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8 Best Car Mats in Malaysia 2024 - Brand Reviews

An often overlooked car accessory.

The car carpet, or car mat, tends to always be overlooked when we jump into a car. Over time, car floor mats will get dirty as we step on them daily. You might’ve also encountered issues where they don’t fit properly and slip under your feet when driving. The regular rubber mats are also surprisingly hard to clean as dirt and mud are sure to stick onto them.

However, we’ve since come a long way since the introduction of the rubber mat to the world. And with advanced technology, we now have the option to choose between different materials & colours, customised fits, and better “tech” implemented for better comfort. 

You can find many brands such as Enzo, Dodomat, and Trapo that provide customisable and innovative car mats in Malaysia. Based on our research, here are a few reviews of the best car mats brands for your car.

List of Top 8 Car Mats in Malaysia

Best value car mat - value for money
Trapo Classic Mark III
Check Trapo Classic Mark III price below:
add_circle Eco-friendly
add_circle Good anti-slip design
add_circle Has 1-year warranty
remove_circle Doesn't have the best coverage

Why It’s Our Top Pick:

3 times more durable compared to its predecessor, the all-new Trapo Classic Mark III has now been infused with Trapo’s patented active bacteria-killing technology. The easy-to-clean car mat ensures a simple rinse for worry-free travel. Plus, it can help reduce nasty car odours. This is a jack of all trades for car mats with a very reasonable price tag.


Simply put, this car mat does everything. From having a stylish customizable design to being a reliable accessory, the Trapo Classic Mark III can do it all. The anti-bacterial properties of the car mat not only keep the car clean but also keep it smelling fresh. Keep your feet glued to the floor with the Velcro 2.0 anti-slip technology.  

What’s more, Trapo provides a large range for most car models in Malaysia,  making it one of the more accessible and reliable car mats you can buy on the market. The many different customisation options with the base and lining colours will also give you the choice to consider aesthetics!


  • Great for: Sedans, MPVs, and Hatchbacks
  • Material: 20% of the car mat is made up of recycled RPET materials 
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • WaveAnti-Slip Technology
  • Customizable Linings

Who is it for?

This car mat gives you safety, cleanliness, and style, thanks to its properties like being anti-bacterial. Besides, it comes with a variety of colours and vehicle models to choose from, so you can pick the best one that fits your aesthetics and car. This makes it perfect for those who need a car mat that is easy to clean and doesn’t move around too much when driving. 

Best full coverage car mat
Kamatto Classic Car Mat
Check Kamatto Classic Car Mat price below:
add_circle Durable
add_circle Affordable customised car mats


If you’re someone who gets annoyed by constantly having to clean up parts of your car floor due to the car mat not being big enough, then this one’s for you. The Kamatto Classic Car Mats are made from a rubber-like material and are capable of providing full coverage, so not a single spot is left out form protection!

They also feel heavy, which means it won’t move around when you’re driving. Plus, the anti-slip design on the top and bottom surfaces offers a secure grip and anchors the mat in place even during sudden stops or sharp turns, which is great for when you’re resting during those jams that are unbearably long. 


  • Material: Self-formulated Rubber-like material
  • Great for: Hatchbacks, Sedans and MPVs
  • Anti-slip design (top and bottom surfaces)
  • Quick drying

Who is it for?

For those who appreciate a clean and well-kept car, you will want to consider getting this car mat. With its anti-slip design and the fact that they are waterproof, cleaning the mat makes for a simple task and once you’re done cleaning the mat, all you have to do is keep it under the sun for a short time and it will dry up quickly. 

Best rubber car mat
ENZO Car Mat
Check Enzo Car Mat price below:
add_circle Anti-bacterial
add_circle Waterproof
add_circle Easy to clean
remove_circle The anti-slip nubs might leave marks on the original carpet


The ENZO Car Mat is a great luxury car mat for every car owner in search of durable and functional car mats. It’s eco-friendly, odour-free, and custom-made to fit most cars in Malaysia. Easy to maintain and safe to use, it provides a high price-to-function ratio for everyone. 

Made with TPV material, this ensures the car mat is resistant to surface scratches and damage from a rough day’s worth of work. Even when used under tough conditions, it’s still able to maintain functionality and form on a daily basis. Oh, did we mention that it safeguards against flammable objects? 


  • Great for: rugged Trucks and SUVs
  • Material: TPV (Thermoplastic Rubber Vulcanisate) 
  • Anti-slippage (Top & Bottom)
  • Non-flammable
  • Anti-Odour

Who is it for?

For a simple, fuss-free and good-looking car mat that lasts; ENZO is notable for its quality to achieve performance. An added bonus you’re getting is that it allows for great cleanliness, with its anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties that keep your interior smelling fresh and hygienic, no matter where you venture. 

Best easy-to-clean car mat
Dodo Car Mat
Check Dodo Car Mat price below:
add_circle Easy to clean
add_circle Customisable colours
add_circle Has a 3-year warranty
remove_circle The presence of a moving part might affect long term durability.


One of the best and most innovative car mats in Malaysia; the Dodo Car Mat provides a dual-layer car mat that’s easy to install, clean, and maintain. The odourless and water-resistant material helps keep your car looking good by hiding the dirt underneath a cool honeycomb pattern. 

So what’s the secret behind the easy cleaning? It’s the innovative dual-layer foldable design, where the top honeycomb layer helps guide and traps dirt and dust in the bottom layer. What’s more, the brand also offers various types of customisable car mats to fit almost all cars on Malaysian roads. 


  • Great for: Sedans and Hatchbacks
  • Material: 100% recyclable rubber and plastic 
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Water Resistant
  • Adjustable Aluminium Sheets

Who is it for?

As we’ve mentioned in our intro; mud and other external debris can be stubborn to remove as we use our car mats on a daily basis and we’d hardly clean them every day. Lucky us, Dodo’s Car Mats are something to praise. 

It’s perfect for those who always bring mud and dirt to their car since you can effortlessly wash it off later. All you need to do is take the mat out, lift or fold the top layer, and shake the dirt off, making this a more efficient option.

Best anti-slip car mat
Emanon-J Eva Evolution
Check Emanon-J Eva Evolution price below:
add_circle Sleek design that fits with most car types
add_circle Easy to clean
remove_circle Pebbles and other small object can be stuck to the porous surface


An anti-slip car mat can help to prevent unwanted slips and falls within the car, especially for those with young children or elderly family members. Introducing the Emanon-J Eva Evolution, a car mat made with the material EVA, which helps in providing anti-slip qualities.

Additionally, the rubber underside makes it difficult for you to move the mat, with clasps to secure it in place. And considering that it comes in a five-piece pack to fit your entire car, it’s actually a pretty good deal. With various designs to fit various types of cars, from SUVs to Sedans, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your specific car.


  • Great for: City-driving or family cars
  • Material: EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
  • Anti-Slip & Anti-Bacterial
  • Water & Dustproof
  • Flame resistant

Who is it for?

If you’re tired of your car mat constantly slipping out of place, making room for dirt, dust, and mud to enter into the carpet and dirty everything up, then consider a car mat with an anti-slip surface such as this one. Since it keeps the dirt on the mat, all you need to do is wash it, (which is an easy process) and enjoy a clean, non-slipping and odourless car mat.

Best car mat for mud
Emanon-J Rubber Snow Car Mat
Check Emanon-J Rubber Snow Car Mat price below:
add_circle Deep channel helps to effectively trap dirt
add_circle Durable for heavy use
remove_circle Bulky
remove_circle Not custom-fitted


Mud is notoriously known for being difficult to get off car mats, so for those who are concerned about mud, this is the car mat for you. While Malaysian’s don’t typically have snowy weather, the build of the Emanon-J Rubber Snow Car Mat is perfect for those extremely muddy drives.

With the design of the car mat being a deep-tray, it will definitely help to protect your interior from hard-to-remove debris and stubborn marks. Additionally, this won’t only contain the mess but also be easier to clean and dry for another adventure that awaits. 


  • Great for: rugged Trucks and SUVs
  • Material: Rubber
  • Deep-tray style to trap dirt and mud
  • Easy to wash and dry

Who is it for?

Mud is probably one of the most common obvious dirt that your car mat will protect your car from. So, if where you frequently park your car gets a little muddy, or if you work around a lot of it, this is the car mat for you. Plus, the mat itself is also very easy to clean, which is something you’re sure to appreciate.

Best budget car mat
Check BLUECAT 5D Car Mat price below:
add_circle Thick cushioning
add_circle Wide range of variety


For those who want to protect their car floor while on a budget, you can consider the BLUECAT 5D Car Mat as a relatively affordable option for protection. It’s not only easy to clean but also waterproof, anti-scratch, and fire-resistant, giving you a bang for your buck.

Furthermore, it claims to provide coverage for up to 98% of your car floor and is custom-made to fit specific types of cars. Made with different layers and materials, they are sure to provide ample protection from the various dirt and debris that make their way into the car, all of which are measured to perfection with 3D scanning to ensure a snug fit.


  • Materials: 5-7mm, Semi PU Leather + EVA Foam
  • Waterproof, anti-scratch, anti-dust, fire resistant
  • Odourless and easy-to-clean

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a car mat that won’t break your budget whilst also being a durable piece of work, then allow us to recommend this product. This is a great value car mat with premium features for an affordable price. The only drawback is that it might be a little slippery for some. But with this price range, it’s worth overlooking.

Best luxury car mat
3D Kagu Car Mat
Check 3D KAGU Premium Car Mat price below:
add_circle Eco-friendly
add_circle good anti-slip design
add_circle thick depth to last for years
remove_circle High price tag


It’s only appropriate that a luxury car mat is used to protect your luxury car’s floor. With the 3D KAGU Premium range, it steps it up a notch from the features already found on the previous models. With a plusher nylon carpet, it doubles the thickness as it pushes comfort to a whole new level, and one thing you can look forward to is its high quality and thickness. 

Additionally, thanks to the advanced MAXpider technology, it prevents your car mat from sliding, providing a safer drive for you and your family. It’s also washable and quick-drying, so you won’t have to worry about fussy maintenance. 


  • Great for: Luxury Sedans and SUVs
  • Material: 3-layer structure with plush nylon top, foam inner, and anti-skid bottom layers 
  • Non-Flammable 
  • Patented Anti-Slip Technology - "MAXpider"
  • Waterproof & Odourless

Who is it for?

If you're the proud owner of a luxury sedan or SUV, and value the finer things in life, you’ll definitely need a mat that complements your top-notch vehicle. So how do you match your car mats to your luxury car? 

Simple, you get a pair of 3D mats! These ones are made of the very finest quality and are built to last. The only downside we can think of is its high price tag. But when it comes to keeping your car looking good, this is worth a look!


- What is the difference between a car floor liner and car mat?

You might have heard the term “car floor liner” and “car mat” used while shopping for car accessories and think there is a difference.

In truth, both of them serve the same purpose, which is to protect the floor of your car from spillage, mud, and whatever dirt you track in with your shoes and sandals. The difference comes regarding their level of protection and price. 

  • Car floor liners are often custom made, designed to fit specifically with your car in mind. 
  • As their name suggests, they are lined throughout the entire floor to ensure that you get the best protection possible, whether it’s from tracking wet feet from the rain or getting sand in your sole. 
  • Because they’re custom made, they can often be more expensive than car mats, and because they cover the whole of the car floor, they’re harder to remove and clean.
  • Car mats, on the other hand, are often designed with a specific car in mind, such as an SUV, a Sedan, and such and such. This makes them much cheaper compared to their car floor liner counterpart. 
  • Unfortunately, the downside is that they cover a much smaller surface area, so it’s more likely to allow some dust and dirt to dirty up the floor of your car. Of course, they’re easier to clean and place.

- Benefits Of Having Good Car Mats

It might seem like car mats aren’t the most important accessory to have in the car. So why should someone spend hundreds, heck, thousands of ringgit for something we step on daily?

  • Well for starters, finding a durable car mat will keep you from visiting the car accessories store every few months. 
  • Not only will you be saving money in the long run but you’ll also be using the quality car mats for years to come.
  • Safety is another benefit when it comes to car mats, especially for those that feature anti-slip materials or technology. 
  • There’d be less of a chance that the car mat will slip under the brake pedal and prevent it from working properly. Plus, there’ll be one less distraction to prevent you from concentrating on the road ahead.
  • It’s also a matter of comfort. During long drives or traffic jams, your feet will thank you for a comfortable car mat to rest on. Foot fatigue also affects the driver’s driving and the passenger's comfort.

- Are Car Mats Worth It?

  • In the long run, yes. They act as a barrier between your car's carpeted lining and your feet, reducing risk of foul-smelling bacteria as well as keeping the interior clean for much longer.
  • As much as they seem like an extra accessory for your car, a proper car mat, especially a rubber car mat type, will do well to preserve the carpeted mat of your car.
  • You see, rubber is just much easier to clean. Take Malaysia, for example; our rainy weather means we tend to easily bring in the dirt with us on our shoes like mud and such. Here's when a rubber mat does the trick to not soil the carpeted lining/mat of your car.
  • This way, you don't have to send your car's carpeted lining for specialised cleaning and such. All you have to do is invest in good rubber mats and your car would stay clean for a long time, and even avoid bacteria from causing foul smells which can be trapped in carpet material.

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