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10 Best Washer Dryers in Malaysia 2024 - Top Brands

Laundry just became a whole lot easier

Washing machines generally come in the form of top loaders and front loaders. Whatever you choose, these essential home appliances fulfil their general task: keeping your dirty or soiled clothes clean.

There are different washing machine sizes and prices available, depending on your household and budget. So, if you are shopping for a top washing machine or need to check out some washer dryer reviews, here are some of the best washer dryers in Malaysia.

Top 10 Washer Dryer Combos in Malaysia

Best washing machine with dryer fully automatic
Samsung Inverter Washer Dryer WD13TP44DSX/FQ with AI Ecobubble
Samsung Inverter Washer Dryer WD13TP44DSXFQ with AI Ecobubble
Check Samsung Inverter Washer Dryer WD13TP44DSX/FQ with AI Ecobubble price below:
add_circle Large capacity
add_circle WiFi embedded for app support
add_circle Energy-saving with digital inverter technology
add_circle Safe on different fabric types including wool and activewear
remove_circle Touchscreen sensor can be slightly too sensitive


The Samsung Inverter Washer Dryer WD12TP44DSX/FQ with AI Ecobubble is a large-capacity washer-dryer combo that can also save energy when washing your laundry load. This is thanks to the digital inverter and Ecobubble technology. 

Its digital inverter technology is also great for reducing noise during a wash cycle and also ensures long-lasting quality performance. Aside from that, the washer features air wash and hygiene steam that deodorise and sanitise your clothes to remove bacteria, germs and odour.

If you’re in a time crunch, you can either use the QuickDrive mode or the Super Speed mode. Both options will ensure thorough cleaning in lesser time, with the Super Speed mode only taking 39 minutes for a full wash. Note that these two modes would be better for clothes with little to no stains at all.


  • Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Washing capacity: 13kg
  • Dryer capacity: 8kg 
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 600 x 650 x 850 mm 
  • General/Motor warranty: 2 years / 11 years 
  • Weight: 82kg

Who is this for?

There are tons of praises for this Samsung washer-dryer combo, especially for its functions. While it may be pricey, it does feature energy-saving inverter technology. If you value your time to get washing done quickly, its price might be worth the investment.

Best inverter washing machine with dryer
LG AI Direct Washer & Dryer FV1450H2B
LG AI Direct Washer & Dryer FV1450H2B
Check LG AI Direct Washer & Dryer FV1450H2B price below:
add_circle 6Motion technology -- 6 wash motions
add_circle Compatible with LG’s TWINWash Mini
add_circle Durable tempered glass door and stainless steel lifter
add_circle Steam+ -- 30% fewer wrinkles and 99.9% less allergens
add_circle AI Direct Drive inverter motor -- 18% more protection for clothes
add_circle Washer cum dryer -- 12 wash programmes and 2 dry programmes
add_circle TurboWash 360° -- 4 multi-spray nozzles complete washing under 40 mins
add_circle Has Smart Diagnosis for quick troubleshooting6Motion technology -- 6 wash motions
add_circle Produces fewer wrinkles and less allergens
add_circle Includes 12 wash programmes and 2 dry programmes
remove_circle LG ThinQ cannot be linked to Google Home nor Google Assistant in Malaysia


There’s a reason why the LG AI Direct Washer & Dryer FV1450H2B is a favourite among many - it comes with smart intelligence!

This sleek and stylish model will automatically detect the softness and weight of the fabric and then select the optimised washing pattern, with the help of AI. While it aims to get rid of 99.9% allergens and reduce 30% wrinkles, it also does the washing in about 39 minutes via its TurboWash 360, simultaneously only consuming about 28% of energy. 

Also, you are free to operate it remotely anywhere with the help of Wi-Fi-connectivity. Thanks to this combo, laundry time is saved to half and there’s potentially lesser damage to your fabrics. 


  • Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Washing capacity: 10.5kg
  • Dryer capacity: 7kg
  • Dimensions (W x Dx H): 600 x 850 x 565mm
  • General/Motor warranty: 1 year 
  • Weight: 73kg 

Who is this for?

Perfect for a modern home, this washer dryer has one problem and that it’s a very pricey model to swallow. But that’s a given considering how smart this model is. 

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Best front load washing machine with dryer
Electrolux UltimateCare 700 Washer Dryer EWW1142Q7WB
Electrolux UltimateCare 700 Front Load Washer Dryer EWW1142Q7WB-review malaysia
Check Electrolux UltimateCare 700 Washer Dryer EWW1142Q7WB price below:
add_circle Removes a wide variety of stains
add_circle Has Wi-Fi connection for ease of washing convenience
add_circle Utilises smart AI technology that washes with the right settings


Front load washer and dryer machines are best for those who want a more environmentally friendly device to clean their garment. Aside from utilising an eco inverter motor to conserve energy efficiently, this front-load Electrolux washer dryer (11kg and 7kg load respectively) is more than capable of making sure your clothes are clean.

What makes it stand out is its SensorWash with AI technology which can remove 49 different visible stains. The machine is also fitted with a HygienicCare cleaning system that helps to eliminate 99.99% allergens and germs.

Controls are also pretty easy to navigate due to its knob control. And of course, features are abundant, including a Woolmark approval to care for wool garments, variable temperature to wash and dry clothes, as well as VapourRefresh technology to help keep laundry smelling fresh.


  • Power: N/A
  • Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Washing capacity: 11kg
  • Dryer capacity: 7kg 
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 659 x 600 x 850mm
  • General/Motor warranty: 2 years 
  • Weight: 82kg

Who is this for?

The machine is ideal for those who do not want to send clothing for multiple washes due to tough stains, as well as for those who'd like convenience in scheduling their laundry sessions. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity feature, you can even customise your washing. Also, as expected from a good front-load washing machine, you’ll have a child lock to keep your children safe from potential accidents. 

Best mini washing machine with dryer
HODEKT Mini Washing Machine
HODEKT Mini Washing Machine
Check HODEKT Mini Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Space saver
add_circle Low noise operation
add_circle Good value for money
add_circle Has one of the strongest washing power despite its size and price
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Small and minimalistic design
add_circle Operates on low noise
remove_circle Small-sized drain basket
remove_circle No filter; water gets dirty and you'll have to manually change the water for rinsing


Small but does not let any stain go unnoticed, this mini washer dryer best combines compact design with powerful performance. Just with the size of a small bedside table, it can hold 4.5kg washing capacity that is worth five small clothes and perform a quick ten-minute wash while minimising water wastage. 

What makes this model a distinct purchase is that it safeguards your children from the discomfort caused by bacteria when you mix their clothes. 

With its bacteriostatic interior, it creates an environment hostile to bacteria while the blue light sterilisation feature adds an extra layer of protection, making sure that your little ones wear clothes that are not only clean but also thoroughly sanitised.


  • Rated power: 300 W
  • Washing capacity: 4.5kg
  • Washing time: <15Min
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 35 x 35 x 53cm

Who is this for?

This latest washing machine with dryer in the mini department also operates on low noise for added peace of mind. You can also confidently place it in your kitchen where it’s visible and accessible, thanks to its practical cable storage feature.

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Best silent washing machine and dryer
Bosch Series 6 Washer Dryer WNA254U0SG
Bosch Series 6 Washer Dryer WNA254U0SG
Check Bosch Series 6 Washer Dryer WNA254U0SG price below:
add_circle Quieter operation
add_circle Large LED display with TouchControl buttons
add_circle Reload function that pauses machine to add in last minute items
add_circle Adjustable wash and dry time of up to 120 minutes
remove_circle Slightly pricey


Most washer-dryer combos can get pretty loud so for a more silent option, and then there’s the Bosch Series 6 Washer Dryer WNA254U0SG. It’s a powerful but silent machine, thanks to the EcoSilence Drive.

Said EcoSilence Drive is a friction-free motor that can reduce noise and minimises heat and wear. This allows for quieter cycles and long-lasting operation. The anti-vibration side panels are also helpful in reducing noise and ensuring better stability during the spinning process.

Besides those features, the washer also has AutoDry technology which senses when your load is dry by measuring the humidity level. Along with the fully adjusted Wash&Dry programs, this means that you’ll always get clean and dry clothes without over-washing or overheating.


  • EcoSilence Drive for quiet operation
  • SpeedPerfect mode for faster cleaning
  • AutoDry detection feature
  • Anti-vibration side panels


The main selling point to this 2-in-1 washer and dryer is the EcoSilence Drive which makes this machine energy-efficient and quiet but without sacrificing power. 

  • Power: 220 - 240 V
  • Washing capacity: 10kg
  • Dryer capacity: 6kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 850 x 598 x 590 mm
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Child lock: Yes
  • Spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Delicates: Yes
  • Drum Clean: Yes
  • General/Motor warranty: 2 years
Best washing machine with condenser dryer
Toshiba Washer Dryer TWD-BJ120M4M
Toshiba Washer Dryer TWD-BJ120M4M
Check Toshiba Washer Dryer TWD-BJ120M4M price below:
add_circle Fit for a large family
add_circle Has drum clean mode for easy maintenance and durability
add_circle Has an express mode for urgent washes
remove_circle Expensive


Great for families who often do multiple washes, the Toshiba Washer Dryer TWD-BJ120M4M is a front load washer and dryer set that can withhold a capacity of 11kg wash and 7kg drying load.

This Toshiba model was built with the brand’s GreatWaves technology which helps to conserve energy consumption and to ensure better fabric colour preservation. It assures that your clothes and linens are taken care of with gentleness. 

Plus, with their SenseDry mode, the drying process is made easier and safer as it stops immediately when the clothes are completely dry.  


  • Power: 220V - 240V
  • Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Washing capacity: 11kg
  • Dryer capacity: 7kg 
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 595 x 615 x 850 mm 
  • General/Motor warranty: 10 years 
  • Weight: 71kg

Who is this for?

Condenser dryers are great for if you have limited space to place a dryer. Instead of relying on a hose, all you need to do fill in its water tank to dry clothes. But general condenser dryers take longer to dry clothes. Thankfully, you can take just 12 minutes to do some clothes-drying with the machine’s express wash mode option! 

Best cheap washing machine with dryer
MIDEA Fully Auto Washer & Dryer MFC80-DR1400
Check MIDEA Fully Auto Washer & Dryer MFC80-DR1400 price below:
add_circle Affordable range
add_circle Super water flow systems
add_circle Separates fabrics accordingly
remove_circle On the heavier side


The Midea MFC80-DR1400 Washer Dryer is an easy choice for when you need your chores to be done at a specific timing. That’s because accessing its timer and sleep modes will enable you to plan your day and night accordingly. 

To enhance your washing duty, this machine has an innovative three super water flows technology. Firstly, there’s Bump+flow to handle stubborn stains from red wine or fruit juices. Then there’s Water+flow which has the feel of a hand wash effect to lessen the wear and tear of clothes and linens. 

Finally, Flush+flow eases your burden of washing and drying thick cotton or padded clothes that wouldn’t last a minute in a normal washing machine. 


  • Power: 220V - 240V
  • Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Washing capacity: 8kg
  • Dryer capacity: 6kg 
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 595 x 475 x 850 mm
  • General/Motor warranty: 10 years 
  • Weight: 64kg

Who is this for?

As one of the trusted brands, this Midea dryer washer will be a conscious purchase. At least that was the case for existing users who claimed that this budgeted beauty does the job just as nicely as any other top-notch model. 

While it may be a bit weighty, its impressive washer capacity of 8kg and dryer capacity of 6kg make it an excellent option, especially for large families.

Best washing machine with dryer overall
Samsung Front Load Washer Dryer 8.5KG/6KG WD85T4046CE/FQ
Samsung Front Load Washer Dryer 8.5KG:6KG WD85T4046CE:FQ
Check Samsung Front Load Washer Dryer 8.5KG/6KG WD85T4046CE/FQ price below:
add_circle Has a Bubble soak function
add_circle Small size
add_circle Detergent drawer has water flushing system
remove_circle Heavy


This washer comes with Samsung’s only Eco Bubble Technology, which turns detergent into bubbles that makes it safer to clean clothes with colours. Apart from that, it also has an Air Wash feature which deodorises and sanitises your clothes. For thorough elimination of bacteria from your clothing, you might find its Steam feature comes in handy. 

This washer boasts a 8.5kg washing capacity and a 6kg drying capacity, which are not too small or too big. It offers seamless connectivity to WiFi and can be conveniently controlled using Samsung’s SmartThings App. Through the app, users can adjust washing settings and receive notifications about the washing process status.


  • Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Washing capacity: 8.5kg
  • Dryer capacity: 6kg 
  • Dimensions: 600 x 850 x 600 mm 
  • General/Motor warranty: 11 years
  • Weight: 68kg

Who is this for?

The Samsung WD75T504DBW is widely regarded as one of Malaysia's top washer-dryer choices, offering impressive features at a surprisingly acceptable price. It's available for approximately RM2,200, a competitive offering from Samsung in the market that is definitely suitable for a wide range of consumers. 

Best manual washing machine with dryer
Khind Semi Auto Washing Machine WM717
Khind Semi Auto Washing Machine WM717
Check Khind Semi Auto Washing Machine WM717 price below:
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Cheap
add_circle Practical washing performance


This 2 in 1 washer dryer might not be fully manual but if you’re looking for one that saves energy, is easy to maintain and can efficiently control the amount of water used for washing and rinsing, this model from Khind is an excellent choice. 

With a big pulsator, this washing machine ensures a powerful and cleaner wash, tackling even stubborn stains with efficiency. Once you're done washing, the air turbo feature comes into play, helping your clothes dry faster. It holds a capacity of 7kg so even if you have a large family, you can do your laundry for just one round. 


  • Power: 220V - 240V
  • Washing Capacity: 7kg
  • Spinning Capacity: 5.5kg
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 755 x 455 x 900 mm 
  • General/Motor warranty: 1 / 5 Years
  • Weight: 21kg

Who is this for?

Being one of the lightest and the easiest washers to control, everyone does not need to worry about struggling with heavy loads or complicated settings. For every wash and spin cycle, there’s a single water inlet selector port that ensures hassle-free water connection, simplifying the laundry process further.

Best washing machine with dryer built in
Samsung Washer Dryer WD75T504DBW/FQ 7.5/5kg
Samsung Washer Dryer WD75T504DBW:FQ 7.5:5kg
Check Samsung Washer Dryer WD75T504DBW/FQ 7.5/5kg price below:
add_circle Small size
add_circle AI Controls
add_circle Steam Cleaning function


With Samsung’s WD75T504DBW/FQ, you’ll be able to wash your clothes easily thanks to its Eco Bubble technology, intense cleaning with bubble soak which will remove those stubborn stains and make your clothes cleaner. In terms of maintenance, take advantage of its Drum Clean feature which removes 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria in the machine. 

After that, feel free to use its AirWash feature which sanitises and deodorise clothing with just hot air.


  • Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Washing capacity: 7.5kg
  • Dryer capacity: 5kg 
  • Dimensions: 600 x 850 x 600 mm 
  • General/Motor warranty: 11 years
  • Weight: 66kg

Who is this for?

If you stay alone, consider getting the Samsung WD75T504DBW/FQ. Not only is it enough for 2 active users, it also comes with AI controls which learn your washing habits and suggest cycles, making it hassle-free to use.


- How to use a washing machine with dryer?

Operating a washing machine with dryer size of any, generally follows the same steps except, of course, the drying part. This is because the drying process differs based on how the dryer is integrated into your washing machine setup and as we all know, there are two of them:

1. All-in-one washer/dryer unit

  • In the case of an all-in-one washer/dryer unit, the transition from washing to drying is seamless and automatic. Once the washing cycle is complete, the machine smoothly transitions into the drying cycle without requiring any manual intervention. 
  • This streamlined process saves you time and effort, ensuring that your laundry is washed and dried without the need for a separate drying step.

2. Separate washer and dryer

  • On the other hand, if you have a separate washer and dryer, the process involves a bit more hands-on effort. After the washing cycle finishes, you need to manually transfer the damp clothes from the washer drum to the dryer drum. 
  • While this step requires a few extra minutes of your time, it offers the advantage of allowing you to inspect your clothes post-wash, ensuring that they are ready for the drying process. 

- How do I choose a washer-dryer?

Although there is an alternative choice to place a washer above the dryer on front-loading machines individually, a single-unit combination is still a better choice. To give you a better understanding of how to choose one properly, we have some tips that you can look out for before buying.

  • Cost

Undoubtedly, a combo is more expensive when compared to the conventional washing machine and dryer, with each unit being bought individually. However, the price difference can be reasoned out with the fact that combos ultimately use less water, energy and detergent. So the best choice here is to weigh out your options and have a pick at the safer bet for you. 

  • Capacity 

Bear in mind that capacity plays a big part here if you have a large family. You’ll need to find the largest model which fits in your home yet, is according to your budget. On the other hand, smaller load capacities are great for individuals. All in all, good observation is needed here.

  • Warranties and Guarantees

Most appliances usually have a one-year warranty. However, a washer dryer combo is regarded as a high-quality levelled product and thus, there are many different components covered as any one of those could become faulty or damaged within that year. 

So a one year warranty is a standard term but you may be able to extend this in some circumstances, say up to 5 years sometimes. For that reason, do be sure to understand the terms and conditions of the product before final purchase. 

- Do washer-dryers actually work?

A washer dryer is a washing machine with a built-in tumble dryer. The dryer pushes warm, dry air through your laundry, removing moisture and cooling the humid air. It definitely works and saves you time as it can wash and dry your clothes in one cycle. 

- Is it better to have a separate washer-dryer?

If you lack space, and drying your clothes on a rack or clothing line is not feasible, an all-in-one washer-dryer would be an excellent choice. They're also ideal for smaller families, i.e. smaller loads.

Frankly, while the washer works fine, drying can take longer than a separate dryer. On top of that, you can’t do another load of laundry till the drying is done. Besides being faster, separate machines also tend to be more energy efficeint.

Hence, it would be better to get a separate washer-dryer if you can afford, financially, and in terms of footprint,

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