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9 Best Top Load Washing Machines in Malaysia 2024 - Top Brand Reviews

Take the load off your shoulders on laundry day

What makes a good top-load washing machine? It is when they are able to perform just as well as it states they can. Of course, the product has to be of value or blow us out of the water to be considered great.

It’s super important to invest in a dependable washing machine as you probably do your laundry at least once a week, if not more.

For heavy-duty loads, do consider a top-load washing machine. Compared to front-load washing machines, they have a bigger load capacity, more flexible in the washing detergents that you can use, and are better for your back since you do not have to bend just to load your clothes into the washer.

There are various brands out there offering a wide selection of top-load washing machines. Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best washing machine in Malaysia.


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Top 9 Top Loading Washing Machines in Malaysia

Best value top load washing machine
Electrolux (7.5KG) Cyclonic Care Pulsator Top Load Washer
Electrolux (7.5KG) Cyclonic Care Pulsator Top Load Washer
Check Electrolux (7.5KG) Cyclonic Care Pulsator Top Load Washer price below:
add_circle Has a child lock
add_circle Soft closing lid
add_circle Gentle tumble - less friction on clothes

Why It’s Our Top Pick:

For the load it holds, it is not too bad. What got us interested is that its cyclonic care pulsator generates a powerful upward water flow to ensure that your laundry is evenly circulated inside the drum.

This means instead of water pouring from the top which might not reach every inch of your load, at least from the bottom it'll submerge almost everything first.

What’s more, it automatically cleans the tub by pushing up clean water at the bottom of the tub before the final spin.


This washing machine features an exclusive Prism drum with a gentle tumble capability. That helps to reduce friction and tangles which minimizes the wear and tear of your clothes. Aside from its unique washing features, it has a child lock and a tempered glass lid that closes silently.


  • Washing Capacity (Kg): 7.5
  • Dimensions - (W x H x D): 525 mm x 925 mm x 515 mm
  • Power Supply - Voltage (V): 220-240


This washing machine not only comes at an affordable price but can help your clothes stay in shape longer, thanks to its cyclonic care pulsator system.

Best automatic top load washing machine
Toshiba Circular Air Intake Fully Auto Top Load Washer
Toshiba Circular Air Intake Fully Auto Top Load Washer
Check Toshiba Circular Air Intake Fully Auto Top Load Washer price below:
add_circle Energy-saving
add_circle High-capacity
add_circle Fragrance Course
add_circle Maximum drying efficiency


Fully automatic top load washers such as the Toshiba Circular Air Intake Fully Auto Top Load Washer complete the washing cycle without requiring any effort on your part. How so?

For starters, look at its name. This machine is designed with a circular air intake system which works to allow more air to flow into the tub.

That means not trapping any musky air and humid condition into your laundry load. This feature is a reason why the “super spin dry” function is so effective; through the feature, some air was already introduced.

Moreover, the machine can keep your laundry smelling nice and fresh thanks to the machine’s Fragrance Course which allows for longer soaking time.

And when it goes on Zero Standby Power mode - completely no electricity is used after washing; this means as much as 20% of savings in energy is possible since many other washing machines still run electricity after a wash is done.


  • Washing Capacity (Kg): 9
  • Dimensions - (W x H x D): 645 mm x 1031 mm x 620 mm
  • Power Supply - Voltage (V): 230 - 240


Designed with a hydro twin injection system, the water penetrates deep into the fibres of the fabrics, cleaning out stubborn stains. According to users, this washing machine is powerful.

Best budget top load washing machine
Midea 7.5 Kg Top Load Fully Auto Washing Machine MA200W75
Midea Fuzzy Fully Auto Top Load Washer
Check Midea 7.5 Kg Top Load Fully Auto Washing Machine MA200W75 price below:
add_circle Easy to clean
add_circle Intuitive
add_circle Lower noises


Aside from an easy price to pay for, the Midea MA200W75 is simple to use thanks to its One Touch Wash which is capable of weighing your clothes and automatically washing them with the appropriate settings. You can also opt to have clothes be deeply cleaned thanks to the 3D Cyclone Cleaning System, which is complemented with a Pulsator that prevents clothes from getting tangled after a wash.

This top load washing machine also allows for a fuss-free wash with its self cleaning process which sterilises the outer and inner drums, ensuring that the machine is easy to clean and that it lasts.


  • 7,5 kg Capacity
  • Easy-To-Clean Metal Lint Filter
  • AirFresh
  • One-Touch Smart Wash
  • Auto Clean

Who is it for?

So you're in the market for a decent washing machine that doesn't strip you of your cash? Well, with the Midea MA200W75, you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket. Even at a lower price, it still comes with useful features to make your washing experience more convenient and less time consuming.

Best rated top load washing machine
Sharp 7kg Fully Auto Washing Machine Top Loading
Sharp 7kg Fully Auto Washing Machine Top Loading
Check Sharp 7kg Fully Auto Washing Machine Top Loading price below:
add_circle Child-proof
add_circle Gentle on all fabrics
add_circle Zero standby power
remove_circle Small capacity

The simple reason why the Sharp 7kg Fully Auto Washing Machine ES721X is the best rated is due to its affordability and good value for money.


Simple yet effective; the washing machine is equipped with Sharp’s SS Drum, which, unlike conventional drums with indented holes, has flat holes. These holes work to prevent fabrics from rubbing against the drum and damaging the clothes. So your delicate pieces and thinner clothing can enjoy a thorough wash here.

7kg is not too big, so if you require a higher-capacity washing machine, you can always opt for the 10kg or 15kg variations.


  • Washing Capacity (Kg): 7 (smallest variant)
  • Dimensions - (W x H x D): 530mm x 911mm x 550mm
  • Power Supply - Voltage (V): N/A


This machine has a zero standby power system, so it can operate on minimal electricity, allowing you to save electricity. This washing machine is of good quality and the lid closes gently.

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Best quiet top load washing machine
Sharp (12KG) DD Inverter Quiet Wash Fully Auto Top Load Washer
Sharp (12KG) DD Inverter Quiet Wash Fully Auto Top Load Washer
Check Sharp (12KG) DD Inverter Quiet Wash Fully Auto Top Load Washer price below:
add_circle Soft closing door
add_circle Glass touch panel
add_circle Energy-saving

Nobody likes living with noisy machines. Luckily, with the ultra-quiet Sharp (12KG) DD Inverter Quiet Wash Fully Auto Top Load Washer, it’s as if your washing machine isn’t even there.


Engineered with Sharp's DD Inverter, this motor draws power directly from the motor to the washing machine's drum which helps it to be more energy-efficient.

In addition to operating quietly during washing cycles, it’s equipped with a soft-closing tempered glass lid that closes safely and quietly. Of course, the lip is durable so no qualms about breakdowns.


  • Washing Capacity (Kg): 12
  • Dimensions - (W x H x D): 600mm x 970mm x 622mm
  • Power Supply - Wattage (V): 140W


To sum up, if you’re looking for a quiet, energy-efficient, and durable washing machine that can go the distance, then this is a good option.

Best selling top load washing machine
Hisense 8.0KG Top Load Washer / Washing Machine
Hisense 8.0KG Top Load Washer / Washing Machine
Check Hisense 8.0KG Top Load Washer / Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Saves water
add_circle Affordable
add_circle 10 water level selections
add_circle Automatically cleans the tub
add_circle Has a time remaining indicator
remove_circle No detergent dispenser

It's understandable to want a great selling product as this means it has been tested by many and found to be satisfactory. Well, we identified that the Hisense 8.0KG Top Load Washer / Washing Machine is it, and is ideal if you’re looking for an affordable and water-saving washing machine.


Built with a 3D windmill impeller, this helps to create intensive water flow, enabling your clothes to move around more efficiently without tangling which can be a pain when you take them out for drying.

On top of that, there are 10 water selection levels for you to choose from to fit your wash load. What's cool too is that the machine has a Self-Diagnostic Fault Finding feature whereby the machine will flash an error code reading if it malfunctions. Users can then easily check the manual to find out the issue according to the code displayed.


  • Washing Capacity (Kg): 8
  • Dimensions - (W x H x D): 532mm x 532mm x 920mm
  • Power Supply - Voltage (V): 220 – 240


This washing machine not only boasts a 3-star energy rating but is also able to save lots of water, thanks to its Aqua Preserve system that preserves the water after the last rinse so that you can reuse it. We also believe that due to the self-diagnosed feature, this gives most homeowners peace in owning the machine, fuss-free.

Best high-end top load washing machine
Panasonic (16KG) Inverter StainMaster+ Top Load Washer
Panasonic (16KG) Inverter StainMaster+ Top Load Washer
Check Panasonic (16KG) Inverter StainMaster+ Top Load Washer price below:
add_circle Air Dry feature helps to speed up drying time
add_circle Tub clean feature - gain ease of maintenance
add_circle Time remaining indicator present
add_circle Excellent stain removal and bacteria elimination
add_circle Very huge capacity (16kg!)
remove_circle Very pricey

Known for its durability and quality among users; Panasonic's products are usually simple yet innovative and high-performing. Their (16KG) Inverter StainMaster+ Top Load Washer, is one such good washing machine with nice advanced features to expect.


The most interesting feature here is the StainMaster+ system which removes a variety of stains and can eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria. This is assisted by its ActiveFoam system, which creates a dense foam that penetrates the fabrics for optimal cleaning results. That means not needing to rely on overly strong detergent which can actually be harmful to your clothing in the long run.

Not forgetting; it removes dirt well by creating a powerful vertical water flow that resembles the scrubbing effect. No more damaged pieces!


  • Washing Capacity (Kg): 16
  • Dimensions - (W x H x D): 640mm x 1100mm x 705mm
  • Power Supply - Voltage (V): 220 – 240


With 10 water level selections and features like air-dry that allow for faster drying, this is a value-for-money option that deserves serious consideration. Plus, you can enjoy up to 40% energy savings as its inverter can generate 6 times more power for better washing results using less energy. 

Best energy-efficient top load washing machine
LG 13kg Top Load Washer with Smart Inverter
LG 13kg Top Load Washer with Smart Inverter
Check LG 13kg Top Load Washer with Smart Inverter price below:
add_circle Quiet
add_circle Auto-restart
add_circle Power saving on standby mode
add_circle Optimal stain-removal results

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient washing machine, an inverter washing machine such as the LG 13kg Top Load Washer with Smart Inverter is the smartest choice.


Designed with smart inverter technology, energy is efficiently controlled to reduce wastage. Besides, thanks to LG’s LoDecibel™,  the noise and vibration levels are reduced as the BMC Motor Protections holds the motor tightly.

Other features one will appreciate is its TurboDrum, which ensures thorough cleaning by utilising a strong water stream with a rotating drum and pulsator moving in the opposite direction. Moreover, the machine has a Smart Diagnosis feature which self-diagnoses itself so you can easily identify and troubleshoot the issue before you call for service help.


  • Washing Capacity (Kg): 13
  • Dimensions - (W x H x D): 590mm x 960mm x 606mm
  • Power Supply - Voltage (V): N/A


In terms of performance, this washing machine never fails to deliver. It has "side waterfalls" that thoroughly mix the water with detergent, thus minimizing detergent residue which can be harmful to the skin.

Furthermore, the TurboDrum function is very handy for removing stubborn stains without costing your clothes wear-and-tear time.

Best heavy-duty top-load washing machine
Samsung Top Load Washer 23kg WA23A8377GV/FQ
Samsung Top Load Washer 23kg WA23A8377GV:FQ
Check Samsung Top Load Washer 23kg WA23A8377GV/FQ price below:
add_circle Quieter Wash
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Smart Washing machine


This Samsung washer allows for heavy duty washing with its 23kg washing and spinning capacity. it doesn’t fall short on ensuring your clothes cleanliness thanks to the BubbleStorm and Hygiene Steam features, which means your clothes get cleaner faster and more efficiently with it. The Samsung WA23A8377GV/FQ also allows you to save 40% energy when using the machine with its Digital Inverter Technology. 

The washer has an automatic function which starts the wash with 20% more concentrated detergent, to allow for a faster washing process, especially if there are a lot of clothes. It also comes with Smart Check which has an automatic error-monitoring system to let you know what’s the issue and how you can fix it.


  • 23 Washing Capacity
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD): 700 x 1131 x 748 mm
  • STS Dual Storm Pulsator
  • Eco Tub Clean 
  • Hygiene Steam

Who is it for?

If you typically have a large laundry load, you will definitely need a washer capable of washing a lot of clothes, which is why we recommend something like the Samsung WA23A8377GV/FQ which gives you 23kg capacity, and VRT Technology that gives you a quieter wash, perfect for the busy household with a large family. 


- What is a top-load washing machine? 

A top load washing machine has its lid on top of the machine and is therefore loaded from the top. Its design provides better ergonomics as you do not have to bend to load the machine.

You can easily add more laundry in the middle of a washing cycle with a top-load washing machine. In contrast, a front-load washing machine has a door at the side and is loaded from the front.

- Front vs top load washing machine

While the key difference between these two types of washing machines is where the door is situated, both have distinct features.

Top load washing machines have faster washing cycles than front load washing machines but usually require the use of more water and detergent.

Top load washers also have agitators which can be rather noisy, whereas front load washers use paddles on the side of the drum. Such features mean that front load washers are gentler on your clothes.

Additionally, a top load washer takes up more space than a front load washer as the latter can be stacked to conserve space. 

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