Check Large Capacity Washing Machine with UV Light (12L) price below:
add_circle Powerful washing; cleans well
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Comes with draining basket
add_circle Has UV light feature
remove_circle Can move quite a bit when in washing mode
remove_circle Corded plug is not detachable. Makes it difficult to drain in wet places like the bathroom
remove_circle Drains slow


Overly-used fabric items like floor mats should be cleaned as regularly as possible since they clean feet that have been to many places.

What happens when you don't want to handwash or throw the floor mats into the washing machine meant for more intimate items like your personal clothing? You'll want an "auto handwash machine" like this one.

With its 12L capacity, it can fit several thin floor rugs or a big, thick one. To ensure thorough bacterial elimination, there's also a UV light feature to kill lingering bacteria. Not forgetting to mention for a foldable, portable device, this product has a strong washing power of 1500 rotations per minute.


  • Power consumption: 36W
  • Motor type: Inverter
  • Spin Speed: 1500RPM
  • Water Consumption: 12L/kg
  • Dimension: (L x W x H) 40*26*26cm

In Our Experience - Live ProductNation Review

The size of this machine is what you'll want it for. Especially if you have bulkier items like stiffer mats to wash, you can do it here with the machine. Plus, this is one of the rare few machines that offer analogy control for the timer. Through its timer, you can set a wash anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes.

With the analogue control knob, you can also increase its washing power. For the record, the machine has a spinning power of up to 1500 rotations per minute. 

In our experience, we found the spinning power great, with a good amount of suds forming to wash our floor rug. While the machine did move quite a bit, luckily, no foam or water escaped to the ground.

A feature we didn't like was its tethered corded plug needed to power the machine. Why was it not made detachable like the rest or at least waterproof? While a draining pipe made of PVC material was provided in its packaging, this does little to help the drainage situation since you'll have to unplug the actual water plug, which will cause the water to flow out already before you can even plug the pipe.

Who is this for?

For us, the machine is able to clean floor rugs really well. With its powerful spinning, this machine can produce a good amount of suds which are required to wash away dirt and grime from your fabric.

We would suggest putting care into draining the dirty water and then refilling the bucket for rinsing all the while ensuring that its tethered corded power plug does not touch the water. It is still a good step up from handwashing floor mats and such.

Best quality mini washing machine
Mijia Moyu
Check Mijia Moyu Mini Portable Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Good build quality
add_circle Not too loud at 59dB
add_circle Pulsating, rotating device is efficient in getting dirt out of items
remove_circle Getting rid of excess water after washing via 'spinning only' is not possible.
remove_circle No drainage hose


Mijia's little washing machine is made simple yet, with hard plastic and silica gel to withstand the strong currents of washing with the strong pulsator (rotating device) and against washing liquids.

With a rotation speed of 350 per minute, this washing machine mimics the washing effectiveness of handwashing. Plus with its 5L water capacity and 10W power requirement, it's a simple device that even students or those travelling around the globe would be able to make good use of it.

To use is pretty easy as well. Just choose within the 3 timers option for washing (3, 6 or 10 minutes). After washing, easily drain the water via its drainage hole and water plug at the bottom.


  • Working Frequency: 10W
  • RPM: 350/min
  • Voltage: 100 - 240V Universal
  • Dewatering Capacity: 0.3 - 0.4kg
  • Applicable Object: Underwear, Bra, Baby Cloth, Small Towel, Socks etc
  • Capacity: 5L

In Our Experience - ProductNation Live Review

Our first good impression of the product was good, even though it's pretty small. So you'd have no qualms about bringing this with you on your travels. Compared to many other mini washing machines, the Mini Moyu's spinning power seems to be on the weaker side, but that's only because it is to prevent the machine from moving too much during the washing process.

While putting the Mini Moyu alongside the other washing machines in our test, the Moyu is still efficient in getting dirt and grime out of the cloth we added in.

And though there's no hose or a spinning basket to drain and get excess water out of clothing respectively, you can easily place the washing machine near a drain or squeeze out excess water since the clothing items are likely small to fit into the machine.

Who is this for?

If, for any reason, you need a sturdy little washing machine to clean the likes of small items such as kitchen cloth, baby clothing, underwear or socks at home for the long run, the Mijia Moyu Mini Washing Machine definitely impressed us with its built material. You can even have this in your luggage and bring it with you for your travels!

Best mini washing machine for underwear
OEM Mini Washing Machine with UV Light - review malaysia
Check Mini Washing Machine With UV Light price below:
add_circle Very affordable for as low as RM60
add_circle Comes with hose for ease of drainage
add_circle Has a provided drainage basket
add_circle Foldable design for ease of storage and portability


For a washing machine that's so cheap, not costing over RM60, this machine is still by no means flimsy. In fact, it gets the job done with its adequate washing and rotating ability which utilises 36W to do so.

What's impressive is that it is equipped with a UV light filter which will come in handy for killing any lingering bacteria and germs. After you're done washing, you can use the provided drain basket to get rid of excess water. 

For easy drainage, there's also a flexible hose for you to clear the foldable machine. 


  • Weight: 3KG
  • Motor Type: Fixed Frequency
  • Motor Power Consumption: 36W
  • Dimension: (L x W x H) 27x27x27cm

In Our Experience - Live ProductNation Reviews

There's little to dislike about this machine. It has quite a good spinning power to clean fabrics, has acceptable draining power and is sturdy enough in its built quality. The user experience for it is fairly simple as well; just plug it in and long-press to choose your preferred setting (standard wash for 10 minutes, soft-wash for 15 minutes or 2 minutes spin dry).

We also like the fact that it has suction feet at the bottom so that it will not move from its spot when cleaning. Once done, just unplug the cord then bring it to a drain to get rid of the water. 

Not to mention, it has a UV light feature too but there's not much evidence for us to show if it works. All in all, for its price, this machine works well.

Who is this for?

If you're in for trying a mini washing machine to have at your home, be it to wash delicate items like your underwear, this washing machine does not cost over RM60, making it quite a good buy as an experiment or even for temporary use.

- Other Mini Washing Machines in Malaysia To Consider

Best mini washing machine for students
HODEKT Mini Washing Machine
Check HODEKT Mini Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Space saver
add_circle Low noise operation
add_circle Good value for money
add_circle Has one of the strongest washing power despite its size and price
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Small and minimalistic design
add_circle Operates on low noise
remove_circle Small-sized drain basket
remove_circle No filter; water gets dirty and you'll have to manually change the water for rinsing


Students who want to wash their clothes on a regular basis rather than relying on trips to laundromats would appreciate this tiny washing machine. It's small and very affordable. Plus it's quiet!

HODEKT's a very good-value-for-money machine as it features a blue light sterilisation feature and the fact that it has a spin and dry function to dry your clothes quickly after washing. Aside from being easy to wash, it has a 4.5kg washing capacity to hold about a set’s worth of clothing (2 pieces). On top of that, you can even go for its rapid wash operation which will do the washing in as little as 10 minutes.


  • Washing Program: Standard Wash
  • Washing Capacity (kg):2.1-3kg
  • Power (W):260W

Who is this for?

Thankfully, the washing machine works as intended despite being priced lowly. Users appreciate that despite only having basic features, it has powerful washing and spinning capabilities.

Best mini washing machine with advanced features
HODEKT Portable Washing Machine With Dryer 4.5kg
Check HODEKT Portable Washing Machine With Dryer 4.5kg price below:
add_circle It has a blue light sterilisation feature
add_circle Lightweight
remove_circle It comes with a short wire


Is there a portable mini washing machine with advanced features on the market? Yes, it exists. Introducing the HODEKT Portable Washing Machine With Dryer 4.5kg, designed with ample features for efficient and convenient laundry. With a portable design, this washing machine offers a spin dry function, blue light sterilisation, and bacteriostatic capability, ensuring thorough cleaning.

In addition, it has a 10-minute quick wash feature to save time and water, making laundry a breeze! It’s designed to wash various clothing items, including adult shirts, baby clothes, and underwear panties. Not forgetting; there’s a gentle cleaning feature that imitates hand washing to prevent damage to delicate clothing.


  • Capacity: 4.5kg
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Power: 300W
  • Product size: 35 x 35 x 53 cm

Who is this for?

If you have limited space in your home or need a washing machine that offers both washing and spin-drying capabilities, this mini washing machine is an excellent choice. Its advanced features, including blue light sterilisation and bacteriostatic function, ensure cleanliness and hygiene in your laundry.

Moreover, the cable's design and storage system enhances its portability, making it ideal for travellers or those living in small apartments or dormitories.

Best mini washing machine for apartment
Midea MSW-6008P
Check Midea MSW-6008P price below:
add_circle Inexpensive and good value for money
add_circle Takes up less space compared to fully automatic washing machines
add_circle Reportedly has good washing and spin-drying functionalities
add_circle Uses less water than fully automatic washers -- full control of water input by the user
add_circle Relatively high load limit -- up to 6kg and 3.6kg for washing and spin-drying respectively
add_circle good for medium-sized families
remove_circle Very basic


While the Midea MSW-6008P is not exactly mini-sized, it does save lots of space – something very valuable for apartment owners. 

As a semi-automatic washer, this machine has two separate loading compartments. Commonly referred to as twin tubs, one is for washing, while the other is for spin-drying. Besides having timer options for the tubs, the MSW-6008P also has a Wash-Drain selector, enabling users to pick between wash modes or release the water through a drain hose.


  • Capacity: 6.0kg
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Washing Machine Type: Twin Tub
  • Motor Type: Fixed Frequency Motor
  • Washing Machine Features: Manual Dispenser
  • Washing Features: Large Capacity, Quiet Operation, Spin Dry

Who is this for?

At a low price, this option is great for those with a property to rent out to or those with small homes. With its value, you are getting a machine that packs robust washing and spin-drying capabilities despite only having basic features.

Best mini washing machine for baby clothes
Xiaomi Mi Mini Washing Machine ProXiaXiaomi Mi Mini Washing Machine ProXiaomi Mi Mini Washing Machine ProXiaomi Mi Mini Washing Machine Proomi Mi Mini Washing Machine Pro
Check Xiaomi Mi Mini Washing Machine Pro price below:
add_circle Low noise operation
add_circle 16 wash programmes including gentle mode for delicates and child’s mode
add_circle Convenient controls using Mi Home app and Xiao AI voice assistant
add_circle 4 temperature levels -- 80℃ for sterilisation and 60℃ for allergen removal
add_circle Self-cleaning drum -- removes residual dirt and prevents bacterial growth with hot water
remove_circle No drying function


Babies have highly sensitive skin, so it's reasonable to get a washing machine like this one, fitted with the likes of a mite as well as sterilization washing mode, for washing their clothes separately.

Similar to its lower-range version, this one showcases 16 wash programmes, followed by four temperature levels. It can also be controlled via the Mi Home app as well as the Xiao AI voice assistant. 

Aside from its low-noise operation, what's amazing is that it has a self-cleaning washing barrel which is done with a high-speed water flow, followed by some air-drying action to avoid the breeding of bacteria.


  • Dimensions: 412 x 422 x 721 mm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Capacity: 3 kg
  • Rated Water Pressure: 0.03-0.8 MPa
  • Power Consumption: 185W
  • Dry speed: 700r/min
  • APP Support: Mijia APP

Who is this for?

With all of its fitted features targeted and ensuring your clothes do not harbour bacteria and germs, this is a great buy for those who want to clean delicate clothing such as baby apparel. It's also great for daily washing and comes at a great price point as well as it is easy to set up and control the settings via the app.

Best mini washing machine and dryer
Khind WM717
Check Khind WM717 price below:
add_circle Not noisy
add_circle Air Turbo – quick-drying
add_circle Big pulsator -- powerful washes
add_circle Suitable for medium-sized families
add_circle Half the size of fully automatic washing machines
add_circle Semi-automatic washing machines have integrated spin dryer
add_circle Uses less water than fully automatic washers -- full control of water input by the user
remove_circle Might still be a bit too big


For a larger drying capacity, you will have to consider larger washing machines, like the Khind WM717.

WM717 conserves a considerable amount of space thanks to the typically flat design of semi-automatic washing machines. Plus, having a built-in spin dryer saves you even more space. Medium-sized families would benefit from its 7kg washing limit and 5.5kg drying limit.


  • Capacity: Up to 7kg
  • Input voltage: 240V
  • Motor type: Fixed frequency motor
  • Washing machine tub type: Twin tub

Who is this for?

What many like about the machine is that it is good value for money due to its big pulsator and Air Turbo feature. These attributes allow for rigorous washes and spin-drying while operating silently.

- Is a Mini Washing Machine Useful?

Despite their small load capacities, mini washing machines are indeed functional.

For Frequent Travelling

If you’re always on the move, then a portable mini washing machine can be of use to you. Foldable washers are nice and easy to store in a baggage compartment, making them ideal for a short vacation or a backpacking experience. Their non-foldable counterparts can be more suitable for those dealing who move houses regularly.

As a Dedicated Washer

Mini washing machines can be used as a permanent fixture as well. If mixing undergarments or baby clothes with regular laundry irks you, consider getting a small washing machine to wash them separately. 

This way, it will be more hygienic, giving you peace of mind. You’ll have the separate laundry done quicker too!


A lack of space will certainly warrant compact household appliances; including washing machines. Mini or even semi-automatic washers should be considered in these situations. An unshakeable desire to have a clean and tidy area to work in can be fulfilled too, with foldable washing machines that can be tucked away.

- What is the Smallest Washing Machine Size?

There is no proper metric to determine the smallest size of a washing machine, though we feel that foldable mini washing machines would qualify as some of the smallest and most compact washers out there.

- How Do You Use a Portable Mini Washing Machine?

Since there is a myriad of portable mini washing machine designs, every model functions differently. it is always best to read the product manual provided by the manufacturer. You can also look up videos or reviews highlighting the product’s capabilities.

- What is the Price of a Mini Washing Machine?

Mini washing machines range between a few hundred to about a thousand ringgit. The price of mini washing machines - and washing machines in general - are usually dictated by the features it has. Apart from that, the load capacity and the quality of materials used in its construction correlates with its pricing as well.

We hope that our article has helped you in your search for mini washing machines.

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