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10 Best Torchlights in Malaysia 2024

A torch that shines bright is a torch that adds value to your wallet!

Whether you need it for your home, office, or car, owning a good-quality torchlight is necessary. Why is this so? In the event of a blackout, or being stranded in the dark, you’d need a torchlight that’s functioning well to assist you in such situations. How would your camping nights or hiking trips be fun if you forget to pack torchlights in your rug sack to light up your campsite or hiking trails? 

All that’s said and done, torchlights take hold of a necessary device to have. Therefore, we’ve listed some of the best torchlight brands up ahead that you may find suitable for your every need. 

Top 10 Torchlights in Malaysia

Best torchlight overall
Xiaomi Beebest Cree Torchlight
Check Xiaomi Beebest Cree price below:
add_circle Features 3 adjustable brightness levels and 2 function modes of Strobe and SOS
add_circle Comes with a USB type-C charging port that makes charging this torchlight convenient and practical, without the need to change batteries frequently

Why is this our top pick?    

With an XP-L Hi Series LED bulb, Xiaomi Beebest Cree torchlight can release a maximum output of up to 1000 lumens that covers a range of up to 365m. 

Not only that but it also operates on a 50,000-hour of service life. Fancy that! With the flexibility to switch between 5 lighting modes, this torchlight will be just what you need to shine light in dark settings.    


Built with a telescopic body, you can easily switch the lighting modes of this torchlight from between focus and floodlight whenever the situation demands it. Its focus mode comes with greater penetration whilst its floodlight mode comes with a larger illumination angle. On the other hand, its double lens structure offers a more precise zoom experience. 

Additionally, all it takes is the operation of its micro switch that’s placed on the tail of this torchlight and you’ll experience its many wonders. Moreover, the Xiaomi Beebest Mi Youpin Cree Torchlight offers 4 levels of brightness, flash, and SOS modes. These various lighting modes are all achievable through just the control of a single button. 


  • Comes with IPX6 waterproof qualities whereby this torchlight is resistant to high-pressure heavy sprays of water 
  • Features a unique SOS mode that enables you to transmit a distress signal in the event of an emergency
  • Its zoomable function offers the most suitable light to meet various needs of lighting 

Who is this for?       

Xiaomi Beebest Cree Torchlight is made of high-quality alloy. If you must know, this means that you’re about to get your hands on an incredibly durable and sturdy torchlight. 

Its surface coating prevents sweat corrosion and collision. Even its tail button is combined with a strong magnetic feature that makes this torchlight one that operates seamlessly. Those qualities would make this torchlight suitable for both extensive indoor and outdoor use.

Users have praised that this torchlight feels solid, sturdy, and comfortable in its grip. It’s also easy to toggle between its varying lighting modes. You can definitely expect a bright light emission, therefore making this one worth its price. 

Anker T1425 Bolder LC90 2-Cell Rechargeable Torchlight
Check Anker T1425 Bolder LC90 2-Cell Rechargeable price below:
add_circle The inclusion of 2 batteries in this torchlight offers a good 30-hour of illumination
add_circle Features various modes of beams, SOS, and Strobe that provide lighting for any situation
add_circle Flexible focus makes it easily adjustable to transition between floodlight and spotlight


With an illuminating 900 Lumen CREE LED, Anker’s Bolder LC90 2-Cell Rechargeable Torchlight offers a powerful light emission. Its extra-long, tactical handle offers you a comfortable grip while in use. Built with an adjustable combination of a zoomable bright light, a full range of light modes, and a scalloped bezel for striking, this torchlight will be just what you need to light up any setting. 

Moreover, Anker’s Bolder LC90-2 Cell Rechargeable torchlight offers 5 various settings that work great in low-light situations. These settings encompass a powerful high-beam, balanced medium-beam, energy-saving and less dazzling low-beam, high-visibility strobe, and emergency SOS. 

With just a single push of its button enables you to switch between 2 operation modes. One of them is to operate the functionality of this torchlight, while the other is to work through its various lighting modes. 


  • Comes with 2 forms of charging modes: battery or USB
  • Has an extended lifespan, of tentatively 5.75 years due to its LED feature
  • IPX5 enables it to survive any weather conditions

Who is this for?     

The Anker T1425 Bolder LC90 2-Cell Rechargeable Torchlight makes it a great companion to carry along for your next camping or hiking trip. Work around its Zoom Adjustment Slider which offers an easy scaling between broad light, sweeping illumination, and focused spotlight. 

Don’t forget that this torchlight is made of a high-performance Cree LED XM-L2 chip that delivers 50,000 hours of intense brightness. Besides that, its 900 Lumen LED prevents over and undercharging, whilst preserving its battery’s lifespan.

Decathlon Hiking : Camping Compact LED Wide Beam
Check Decathlon Hiking / Camping Compact LED Wide Beam price below:
add_circle Sustains for up to 50 hours of battery life despite its single-battery operation
add_circle Emits a 15m wide beam which is suitable for night-walking and camping purposes
add_circle Can be easily fastened on anything thanks to its accompanying elastic strap


Torchlights that operate on LED, offer as much light without emanating heat nor does it drain the battery of the light bulb. On top of that, its other benefits include its energy-saving qualities that use less power to generate more light. 

Powered by a single LR6-AA battery, Decathlon’s Compact LED Wide Beam torchlight can last up to 50 hours before its next recharge. Its extremely small size makes it portable and convenient to pack anywhere. 

More than that, it also comes with an elastic strap so you can easily attach this torchlight to your backpack, handbag, or anywhere else you deem convenient. Its easily accessible On/Off button also enables 1 lighting mode feature. 

Plus, its ONBRIGHT 50’s wide beam compasses the light evenly around you enabling you to have a visible view of your surroundings.


  • Its IPX4 water resistance makes this torchlight resistant to water splashes from any direction
  • Its 1 lighting mode emanates 10 lumens 
  • Operates on a single LR6-AA battery

Who is this for?      

This mini-LED torchlight was designed by mountain hiking enthusiasts for camping purposes to make it visibly easier to move about at night and shine light in the surrounding space. 

Designed with ABS material for its head and body, and a polycarbonate lens, the Decathlon Hiking / Camping Compact LED Wide Beam Torchlight emits light that will slowly fade overtime when battery is deteriorating, alerting you when it’s due for its next recharge. 

Users praised that this torchlight’s compact size makes it practical to carry anywhere. Despite its small size, it certainly emanates a striking light. 

Best mini/portable torchlight
KLARUS AA Battery 14500 Tactical EDC
Check Klarus AA Battery 14500 Tactical EDC price below:
add_circle Releases up to 1000 lumens, which exceeds the common industry threshold
add_circle Can be used as a reliable security tool as well thanks to its one-touch strobe feature that instantly disorients your perpetrator when you’re caught in a dangerous situation


This miniature torchlight is powered on one single 14,500 battery or AA battery that delivers 1000 lumens and can last for up to 37 hours. Made with a 6061-T6 aluminium alloy material, the KLARUS AA Battery 14500 Tactical EDC torchlight is just 4.24 inches in length and less than 1 inch in diameter.  

Adding more to that, this torchlight comes with dual-programmable settings. One of them is its Tactical Setting which features a one-touch strobe, one-touch turbo, and momentary-on functions. Meanwhile its Outdoor Setting features a momentary-on, one-touch turbo, one-touch low, and SOS functions. 

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of this torchlight is that it also functions as a self-defence mechanism. Its one-touch strobe instantly blinds your perpetrator, buying you time to make a run out of the threatening situation you’re caught in.  


  • Comes with a 14,500 battery that’s rechargeable with a micro-USB charging port 
  • Its IPX8 makes it resistant to water when submersed in 2m deep and harsh weather conditions 
  • Releases light beams that cover a distance of 182 meters 

Who is this for?     

If you’re going to constantly be outdoors, be it for work or excursions, the KLARUS AA Battery 14500 Tactical EDC Torchlight is a greta pick for you. 

Built with a Thermal Protection System (TPS), it balances the temperature of the torchlight while in use. Said feature also monitors the internal temperature and adjusts output for extreme brightness. At the same time, this helps to protect the LED and internal components to ensure that this torchlight is safe to be used at all times. 

Furthermore, its Lockout function that’s placed on its tail switch helps to prevent this torchlight from activating by itself. This helps to also conserve its battery life.  

Best waterproof torchlight
Hyderson Waterproof LED
Check Hyderson Waterproof LED price below:
add_circle Portable and practical making it easy to carry and pack
add_circle Its front light emits 350 lumens as its highest and 120 lumens as its lowest
add_circle Has side lantern that emits a 360° full brightness and a 180° half brightness
add_circle Features a red light to guide your vision in the dark whilst its strobe red light serves as an emergency light in a crisis


If you’re out hiking on a beautiful day or camping on a peaceful night; it’s hard to predict how the fine weather can instantly turn into a heavy downpour in the next moment. Moving about in these harsh weather conditions can be tricky. Therefore, it’s useful to invest in a waterproof torchlight to help you see better on a rainy day. 

The Hyderson Waterproof LED Torchlight is designed with multi-functional features. This torchligh works both ways as a searchlight with a folding handle or a camping lantern with a side light. 

Its front light is able to emit extremely bright, cool white beams spanning a long range thanks to its powerful LED beads. To choose among its 6 lighting modes, simply press on its switch to toggle between these modes to select the one you desire. 


  • IPX4 waterproof, whereby the torchlight is resistant to water splashes from any direction
  • Operates on a 3600 mAh power
  • Consists of 6 lighting modes 
  • Can be recharged with a USB charging outlet 

Who is this for?   

On the look out for a waterproof torchligh? Comprising a built-in 3600 mAh battery together with a USB charging cable, the Hyderson Waterproof LED Torchlight can last for several hours in wet conditions. Not only that, but it also functions as an emergency power output where you can temporarily charge your phone! 

Portable and convenient as it comes with 2 handles; a side handle to enable you to comfortably grip the torchlight and a top handle where you can conveniently attach it vertically on a clasp.

GP DISCOVERY Rechargeable Multi-Purpose Headlamp
Check GP DISCOVERY Rechargeable Multi-Purpose Headlamp price below:
add_circle Its single-switch operation enables you to switch between multiple light modes; such as turbo, high, medium, low, or strobe
add_circle Comes with a pocket clip and magnetic tail cap so you can securely attach it to any surface areas
add_circle Its accompanying Li-ion 18650 battery can be recharged within 4 hours before it’s ready to be used again
add_circle Designed with a slip-resistant knurling on the housing that offers a secure and comfortable grip, in wet situations


Torchlights for head or simply put, headlamps, are a convenient and safe light for professions who need to keep their heads busy in dark conditions. With that, the GP DISCOVERY Rechargeable Multi-Purpose Headlamp is more than you would bargain for. 

Its highly elastic head strap enables you to adjust it flexibly and seamlessly so it fits securely around your head. If you’re worried about the headlamp loosening its grip, then its additional top straps would allow you to better secure it to your head. 

Sure, it functions as a headlamp attached to its head strap, but it can be easily detached from its strap to operate as a hand-held torchlight as well! To function as a hands-free torchlight, you can simply attach this torchlight to a pocket, bag, or metal surface as it comes with a pocket clip and magnetic tail cap. 


  • Functions as a multi-purpose detachable torchlight 
  • Comprises of 5 light modes 
  • Durable and sturdy as it’s made from Robust Housing that endures harsh weather conditions 

Who is this for?   

Made with robust housing, the GP DISCOVERY Rechargeable Multi-Purpose Headlamp is made from aircraft-grade anodised aluminium which ensures extended durability for outdoors.  When its light starts to get dimmer, you can easily recharge it with a micro-USB. You’ll be alerted as to when its battery is running out thanks to its power indicator light. 

Emitting light at 600 lumens, this headlamp also offers an IPX4 water-resistant rating that’s resistant to severe weather conditions.  This versatile piece of headlamp that also functions as a hands-free torchlight offers a powerful, long-range brightness that you sure won’t want to miss out on! 

Best colour torchlight
Nextool 12 In 1 LED Magnet
Check Nextool 12 In 1 LED Magnet price below:
add_circle Its built-in large-capacity lithium battery can be used as a power bank to charge your mobile phone as well
add_circle Supports telescopic focusing, by adjusting its light distance
add_circle Emits 360° electrodeless side light to give a wider coverage of light
add_circle Comes equipped with a portable mini speaker that plays music in response to its light


Fancy coming across a multicoloured torchlight? The Nextool 12 In 1 LED Magnet torchlight illuminates 4 varying colours of white, red, green, and blue. You’d also be amazed to find that this torchlight comes with an entry mini speaker that plays music via its Bluetooth connection. More than that, this torchlight also comes with a music pulse lamp feature that enables the light to pulse to the beat of the music. 

In times of crisis, simply press the button of Nextool 12 In 1 LED Magnet Torchlight for about 2.5 seconds to trigger its buzzer flash mode. When in this mode, the torchlight releases a loud sound to call for help while its high-frequency glare creates a blinding light to ward off perpetrators. 

Plus, its has a green light to aid with night vision. With the use of such light prevents the fear among some animals that you may encounter if you’re out hiking in the jungle or mountains, unlike the use of white light. Also, it helps you look out for these animals better in the night. 


  • Emits 900 lumens of bright white light, and can also emit red, blue, and green lights
  • Comes with a Bluetooth speaker  
  • Offers green light that is both useful for night vision as well as to better observe animals at night 

Who is this for?     

Out camping often? Get a multitool like the Nextool 12 In 1 LED Magnet torchlight which comes with a built-in entry-level mini speaker. This means that its side lights move in response to the rhythm of music. Its IPX4 water-resistance quality is resistant to water splashes from any angle as well.

Moreover, Nextool 12 In 1 LED Magnet Torchlight’s handle is made with a strong magnet that easily attaches to any metal surface without slipping. Not only that but its 360° rotatable handle design can be easily adjusted so you can easily choose a better lighting angle for your needs.

Best torchlight keychain
Mini Keychain Torchlight
Check Mini Keychain Torchlight price below:
add_circle Designed with a circuit insulation protection that gives waterproof protection to this keychain torchlight
add_circle Comes with a hook-lock design to make it convenient and easy for you to clip this keychain torchlight on your back, coat, belt, etc
add_circle Emits COB (chip on board) and LED high brightness with 6 adjustable modes
add_circle Waterproof with an IPX4 that is resistant to water splashes from any angle, making it durable to withstand harsh weather conditions


Do not be deceived by this small-sized keychain torchlight. Its multifunctional use would exceed your expectations from such a small device. If you wish to have focused lighting, then that’s where its spotlight function comes in. Caught in the rain and are searching for something? This torchlight keychain’s floodlight function would be a great help in such weather as well. 

Even more so, you can choose to hook this torchlight keychain on your bag, or belt loop. You can also attach it to any magnetic surface for a hands-free user experience. When doing so, simply adjust its attached bracket so you can fix its angle to shine its light accordingly.   


  • Its hook-lock buckle design provides a seamless fastening to your bag or belt loop
  • Comprise of a strong magnetic surface on its back so it can be attached to any magnetic surface 
  • Easily rechargeable via any USB charging ports 
  • Multiple modes of light through the click of its button

Who is this for?     

If all you want is a casual torchlight for emergencies, but on-the-go, this 6.1-inch long torchlight keychain is as handy as it can get. Its multiple light modes enable you to adjust it easily to get the type of light you want. For instance, just press on its button to switch its lighting from night lighting to LED. However, to switch to LED lighting, you’d need to double-click on its button. 

More than that, charging this keychain torchlight is straightforward as well. Just connect it to any USB-charging port to charge this small device. Its indicator lights up to a red while in charging mode, and when it’s done charging, it lights up to a green instead. 

Best searchlight torch/torchlight for hunting
Swiss Thomas LED Super Bright
Check Swiss Thomas LED Super Bright price below:
add_circle Rechargeable with a USB cable and this can be done through a mobile power supply, computer, car charger, and a wall charger
add_circle The power display function is located on its side so you can visibly observe its power usage
add_circle Features 4 lighting modes; high, medium, low, and strobe to meet the needs of varying situations


With 10,000 lumens of bright light that covers a range exceeding 500m, this searchlight is what you need for your next hunting escapades. It comes with a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a USB charging port. Qualifying with an IPX6 rating, this searchlight can withstand water splashes in all directions, making it suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors. Its intensely bright light can cover a long distance making it suitable to be used as a searchlight.     

To boot, Swiss Thomas LED Super Bright Torchlight uses P90 LED high-intensity light bulbs to emanate 10,000 lumens of brightness. With that much brightness, you can even use this searchlight in broad daylight. 


  • Multifunctional searchlight that emits 10,000 lumens bright light 
  • Equipped with a tripod so it can be easily installed for a hands-free experience when out camping, hunting, fishing, etc

Who is this for?     

For a searchlight to be categorised as one, it needs to be designed with a reflector that projects an extreme beam of light to focus on distant objects. 

This rechargeable Swiss Thomas LED Super Bright Torchlight uses durable LED chips that emit 10,000 lumens of brightness. This is the maximum beam distance that can reach 1000m. Technically speaking, it can brighten half of a football field.  

Besides that, it also comes equipped with an adjustable hands-free tripod which comes in handy for any outdoor activities. 

Best bicycle torchlight
Rockbros Bicycle Light
Check Rockbros Bicycle Light price below:
add_circle IPX6 is waterproof and resistant to high-pressure and heavy sprays of water
add_circle Emits 1000 lumens that can easily be adjusted such as its highest light emits 1000 lumens whilst its lowest light emits 200 lumens when battery life is at a minimum
add_circle Can be easily installed/hoisted on your bike handle or the hub of your bike wheel


With 5 modes of lighting to choose from, Rockbros Bicycle Light makes it convenient for lighting to be installed on your bicycle for your daily use. In fact, its floodlights featured on both sides also brightens the road/path ahead of you to minimise blind spots.

You can even choose to change its lighting mode to ‘always-on’. This makes it practical especially when you’re attaching it to your bicycle for your rides. When riding in the dark, you can double-click on its button to emit a flashing light to signal other drivers and passers-by of your passing through. 

At its normal functioning state when battery is more than 50%, its indicator light will turn green whereas it will slowly flash when below 50%. If the battery goes down to less than 30% then the indicator light will flash to red on a slow speed and into a faster speed when the battery level is below 15%. These indicators help alert you as to when it needs its next recharge.


  • Designed with a large wide-angle to improve lighting range, thus providing a safer riding 
  • Can be used as a torchlight for outdoor activities as well 
  • Made of aluminium alloy shell material, that makes it more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant 

Who is this for?     

If you cycle often, you may want to consider getting this bicycle torchlight that provides safety for your whole ride, especially in the dark. Rockbros Bicycle Light comes with an aluminium alloy bracket, 6mm spacer, type-C charging cable, 2/3mm hexagon wrench, and a pendant base to make the installation of this torchlight to your bicycle a seamless one. 

More than that, this bicycle torchlight’s installation method can be changed easily by replacing its upper and lower grooves. It can also be mounted on a computer extension with the accompanying ceiling mount. Its 90° wide-angle lighting helps improve the visibility for night riding.


- Do more lumens mean brighter?      

The answer to this is, yes. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light, and vice versa. Lumens measure how much light is emitted from the bulb. With the number of lumens in mind, this helps you determine your purchasing decision towards buying a torchlight that will guarantee you maximum brightness. 

Still, despite that more lumens mean more visible light, this can also cause more usage of power which in other words, shortens the lifespan of its batteries. 

- How Do I Choose A Torchlight?    

Before landing your hands on a torchlight, it’s best to consider these important aspects first:

  1. A torchlight's brightness is measured in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light emanating from the torchlight. Therefore, depending on what you need it for, choose the torchlight with its respective lumens for your varying needs. 
  2. It’ll be great to choose torchlights that come with multiple lighting modes so you can choose the setting that would fit your needs. These days, most torchlights come with varying lighting modes so you’re definitely covered in that area. 
  3. You’d want to ensure that the particular torchlight runs for a long time while it’s in use. Its run time depends on its brightness and battery capacity. More compact ones may run less than 2 hours while the bigger-sized ones can last for several hours.
  4. Some torchlights are made of either plastic or aluminium. While the ones made of plastic material have better chemical resistance, its aluminium material on the other hand dissipates the bulb’s heat better, extending its lifespan. 
  5. Most torchlights too come with IP ratings that are tested for water and dust resistance. Choose the one that can be resistant to water during harsh weather conditions 
  6. Another thing to take note of is the accompanying torchlight accessories. Some of them come with clips, magnetic strips, or freestanding bases so it gives you a hands-free option as well. 

Whatever your needs are, choose a long-lasting torchlight that will satisfy your needs so it serves its purpose well in the long run. 

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