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10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights in Malaysia 2023 - Top Brands

“Lighting for your garden, but make it electricity-friendly.”

Outdoor solar lights can not only add beauty to your home, but safety to your landscaping as well. While there are multiple different systems that you can choose to invest in to add the nice lighting ambience to your outdoor space, solar lights may be one of the most affordable and great options to invest in! 

Unlike most lights, solar lights require no wires as they can be easily charged by sunlight during the day, and illuminate your yard throughout the night. The best part? They usually come with a built-in solar panel! In this article, we have listed out the top different types of outdoor solar light that you can get today!

Top 10 Outdoor Solar Lights in Malaysia

EverBite 128 LED Motion Sensor Solar Light
Check EverBite 128 LED Motion Sensor Solar Light price below:
add_circle Wide illumination and sending coverage
add_circle Very affordable
add_circle Satisfactory battery life
add_circle IP65 waterproof rating
remove_circle Lifespan of product is questionable

Why It's Our Top Pick?

With a strong solar motion sensor spotlight, it can definitely ensure the security of your house. As it also has a wide coverage, it would be one of the best motion sensor solar lights that not only illuminate up your driveway, path and yard, but also ensures safety for you and your family as well. 


Made with high quality ABS quality, this durable motion solar light allows you to switch between 2 integrated gears: High Bright or Off. The former is a sensing gear that can sense people at night. Not to worry about it going out of energy; after charging for up to 8 hours under the sun, it can sense 110 times at night. 

Moreover, the light’s coverage comes with a strong LED light and 270 degree rotational angle as well as a sensing angle of 120 degree angle.


  • Material: ABS 
  • Size: 19.5 x 12 x 10.7 cm 
  • Battery size: 1800 mAh 
  • Battery life: Up to 8 hours 

Who is this for?

Especially for its price, this motion sensor solar light is great for anyone looking to add extra security to their yard, driveway and garden. 

Best street solar lighting
MY Solar Street Light
Check MY Solar Street Light price below:
add_circle Waterproof
add_circle Comes with a controller
add_circle 3 lighting modes


If your house would benefit from an extra street lamp, you can probably try this option out.

This solar street light comes with a 5 to 10 metres detection and 3 intelligent sensor modes. You can choose to have it automatically switch completely on and off or go into dim light mode so you can leave on some illumination instead of switching it off completely.

Lastly, there’s the steady mode whereby the lamp will always be turned on no matter what. Not to mention, this waterproof solar street light has a UV protection on the skin. 


  • Material: ABS 
  • Size: 36 x 11 cm 
  • Battery Size: 2400 mAh
  • Charging Time: Up to 8 hours 
  • Lighting Colour: White 
  • Waterproof: Yes 

Who is this for?

This solar street light is perfect for people who are looking for a street solar light for their walkways or driveway with various light modes. 

Best garden solar light
Solar light outdoor
Check Solar light outdoor price below:
add_circle Decent coverage range between 5 to 10 meters
add_circle Long battery life
add_circle Weather resistant


These adorable garden solar powered lights come in various lighting colours. Being weather resistant as well as waterproof, it can withstand rainy, stormy and even windy days! 

Powered by solar light power, you can switch between 3 modes: On or Off, Dim mode (light goes on when it detects movements) and Steady mode (always on even if there is no one around). Speaking of which, a fully charged battery can provide up to 10 hours of illumination at night.


  • Material: ABS 
  • Size: 8.5 x 8.5 x 38 cm 
  • Battery life: Up to 10 hours 
  • Charging time: Up to 8 hours 

Who is this for?

This garden solar light is suitable for anyone looking for small, decorative sized solar lights for their garden or garden pathways. It also comes with multiple different colours.

Best outdoor wall light
Home & Living Solar Wall Light
Check Home & Living Solar Wall Light price below:
add_circle IP65 waterproof material
add_circle Transparent lighting


This solar wall light is not only suitable for outdoor walls, but fences as well. Made with IP65 waterproof material, this solar light is resistant to both rain and harsh weather. 

It also comes with an integrated PC lampshade that is specifically designed to make the lamp super transparent in order to emit brighter light, giving a nice touch to your outdoor, backyard, and garden as well! 

We have to say that charging is not always accurate, so do place it in a properly exposed area to ensure that it gets charged sufficiently. 


  • Material: ABS, PC plastic 
  • Charging time: Up to 6 hours 
  • Battery life: Up to 10 hours 

Who is this for?

This solar wall light is suitable for anyone looking to get a solar light for their wall or fences. It also comes in various designs and colours to choose from. 

Best spotlight solar for fence
MEM Solar Spotlight Outdoor
Check MEM Solar Spotlight Outdoor price below:
add_circle Even distributed light beads for strong light
add_circle Large battery capacity
add_circle Large panel absorption


Looking for a sturdy spotlight for your house? Consider getting this solar spotlight from MEM! With a large sunlight absorption solar panel, it can absorb a significantly more amount of sunlight compared to other solar lights panels. 

As it is integrated with smart lightning features, the light will automatically turn on at night and turn off in the morning. Moreover, this strong LED light is also made with high brightness LED lamp beads that evenly distributes the light source. 


  • Material: ABS 
  • Battery size: 80000 mAh 
  • Battery life: Up to 16 hours 

Who is this for?

This spotlight is great for anyone looking for a strong, automatic spotlight for their driveways, house entrance and yards. 

Best led solar lights outdoor
LED Fairy Lights Solar Light
Check LED Fairy Lights Solar Light price below:
add_circle 8 different lighting modes
add_circle Weather resistant
add_circle Water resistant


Looking for a more unique solar powered light be it for an event or playground? Consider getting these solar powered fairy lights! These solar powered fairy lights have low heat emission led bulbs that will not overheat. 

To ensure extended use, it has a low voltage for an equally low power consumption. Moreover, these LED fairy lights are waterproof and can withstand all types of weather. For your amusement, the light also comes with 8 different types of lighting modes, ranging from fireflies flashing, slow fades, twinkling mode and more! 


  • Material: ABS 
  • Size: 22 metres, 12 metres

Who is this for?

Not so much of a main light source; this LED solar fairy light is best suited for people looking to decorate their backyard or front lawn. You won’t be missing out much since it’s such a cheap product anyway.

Best solar staircase light
Small Solar LED Light
Check Small Solar LED Light price below:
add_circle Waterproof design
add_circle Intelligent light mode


Especially for those who want outdoor lighting solutions; these small sized LED solar powered lights come in a unique hanging design that is suitable to be placed on fences and staircases. 

Unlike most solar lights, these come in either warm or coloured lights. So have these on your steps and watch them light up gently as you climb up the stairs! With an intelligent light control mode, it will charge during the day time and automatically turn on at night. 


  • Material: ABS, PVC 
  • Size: 8 x 4.5 x 4 cm 
  • Weight: 42g 
  • Battery size: 600 mAh
  • Battery life: 8 hours 

Who is this for?

This small solar LED light is suitable for anyone looking to place lights on their stairs to ensure safety at night while walking. If you’re looking for small lights for your fences, this would be a great option as well.

Best waterproof solar light
Hyderson Solar Light Outdoor
Check Hyderson Solar Light Outdoor price below:
add_circle IP67 waterproof design
add_circle Long battery life
add_circle 120 degree rotatable solar panel


This solar light by Hyderson comes with monocrystalline solar panels that are highly efficient. Its 20% photoelectric conversion rate significantly reduces the charging time while increasing its usage duration. 

Featuring both low light mode that can last up to 12 hours and high-light mode that lasts up to 6 hours, this solar light will also automatically detect the changes in brightness throughout the night and adjust accordingly. With its focused spotlight with 120 degree adjustable panel, it can also emit focused light. 


  • Material: ABS
  • Battery life: Up to 12 hours 
  • Battery size: 1200 mAh 

Who is this for?

This solar light is suitable for anyone looking for lights to illuminate their backyard or grass lawns, as its placement holder is best suited for flat, soft grounds such as grass. 

Best solar landscape lights
Hyderson Solar Garden Light Outdoor
Check Hyderson Solar Garden Light Outdoor price below:
add_circle Waterproof design
add_circle RGB colour selection
add_circle Has auto light adjustment according to surrounding brightness


This solar light comes with 3 different decorative shades of lights, this solar light is equipped with 2 shadow lenses that add 2 beauty shades of different lights, so you’ll be able to switch between the light that you prefer! You will also be able to choose between the 4 different installation heights provided. The strong LED light can produce up to 2m of brightness, easily lighting up your pathway, driveway and your yard. 

Hyderson Solar Garden Light Outdoor Specifications: 

  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 35.5 x 17 x 12.7 cm
  • Battery life: > 12 hours 

Who is this for?

This solar garden light is great for anyone looking for a unique solar light for their walkways, garden or yards. The multi colours allows users to switch between the colours they prefer. 

Best solar light lantern for outdoors
Retro Solar Lantern Outdoor
Check Retro Solar Lantern Outdoor price below:
add_circle IP44 Waterproof design
add_circle Energy saving


These unique solar lights come in a lantern like design that is sure to spruce up your garden and outdoor space. With a built-in warm white light bulb, it adds a warm ambience. 

The top of the lantern is attached with a solar panel that absorbs sunlight before converting it into energy. With a IP44 waterproof technology, this lantern is waterproof and dust-proof, ensuing a high quality build that also ensures durability and can withstand harsh weathers. 


  • Material: Iron
  • Size: 20 x 21 cm 
  • Battery size: 600 mAh 
  • Battery life: Up to 6 hours 

Who is this for?

This retro lantern solar light is suitable for anyone looking for a unique solar light to spruce up their background, garden or yard design. 


- What Should I Look For When Buying Solar Lights?

When it comes to purchasing solar lights, there are several factors that you should consider before getting one! Some factors to look at would be the location of the light placement, energy consumption, battery life and the types of solar light are crucial. 


  • Consider where you will be placing your solar light. By right, you should always place your solar light panels on an exposed area where it can absorb the most sunlight during the daytime since this is the only way your solar lights will receive ‘energy’. 
  • As much as you’d like, avoid placing the panels under shaded area as you would not be able to absorb as much sunlight. 

Energy Consumption:

  • Consider the specifications of the solar lights before purchasing! Various types of solar lights come with different battery consumption. 
  • Therefore, go for the ones with lower battery consumption as that would mean it would drain less battery, providing you with longer usage time.

Battery Life:

  • You should also consider the battery life of the solar lights! If you purchase a solar light with low battery life, it would run out of battery during the night before it even gets a chance to recharge! 
  • A solar light with longer battery light may last up to 16 hours, lasting you throughout the night. 

Types of Solar Light:

  • There are various different types of solar light on the market: spotlights, street lights, fences lights and LED lights that are purely for decorations. 
  • If you are prioritising safety, consider getting a strong solar spotlight or street light that is able to light up the driveway or pathway clearly. 
  • However if you are only looking to decorate your garden or yard, a LED solar light would do you just fine/ They also tend to come in various different colours that you can switch between that gives your garden a new look!

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