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15 Best Healthy Food Delivery Services in Malaysia 2022 - Reviews

Let joy be delivered to your doorstep.

Think that a healthy meal means tasteless, bland meals that only consists of just vegetables? Hey there, a healthy vegan meal isnt all about lettuces and cucumbers. In fact, healthy meals are just as interesting and tasty. 

Many food delivery services now offer healthy meal plans that are carefully designed with assorted food sources which together, helps the body to acquire a balance of nutrients essential to the body. 

Moreover, many have popped up due to covid-19 where social distancing is now essential. 

In this article, we’ll recommend to you some of the best healthy food choices available for delivery in Malaysia. These include daily meals, snacks and even specialized meals for people with special needs. 

What are you waiting for? Start eating healthy food for the New Year!

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Best healthy food meal plan delivery
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia-goclean review
Check GoClean price below:
  • From RM15.90 per meal / RM105 per meal package

Healthy yet tasty; those are what GoClean aims for their food. The amazing GoClean team works together in preparing delicious, nutritionally dense yet low-caloric food and gets it delivered to your place. 

At GoClean, meals are freshly cooked daily, using only complex carbs, lean protein, healthy fats and fibre-rich greens to make up for its wholesome meals. Whats more, they offer different menus every day! 

If you’re in it for the long-term, one can also sign up for its meal packages and choose between a low-carb meal or a regular healthy meal. A minimum purchase of RM20 is required for delivery service and free delivery is only applicable for orders above RM40. 

GoClean delivers to almost the entire town of KL and PJ, though do note that the service is only available on weekdays. 

Best healthy food prep delivery
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia- agrain review
Check Agrain price below:
  • From RM13.90 per meal / RM49.90 per kit

If you like cooking healthy food but don’t have the time for it, try Agrain! This restaurant not only serves cooked food but also provides cook-at-home kits and grocery delivery services to its customers. Yes, like an online supermarket!

All kits are perfectly curated to about 3-4 portions, with ingredients pre-cut or pre-marinated. This saves up a lot of meal prep time as all that is left to do is put every ingredient together and cook them. 

One can also purchase pre-cut vegetables and marinated poultry in bundles. You may also purchase sauces for marination, which are all handmade by the team with 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives.

RM5 delivery fees or free delivery are available to specific drop-off locations. One must meet a minimum purchase of RM45 to be eligible for the delivery service. 

Best healthy food delivery service in Klang Valley
The Naked LunchBox
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia- the naked lunchbox review
Check The Naked Lunchbox price below:
add_circle Designed with complete nutritional value while maintaining tastes
add_circle Wide and colourful choices even for vegans

The Naked Lunchbox team believes that a clean and healthy diet always play a significant role in making one feel better. Eating healthy is not a task but rather, a lifestyle. That is why the team devotes much effort and passion into creating recipes that not only bring joy to the tastebuds but are also healthy and guilt-free. 

Nutritional lunch boxes ranging from handmade sandwiches, superfood bowls, pasta to filling mains can be delivered to your place as fast as possible. For drinks, the fruit juices are freshly pressed and made without any additives or artificial sweeteners. Festive food platters are also available from time to time to share with your family and friends.

At the moment, direct orders for a-la-carte items are unavailable on their website. Instead, one can order them via its food delivery partner, GrabFood. Meanwhile, for orders on food platters, desserts, drinks and side dishes, direct delivery service is still available.

Best healthy food delivery service in Penang
Carrot Fish
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia- carrot fish review
Check Carrot Fish price below:
  • From RM8 per meal

Customers have praised physical food store Carrot Fish for its wholesome, tasty food that is reasonable in prices. It is one of the eateries that brunch-lovers will surely enjoy a lot. 

Here, you won’t find highly processed food. Not to mention, the restaurant’s cooking methods are mainly baking and grilling. With that, Carrot Fish’s menu is pretty extensive where one can indulge in Asian and Western cuisines.

There are also food bowls available on the menu which Carrot Fish calls the jiowabowls! Furthermore, Carrot Fish has recently collaborated with Calli to offer high-protein, low-calorie ice cream on their menu.

For delivery service, a minimum purchase of RM30 is required and a shipping fee of RM5 will be applied per order.

Check YoloFoods price below:
  • Pricing: From RM 19.90 (YoloMeal); from RM 34/day (YoloPlan)
  • Services: Meal plans, individual meal catering
  • Contact number: 03 2935 9425
  • Address: 12, Jalan PJU 3/49, Sunway Damansara Technology Park, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: @YoloFoods Malaysia
  • Instagram: @yolofoodsmy

Hailing from Singapore, YoloFoods's motto is to “help people live their best lives through food that’s good for the body, great for the soul.” 

Their food, while healthy with no added MSG or artificial flavourings, is tasty and nutritious.

They believe that healthy eating should be accessible to all, which is why their services range from one-time meal delivery to those who choose to commit to weekly meal subscription plans. The meal plans are customisable and goal-oriented, so feel free to pick and choose whichever best suits you.

To boost, customers can earn “YoloCoins” for each purchase or when referring friends to purchase from YoloFoods (you earn 10% off their sale in Yolocoins). These coins can then be redeemed for free meals or discounts. 

Furthermore, as one of the best healthy meal plan subscriptions in Malaysia, all their meals are perfectly crafted for the best consumer experience by their in-house nutritionist.

So you can rest assured that any of the meals you get are sure to be healthy!

*Free Delivery with min. spend RM 100 in KL and RM 500 in other states.

Customer review:

“Definitely a 5/5! I tried YoloFoods Meal Plan for a week and omg the variety in terms of the food choice is amazing, and the taste is superb as well. This is probably the only healthy meal plan that I like so far, and the fact that there's also a little healthy snack/dessert.” - Clarissa Mathews 

Best healthy food delivery service in Johor Bahru
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia- poke twins pokebowl review.jpeg
Check Poké Twins price below:
  • From RM17.50 per meal

Are you a fan of poké bowls? Here is a gem from Johor Bahru for you. 

Thanks to the innovative brains behind Poké Twins, one can indulge in not only customizable poké bowls but also poké tacos, poké burritos and poké wraps. The sauces made from scratch by the team are what differ Poké Twins from the rest. 

Apart from that, the ingredients used in preparing the poké meals are either imported or obtained fresh from the highland. Another highlight is their Kombucha drinks. They are notably rich in probiotics to improve digestion.

Over the years, Poké Twins has expanded the business to almost the entire area of Johor Bahru with its branches namely SHAKA and NOSH. Aside from their website, one can also order their meals via FoodPanda or GrabFood.

Best Halal healthy food delivery
La Juiceria
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia- goodness greens cafe review
Check Goodness Greens Cafe price below:
  • From RM14 per meal

For a peaceful mind, you can look to Goodness Greens Cafe by La Juiceria for Halal-certified meal delivery in Malaysia. They serve food and fruit juices made from superfoods which are free from any additives or preservatives. 

Their menu has a good blend of Asian and Western cuisines filled with wraps, pasta, soba and food bowls. Some of its popular Malaysian-fusion choices are the Super Nasi Lemak Bowl and Gado-Gado Chicken Salad. Besides providing various superbowls, customers can also personalize their own bowls in three sizes. 

While one can order via La Juiceria food’s delivery partner GrabFood, customers who stay around TTDI or Ampang area can order directly from the website of Goodness Greens Cafe with a minimum purchase of RM50.

Best healthy Chinese food delivery
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia- hometaste review
Check HomeTaste price below:
add_circle Authentic tastes and recipes
add_circle Fresh, high-quality ingredients used every day
  • From RM10.90 per meal (lunch) / Dinner packages available

Craving for some Chinese cuisine that reminds you of your mums cooking?

HomeTaste vows to give out the best home food via healthy and palatable Chinese meals for lunch and dinner. Well, when we say ‘team’, we are actually referring to the mums! 

That’s right, HomeTaste is where home chefs and housewives offer their services to serve home-cooked food made from fresh ingredients bought from the market daily. This is what makes HomeTaste so special and true to its name. 

For lunch, one can find Chinese cuisines like Yong Tau Foo, Hakka Leicha and the legendary zap fan from different home-cooked teams on the platform. There are also special dinner packages for customers whereby each meal comes with 3 dishes (meat, vegetable and egg/tofu). 

The dinner packages are available for 5-day, 20-day and 40-day subscriptions. Customers can also choose to add on white rice or brown rice.

Best healthy organic food delivery
Fittie Sense
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia- fittie sense review
Check Fittie Sense price below:
  • From RM15 per meal

Fittie Sense does not play around when it comes to planning its menu around natural, whole foods. That includes main courses, tea-time delights, drinks, desserts and even kitchen essentials like organic coffee beans as well as Kaya made from organic Pandan. You name it, they have it!

The chefs use ingredients such as organic grained rice, Kampung chicken, Kampung eggs, grass-fed lamb, grass-fed Australian beef and seafood caught in the wild. They also serve scrumptious plant-based meals to suit the needs of the vegetarians. 

While the restaurant is not Halal-certified, Fittie Sense’ menu are strictly pork-free. Customers have shared their pleasant experience with Fittie Sense as they enjoyed the delectable yet guilt-free food served in a generous portion.

Best healthy dog/pet food delivery
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia-petchef review
Check Petchef price below:
add_circle 100% safe for human consumption
add_circle Personalised meals to suit your pet's breed and health conditions
  • From RM80 per meal plan (subscription)

Just as humans need nutrition, our pets do too. With Petchef, you can have meals specially crafted according to your pet’s needs delivered to your doorstep. 

The Pet Nutrition Advisors behind PetChef will first get in touch with customers in planning the perfect, healthy meals for their pet dogs and cats. Suggestions are then given based on aspects like the pets weight, age, activeness and medical conditions. 

All meals are prepared using natural, vitamin-rich ingredients and is even edible by us humans! Some of the main protein sources used include dory fish, chicken and salmon. 

Petchef ensures that ingredients used are not highly-processed. In fact, the team is completely transparent in their ingredient list.

Meals will be delivered every two weeks. All that the customers have to do is keep the pre-cooked meals in the fridge and feed their pets whenever needed. The food can be served hot or cold based on ones preference. Delivery service covers KL, Johor Bahru and Penang areas.

Best healthy food basket delivery
Amazin' Graze
Amazin' Graze Granola Variety Box
Check Amazin' Graze Granola Variety Box price below:
  • From RM39.90 per variety box

One can discover all the amazing snacks and breakfast goodies such as nuts, granolas and oat-based meals with AmazinGraze. The store incorporates natural sweeteners and superfoods into their snacks to enhance the flavours and nutrition. 

At AmazinGraze, the most popular food category falls on the 100% natural bread spreads: almond butter, peanut butter and black sesame butter. To save the hassle of choosing from such wide range of options, the brand has bundles and sets too to savour everything in one box! 

Some of the sets include AmazinNuts variety box, AmazinBestseller bundle and AmazinStarter bundle. 

From time to time, the brand will come out with seasonal variety boxes, which make good gift ideas as well. Customers will be eligible for free shipping with orders above RM50 for West Malaysia and orders above RM100 for East Malaysia. 

Best healthy food delivery service for weight loss
Check Dietmonsta price below:
add_circle Affordable prices
add_circle Ease of access to dieticians
  • From RM16 per meal

DietMonsta is a boon to people who are trying to lose a few pounds as well as those striving to get and stay fitter. The service provide no-carbs or low-carbs meals with lean protein sources like fish and chicken. 

Each meal is carefully tailored to achieve a balance between carbs, proteins and fats. The calorie of each food item is also labelled, allowing customers to keep an eye on their calorie count. Dietmonsta promises food that are free from MSG and any other artificial ingredients. 

Customers can place their orders on the a-la-carte items or purchase a meal plan for 5 days or a week. Do note that for a meal plan, all meals will be delivered in one go and have to be kept in the fridge. For delivery charges, free shipping is applicable for orders above RM30.

Best healthy food delivery for seniors
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia- soulfood review
Check Soulfood price below:
  • From RM75 per meal package

Having a nutritional diet is even more vital for seniors. At the same time, it requires a more careful approach in planning such meals as there are aspects to be aware of, say, the seniorschewing problems or their less efficient digestive system. 

The team behind Soulfood understands no one meal can fit all, especially when it comes to meals for people with special needs. 

As such, Soulfood provides its customers consultation from professional nutritionists and dieticians in planning and preparing the meals. The professionals will curate ideal food solutions based on the individualsactiveness, age, medical history and health conditions, like surgery recovery, gout problem and high blood pressure. They also offer advises in designing meals for sufficient elderly nutrition too! 

Customers can purchase meal packages consisting from 3 meals to 20 meals for lunch or dinner and get them delivered. It is that convenient!

Best healthy food delivery for diabetics
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia- homey review
Check Homey price below:
  • Prices are according to customer’s profile

Homey specializes in preparing therapeutic meals for people with special health conditions and chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease. The team is a collaboration of professional medical doctors, nutritionists and dietitians to advise on menus and make sure that a customers nutritional requirements are met. 

After a meal plan is finalised, the health experts will then work with Homey chefs, who are from different restaurants to prepare the meals.

Customers will only need to fill up a simple online form regarding their health conditions and will be contacted by the advising team shortly after. Homey runs on a meal-package basis and its delivery service covers Penang, KL and Selangor area, varying according to the vendors. 

Bonus: Every meal prepared by the Homey chefs will be carefully monitored by the health experts before delivery and will be packed in biodegradable containers. Not only are the food good for customers, but the final products are also environmental-friendly.

Best healthy food delivery for families
best-healthy-food-delivery-malaysia- PichaEats review
Check PichaEats price below:
  • From RM50 per 3 meals / RM99 per family meal

PichaEats is a trending platform that specializes in delivering group meals to your place. What differs PichaEats from other healthy food delivery services is that behind each dish’s recipe belongs to refugee mothers. 

These refugees are given employment opportunities and are trained as well as advised by local volunteers in preparing and presenting their own recipes perfectly. At the end of the day, 50% of the revenue goes to the Picha chefs while another 50% will be used to run the business. 

If you have a thing for the taste of Mediterranean, PichaEats is surely a place to check out as it serves Afghan, Arabic and even Palestinian cuisines. All the food prepared are 100% without MSG and artificial ingredients. The team also ensures tip-top hygiene and nutrition ensues.

There are vegan and non-vegan items on the menu to fit everyones needs, and that serving sizes for group meals covers a family of 5 to 10. 

Whats more, there are also seasonal platters, dessert platters and light-bite platters ideal for family-sharing and gatherings! Besides awesome group meals, there are also ready-to-eat meal packages available for individuals.

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