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10 Best Feminine Washes in Malaysia 2024 - Reviews & Price

Keep it fresh down low

While vaginas are self-cleaning, the vulva isn’t. A good feminine wash helps to prevent infections and encourages the growth of healthy bacteria. It also keeps the pH level in your vaginal area balanced. 

You’ll want the best hygienic, vaginal washes on the market. But how do we choose the right one? We have simplified it for you by listing some of the best intimate washes in Malaysia, according to your needs! 

Top 10 Feminine Washes in Malaysia

Best overall feminine wash
ESUI Feminine Hygiene Wash 60ml
Check ESUI Feminine Hygiene Wash 60ml price below:
add_circle Rich in estrogen
add_circle Suitable for all skin types
add_circle Suitable for daily use
add_circle Suitable for women of all ages
add_circle Natural antiseptic Natural detoxification
add_circle Prevents gynaecological diseases

Why It’s Our Top Pick:

‘’ESUI Feminine Hygiene Wash is our top feminine wash. An award-winning feminine wash in Malaysia, it includes active ingredients that maintain an optimal environment for your lady parts and protects against gynaecological diseases.’’


This feminine wash is formulated with a pH level of 4, which is the ideal acidity level for your Lady V as the normal range of acidity is between pH 3.8 and 4.2. It helps to clean and prevent unnatural and unpleasant odours from your intimate area.   

Enriched with Labisia Pumila Extract that’s rich in estrogen, it is suitable to use post-partum as it helps tone up the vaginal walls. The Piper Betel Leaf Extracts help treat various disorders and neutralize free radicals formed by the overgrowth of vaginal bacteria. 

On the other hand, the natural antiseptics Quercus Infectoria/ Manjakani Extracts also help to tone up the vaginal epithelial. 


Rated 5-stars, users praised the ESUI feminine wash as it helped keep their lady parts moisturized and refreshed.

Best feminine wash for smell
Check Avon Simply Delicate pH Balanced Feminine Wash with Aloe Vera price below:
add_circle pH-balanced
add_circle Alcohol-free
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Hypoallergenic
add_circle Suitable for all skin types

This affordable feminine wash contains aloe vera extract that protects your lady parts from infections and keeps it fragrant all day long. 


Gynecologically tested, this feminine wash is pH-balanced and soap-free. Its mildly scented liquid gel cleanses and keeps the intimate area clean. 

Formulated with aloe extract, this feminine wash requires just a small amount to be mixed with water to work into the right lather to cleanse the vagina well. 


Users praised that this feminine wash is worth its purchase. It even smells nice! It isn’t too watery and it doesn’t cause any irritation as well. 

GOOD VIRTUES CO Lightening Feminine Hygiene Wash
Check GOOD VIRTUES CO Lightening Feminine Hygiene Wash price below:
add_circle Halal certified
add_circle Affordable
add_circle 100% organic
add_circle pH-balanced
add_circle Alcohol-free
add_circle Paraben-free
add_circle No synthetic colourants
add_circle Suitable for all skin types

Drugstore feminine washes contain quality ingredients that make it worth the purchase to keep your honey pot clean and fresh. 


Infused with purifying black seed oil, the Good Virtues Co. feminine wash cleanses your intimate area by keeping it fresh and hygienic throughout the day! 

On a plus point, its organic extracts have a lightening effect on the skin around the intimate area as well. Thanks to its rich content of minerals and antioxidants, your lady parts will constantly feel restored and rejuvenated.  


Users were extremely pleased with its scent.  Not to mention, they also feel cleaner when using this feminine wash and it doesn’t cause any itchiness. 

Best whitening feminine wash
Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene White Intimate 60ml
Check Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene White Intimate 60ml price below:
add_circle Halal-certified
add_circle 100% natural
add_circle Dermatologically approved
add_circle Paraben and alcohol-free
add_circle Suitable for all skin types

Aiming for whiter skin? Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene White Intimate wash promises you fairer skin in just 4 weeks! 


Regarded as the first natural whitening feminine wash in Malaysia, Lactacyd’s white intimate wash keeps sweat and skin darkening bacteria away from your Lady Flower. Besides, its natural milk extract and lactic acid help maintain the pH balance of your intimate area. 


As it’s compact, it makes it convenient to carry along for your travels. Users complimented that it has a gel-like texture and it also has a pleasant smell. 

Uriage GYN-PHY Intimate Hygiene Refreshing Cleansing Gel 200ml
Check Uriage GYN-PHY Intimate Hygiene Refreshing Cleansing Gel 200ml price below:
add_circle Can be used daily
add_circle Hypoallergenic
add_circle Soap-free

Does your coochie get itchy? The Uriage GYN-PHY Intimate Hygiene Refreshing Cleansing Gel is your new bestie.


This feminine wash gently cleanses your vagina without causing dryness. It promises anti-irritation properties and helps regulate a natural balance, thanks to its lactic acid and its innovative cleansing complex.   

It is specifically formulated for the daily hygiene of the intimate mucous membranes. 


Upon using this feminine wash, users noticed reduced signs of irritation and discomfort. It has a nice scent and feels gentle. Users also noticed that it helps to remove odour.

Best feminine wash for infection
COSMODERM Soothing Feminine Hygiene Wash 150ml
Check COSMODERM Soothing Feminine Hygiene Wash 150ml price below:
add_circle Gentle
add_circle Soothing
add_circle Suitable for all ages
add_circle Reduces irritation and discharge
add_circle Has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties
add_circle Reduces dryness
add_circle No Parabens SLS/SLES

Nobody likes a yeast infection. COSMODERM’s Soothing Feminine Hygiene Wash is your can help you combat it.    


Infused with ingredients such as chamomile extract and oak gall, this feminine wash is suitable for women of all ages. It contains antiseptic and antifungal properties that ensure your vag always remains fresh and free from yeast infections. 

Not only that, but it also helps to reduce irritation and prevents excessive discharge. It also lightens and soothes the skin of your intimate area. 


Affordably priced, users couldn’t be more satisfied with COSMODERM’s Soothing Feminine Hygiene Wash. It is praised for its good quality and it has a nice scent too. 

Best feminine wash for odour
Innisfree Chrysanthemum Lady Cleanser 200ml
Check Innisfree Chrysanthemum Lady Cleanser 200ml price below:
add_circle Gentle
add_circle Soothing
add_circle Calming

Keeping it fresh down there sure can boost your confidence.


Say hello to Innisfree’s Chrysanthemum Lady Cleanser which contains chrysanthemum extract to care for your intimate body part. It is a gentle cleanser that contains natural components that help maintain moisture in the skin and keep it free from irritation. 

To add, this gel-textured cleanser contains green tea polysaccharides and lactic acid, which removes odour and offers a refreshed feeling. 


Users praise its product quality effectiveness and gentle care. It is good value for money.

It takes care of the lady parts with mild and gentle care.

Femfresh Intimate Hygiene Daily Intimate Wash
Check Femfresh Intimate Hygiene Daily Intimate Wash price below:
add_circle Hypoallergenic
add_circle Dermatologically and Gynaecologically-tested
add_circle Suitable for everyday use
add_circle Free of PABA

This soap-free feminine wash won’t cause any irritation to your lady parts. 


Made in Australia, this pleasantly-fragrant feminine wash is dermatologically and gynecologically tested. 

It is formulated to cleanse your intimate flora and maintain a balanced pH level. Its calendula and aloe vera extracts soothe and promote long-lasting freshness. 


This feminine wash came highly recommended by users as it is effective at cleaning and soothing their lady parts and works great for sensitive skin. 

Feminine wash for menopause
Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash
Check Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash price below:
add_circle Gynecologically-recommended
add_circle Fights infections and odour
add_circle Suitable for daily use
add_circle Gentle

Dermatologically tested and approved, Sebamed’s feminine intimate wash is a mild cleansing wash that’s filled with naturally-based wash active compounds. 


With a pH balance of 6.8, Sebamed’s feminine wash aims to keep your vagina healthy and bacteria-free. The vagina usually has a pH level that increases to 6.8 during and after menopause due to a reduction in estrogen levels. Therefore, this pH 6.8 formula will help maintain moisture balance.  

It is made with organic ingredients that support the natural balance of your intimate flora. In other words, it helps to fight against odour-causing bacteria and infection. Furthermore, it is gentle enough to be used daily as its formula does not irritate, but rather soothes and moisturizes. 


According to users, this feminine wash works effectively, reducing irritation and dryness. Definitely recommended!

Alpro Pharmacy Agnesia Natural Feminine Hygiene Wash 150mL .jpeg
Check Alpro Pharmacy Agnesia Natural Feminine Hygiene Wash 150mL price below:
add_circle Prevents odour
add_circle Moisturizes
add_circle pH-balanced
add_circle Firming
add_circle Relieves discomfort and itchiness
add_circle Free of paraben, PEG and triglosan

If you’re looking for a feminine wash that’s made of natural ingredients, the Agnesia Natural feminine hygiene wash is for you. 


Formulated with 100% herbal extracts such as Kacip Fatimah and Manjakani, this intimate wash helps firm your vagina. It protects against odour and even calms any discomfort and itchiness.   

Moreover, it also protects and prevents excessive thick white discharge that is caused by yeast infections. A more interesting fact is that this feminine wash contains prebiotics that maintains a healthy vagina microbiota through the stimulation of the growth of the protective organism. 


Users have posted reviews on their satisfaction with the natural scent of this feminine wash. It is worth the purchase and it helps relieve itchiness. 


- Is Feminine Wash Good?

When we use shower gels or soaps to watch our intimate area, these can disturb the pH balance of our vajayjay by eradicating good bacteria known as, lactobacilli. 

However, feminine washes help to balance the vaginal pH level by thwarting itchiness and bacterial infection in the vaginal area. Also, it promotes the growth of lactobacilli which maintains the acidity of your nether regions and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

- Can we use vaginal wash daily?  

Yes, feminine washes can be used daily. It helps to prevent infections and keep your vagina clean and fresh. Not to mention, it also helps you maintain proper hygiene levels. 

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