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50 Christmas Decorations for Malaysia 2023 – Home & Office Ideas

Score a visit from Santa!

Realistically, Malaysia might not be the most picturesque setting for a Christmas-themed party but that does not mean you can’t still get into the holiday spirit.

We may not have snow or an abundance of pine trees but alternative decorations can easily be bought. Want to amplify your space this Christmas in Malaysia 2021? Then this list of 50 Christmas Decorations is perfect for you.

We have everything that you'll want to decorate your house with, indoors or outdoors. Here, we bring you ideas and decorating styles as well as ornaments and light recommendations this holiday season.

Table of Contents

  1. Christmas Decoration Ideas for Indoor & Home
  2. Christmas Decoration Ideas for Office and Workspace
  3. Christmas Decoration Ideas for Church
  4. Christmas Decoration Ideas for Dining Table
  5. Christmas Decoration Ideas for Outdoors


Christmas Decorations for Indoor/Home 

Wish to decorate your home just like the ones you see in Christmas movies? Well, you can easily achieve that by giving it a taste of these simple yet elegant Christmas décor.

A gorgeous tree decorated with wooden ornaments, candle lights, brightly coloured baubles, and topped off with a classic yellow star will give your home a rustic Christmas feel.

Don’t forget to embellish your stairwell too. Make it stand out with Christmas vines, twinkle, and marquee lights, as well as a lovely family photograph in a tasteful frame. Feel like you’re on the set of a heart-warming family Christmas movie with these charming decorations.   

Check Pine Leaf Needle Artificial Christmas Tree price below:

How to use: Place this Christmas tree at the very centre of your home. Completely deck it from top to bottom with your choice of beautiful lights and ornaments. 

Check Christmas Light Log Cabin price below:

How to use: Decorate your tree or your stairwell with these Christmas log cabin lights in red. It will surely add a pop of colour to your space. Try switching them on in the dark for an extra festive atmosphere. 

Check Santa Reindeer Lights price below:

How to use: Hang these around your home and turn the lights on towards the evening to create a comforting environment. 

Check Flameless LED Light Candle price below:

How to use: Just place them on your dining table or at a side table and switch them on! These battery-operated candles are safe to use, odourless and have a soft, dazzling radiance of light. 

Check Wooden Pendants Christmas Snowflake price below:

How to use: These red and white wooden pendants are perfect for your Christmas tree. The snowflake shape and bright colour of these pendants will surely stand out against your green tree. 

Check Golden Star price below:

How to use: Just place this glittery gold star at the very top of your Christmas tree and watch it shimmer and shine! 

Check Alphabet LED Marquee Lights price below:

How to use: Why not spell out 'Christmas' with these LED marquee lights and have them light up your space? They'd look good beside your photos on a mantlepiece, or alongside some other Christmas figurines in a cabinet.

Check Artificial Christmas Garland price below:

How to use: You can unroll it to decorate your stairs, or leave it in a looped shape and hang it either on the outside on inside of your door to create a festive ambience at the entrance of your home. 

Check Christmas Tree Ball Ornaments price below:

How to use: As simple as they are, these shiny red ball ornaments will look great on any Christmas tree of any theme. Just hang them on your tree and watch them shine. 

Check Christmas Pine Cone Baubles price below:

How to use: You can never have too many Christmas tree decorations. Add these wooden pine cones to your tree to create a rustic, woodsy feel in your home. 

Check Pine Wood Tealight Holder price below:

How to use: Place tealights in these pinewood holders and watch the light shine through the carved-out shapes. Towards the evening, you'll be able to witness either heart, star, or snowflake-shaped reflections on your wall. 

Christmas Decorations for Office 

Decorate your workstation with a Christmas-themed wallpaper, stockings, a mini tree, and other knick-knacks to get you excited even at work. You’ll start feeling the Christmas joy once your workstation is decked with beautiful décor. You might even inspire your colleagues to get in the spirit too!

Moreover, if there’s going to be an office Christmas party, why not add a pop of festive colour to the space with rainbow streamers, fairy lights, and Santa-themed décor. Putting these decorations up and celebrating with your colleagues will truly be jolly then! 

Check Stick-on Vinyl Wall Tile price below:

How to use: Carefully peel the protective sticker on the back and stick the wall tiles around your workspace to create a cozy, homely interior. 

Check Christmas Stocking price below:

How to use: Hang these stockings by your workspace or around the office. Your colleagues might even place some treats or a little present in them. 

Check Santa Claus Pendant Swirl Banner price below:

How to use: Create the image of Santa coming down the chimney with these swirl banners. Or, hang them from your office ceiling so every time you look up, it'll surely spark joy. 

Check Christmas Cartoon Monitor Cover price below:

How to use: Don't let The Grinch steal your monitor! Instead, have it protected with this adorable snowman Christmas cartoon cover. It's truly a minimalist and effortless way to make you smile in this festive season.

Check Mini Artificial Christmas Tree price below:

How to use: As a versatile figurine, just place this on your tabletop at work or at the office's receptionist and it'll cheer and motivate everyone to get their tasks done by Christmas.

Check Rainbow Coloured Crepe Paper Streamers price below:

How to use: Use these to DIY colourful decorations such as flowers, stars, and more to add a pop of colour and joy to your office. We recommend following the traditional colours of Christmas such as green, white and red.

Check Metallic Tinsel Decoration price below:

How to use: Get creative and hang these around the office, whether on doors, from the ceiling, or curtains. These metallic tinsels will brighten up the space. 

Check LED String Fairy Lights price below:

How to use: Get a clear cellophane tape and hang these lights either on the walls or the office's Christmas tree. You can also add these around desks to get everyone relaxed and in the holiday spirit. 

Check Christmas Chair Covers price below:

How to use: Make Christmas decorating less straining by asking everyone at work to put on these festive chair cover. Whether it's Santa or a snowman, these chair covers will put a smile on everyone's face. 

Check Yellow Paper Star Hanging Ornaments price below:

How to use: A classic yet stylish and simple piece; have this yellow paper star ornament hung at entrances or above workspaces. 

Christmas Decorations for Church

To keep the Christmas spirit alive in every nook and cranny of the church, why not start with adorning wreaths cascaded with red ribbons on the church windows? The vibrancy of the red poinsettias at the altar adds to the festivities whereas the greenery of the ivy garland on the pillars gives off a wholesome vibe. 

Instead of extravagant decorations on your Christmas tree, we can’t recommend enough a simple pine tree decorated with only fairy lights which is a fairly pleasant and soothing sight to adore.  To give the altar some Christmas cheer, consider a wonderful combination of red poinsettias, clear candle holders, golden jingle bells, and artificial pine leaves scattered across the altar.

Image credit to Kyo Morishima
Check Christmas Garland price below:

How to use: Deck the church walls, door, and altar with this Christmas garland that comes with visually appealing pine cones and red fruit. 

Check Merry Christmas Gold Foil Ribbon price below:

How to use: As engraved ribbons, these ribbons are great for wrapping gifts to place under the Christmas tree or as decor on seats. One can also tie a ribbon on top of ornaments for a more unique look.

Check Glittering Hollow Out Star price below:

How to use: Pick your fancy and place the stars at the very top of the church's Christmas tree! Our personal favourite is the golden one for a touch of glam to our trees. 

Check Signature Red Poinsettia price below:

How to use: Quite the classic Christmas centrepiece for most dining places;  place these Signature Red Poinsettia's anywhere around the church or on tables and it'll be sure to catch everyone's attention. 

Check Mixed Flocking Decorative Christmas Tree price below:

How to use: Get these flocking Christmas trees that come with specs of artificial snow in a variety of heights and place them at various locations within the church. Corners or at the sides of stages are good locations!

Check PRADO Malaysia 100 LED Globe Shape Fairy Lights price below:

How to use: String these lights from the church windows and walls to give the whole space a soft, calming glow. 

Check Hanging Ivy Garland price below:

How to use: Add a rustic feel to the church with these ivy vines. Put them on display alongside other hanging decorations to create a frondescent display. You can also add lights or tiny decorations onto them to suit the theme seamlessly.

Check Rechargeable LED Flickering Tealight Candles price below:

How to use: These rechargeable LED candles are perfect and safe to use around the church. Place them on the altar and watch them flicker away during hymns. 

Check Artificial Pine Needle price below:

How to use: A simple yet classy decoration; adorn the church entrance and windows with these artificial pine needles. 

Check Small Gold Jingle Bells price below:

How to use: Get a ton of these gold jingle bells and attach them to other decorations around the church. They'll create a lovely jingling sound whenever the wind blows. 

Christmas Decorations for Dining Table

Wow your dinner guests with this Country/Farm House-inspired dining table. The elegant wooden placemat serves as an earthy complement to the Christmas-themed plates. With a red pickup truck and mini trees as centrepieces, the sight is sure to put a smile on the faces of your dinner guests. 

For a simple yet classy vibe to your Christmas dinner, have some clear candle holders and ornaments along the centre of the table. While you’re at it, have the plaid table runner and napkin subtly tied in neatly to complete the whole look.

Images credit to Rosemary & Thyme
Check Nordic Christmas cotton and linen plaid table runner price below:

How to use: Place this along the length of your table for an added festive feel during dinner. Its striking colour and classy design are sure to amp things up. 

Check Ins Style Cotton Linen Napkin price below:

How to use: Use this alongside your plaid table runner. Its simple black and white plaid design will complement your nordic table runner well. 

Check Round Wood Grain Placemat price below:

How to use: Add a fresh, natural elegance to your Christmas dinner table with these wood grain placemats. Just place a pretty plate on it and your guests will be thrilled to feast! 

Check Mini Christmas Trees price below:

How to use: Place this set of five mini Christmas trees at the very centre of your Christmas dinner table to accessorize it with a hint of greenery. 

Check Vintage Red Pickup Truck with Christmas Trees price below:

How to use: A classic red pickup truck is exactly what your Christmas dinner table needs. What's more, this one comes with trees in its trunk, creating the perfect miniature Christmas sight. 

Check Crystal Candle Holder price below:

How to use: Place lighted tealights in this set of crystal candle holders either on or by your dining table to create a relaxing ambience to your dining setup. 

Check Snowflake Wooden Beads Set price below:

How to use: Make delicate hanging ornaments that you can hang by your window or dining table with these festive beads. 

Check MONAZONE Nordic Christmas Plate price below:

How to use: Serve your delicious Christmas roast on these stunning red Nordic plates for that added Christmas joy with every mouthful of food. 

Christmas Decorations for Outdoors

Nothing says Christmas more than a classic combination of beautiful wreaths hanging on the doorway with garlands twisted around the house pillars. A large Christmas tree decorated with simple ornaments and faux presents underneath it is sure to be a show stopper in your neighbourhood. 

Apart from stringing the wreath and the garlands with lights, have glowing gifts laid around to add a nice sparkle to your porch too. Plus, flanking the front door with different kinds of lanterns filled with a candle will beautifully illuminate the porch at night.  

Check Large Green Christmas Tree price below:

How to use: Place this large, green pine tree at the very centre of your lawn. Don't forget to decorate it with beautiful ornaments and lights. Let it be the star of your neighbourhood this Christmas season. 

Check Unfinished Wooden Ornaments price below:

How to use: Get the family together and decorate these wooden ornaments with drawings and paintings to hang on your Christmas tree. 

Check Christmas Pompom Yarn Ball Pendant price below:

How to use: These Pompom Yarn Ball Pendants look just like coloured snow! Hang these on your Christmas tree for a soft, snowy effect. 

Check Christmas LED Oil Lamp price below:

How to use: These LED oil lamps are safe to use all over your home. Place them by the entrance of your home and switch them on to see the images in the lamp come to life. 

Check Vintage Metal Lantern price below:

How to use: Light a tealight or a candle and place it in this Metal Lantern. Watch it burn brightly and illuminate through the glass. A bonus is if you managed to find a scented candle that's of pine trees, use it in here!

Check Snowman Christmas Lights price below:

How to use: You need a snowman during Christmas. Get several of these miniature light-up snowmen to place all over the outside of your home. It'll surely spark joy! 

Check Christmas Wreath price below:

How to use: Hang this Christmas Wreath at the entrance of your home. Its red ribbon, shiny baubles, ornaments, and bright ‘Merry Christmas’ sign will excitedly welcome your guests.

Check Pine Christmas Garland price below:

How to use: You can never have too many Christmas garlands. If you have an outdoor seating area, hang these Pine Christmas Garlands around the gazebo or courtyard for a subtle festive feel.

Check Christmas Gift Bag price below:

How to use: Treat your guests to door gifts in these charming red Christmas gift bags. You could put anything from candies and cookies to novelty gifts in these little bags.

Check Twinkle Star Fairy String Lights price below:

How to use: String these star-shaped fairy lights along with your balcony, Christmas tree, or just about anywhere outside your home to light up the night sky during Christmas.


Check Flameless Flickering Tealight price below:

How to use: Place these colourful flickering tealights along the walkaway of your home leading to the entrance to light up the path.


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