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8 Nutritious and Delicious Dog Food Your Furkid Will Love

Eating clean has slowly become more and more important to us, with a number of people beginning to realize how processed food can adversely affect our health. Many of us have started insisting that the people we love try and eat better – parents, friends, and partners. But what about our pets? With many popular dog food brands like Alpo and Pedigree facing recalls in recent years, we’ve come up with a list of dog food brands that are healthy, won’t break the bank, and will help you combat common health issues that your four-legged best friend might face.

Food for Sensitive Skin
1. Zignature Grain-Free Lamb Formula
Best grain-free food for sensitive skin
Updated on 11th August 2020

Sensitive skin is an issue for many dog breeds. Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians, and bulldogs are extra-prone to developing rashes, and many common dog food brands might contribute to this, with preservatives and cheap ingredients. Most common dog food brands contain large amounts of cheap fillers. When ingested in this manner, these ingredients can contribute to skin issues. Zignature, which comes in a variety of flavours and types, seems to have cracked the code behind this. By cutting down on unnecessary, allergen-causing ingredients, they’ve narrowed it down to the bare essentials, to ensure that your furry friend gets the nutrients they need, while remaining rash-free.

Food for Upset Stomach
2. Merrick Grain-Free Limited Ingredient
Best for sensitive stomach with no fillers
Updated on 11th August 2020

As your furkid gets older, you might notice little accidents in the house becoming more and more frequent. They’re unsightly, hard to clean up and leave an awful smell in their wake. Most of the time, this can be solved with a simple switch to a better diet. Merrick Grain-Free Limited Ingredient products cut out cheap, unhealthy fillers often found in other dog food brands, and are made with your dog’s health in mind. Many reviews describe how switching to Merrick Grain-Free dog food not only eased sensitive stomachs but also generally improved the dogs’ health. Now, let’s hope that they come up with a food like that for humans!

Food for Obesity Issues
3. Orijen Six-Fish Dog Food
Best natural food for weight loss
Updated on 11th August 2020

Obesity in dogs can lead to a number of other health problems – hip dysplasia, diabetes, and tumours being some of them. You can combat this by feeding your dog smaller meals, but that might just lead to begging, and honestly, who can resist those adorable puppydog eyes? An alternative is to change their diet. Vets generally recommend protein-based dog food for overweight dogs, since it fills them up, and prevents them from feeling hungry and begging for a bite of your cheat day double cheeseburger. Orijen’s Six-Fish dog food has you covered. Fish is generally high in protein, and this will ensure that your chubby fuzz ball eats less, but gets the nutrients it needs, and feels full! The extra weight will fall off in no time.

Food for Underweight Dogs
4. Taste of the Wild Dry Food
Best holistic food for weight gain
Updated on 11th August 2020

With the #adoptdontshop campaigns gaining popularity in Malaysia, as well as the amazing effort by the SPCA, MIAR, and MDDB to get strays off the streets and into loving homes, it’s very likely that at some point, some of us will have come across severely underweight dogs. Since overfeeding can lead to eventual health problems and behavioural issues, this is not an option. Underweight dogs should be fed regularly, with nutrient-rich food that contains healthy fats. Our pick for this is Taste of the Wild. With its high calorific content, and use of tasty, healthy ingredients, your new family member will be gaining those necessary pounds in no time – and enjoy doing it.

5. Hill’s Prescription Diet
Best high-protein wet food for dental issues
Updated on 12th August 2020

While a good diet should never be a replacement for maintaining your dog’s oral hygiene, keeping things clean and healthy isn’t the easiest of tasks. In fact, with the rise of adopting older dogs, many furry adoptees come into new homes with previously-diagnosed dental issues. We understand that kibbles might not be a viable option for these little guys, so we’ve looked into the best tinned food for them. Hill’s Prescription Diet is a wet food that not only assists with and promotes healing – which is helpful if your canine buddy has a temporary oral injury – but is also extremely soft and digestible, meaning that they won’t strain themselves, or further injure their mouths trying to chew harder textures!

Food for Arthritis
6. Royal Canin Adult Senior
Best for arthritis which is high in fiber
Updated on 11th August 2020

Another sign of aging, arthritis can slow down your once-nimble and excitable pooch. Stiff limbs impede movement, taking away the joys of longer walks. Your little buddy might be slower when greeting you after work or chasing after their favourite rubber ball. To combat arthritis and its side-effects, vets often recommend fatty acids and antioxidants, but finding dog-friendly supplements can be difficult and expensive. Here’s where we’ve done our research. We’ve found out that Royal Canin’s Adult Senior line provides this. Not only does this food supply your dog with ingredients that help with stiff joints and hip dysplasia, but it also contains a high level of fiber to aid canine digestive systems.

Best for allergies, and ear and yeast infections
Canine Caviar
7. Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient
Best for allergies, and ear and yeast infections
Updated on 13th July 2020

Studies have shown that many dog food allergies stem from common ingredients – grains, common meats, and fillers. This can make things difficult for your furry friend, causing dry skin, bald spots, ear infections, vomiting, and general discomfort. Canine Caviar uses a limited-ingredient recipe, and substitutes common ingredients with duck and chickpeas. Say goodbye to discomfort and symptoms caused by food allergy, because now, your dog will not only get a delicious, nutritious meal, but won’t spend the rest of the evening scratching itself in awkward places.

Hill's Science
8. Hill's Science Plan Mature Adult
Best for kidney and liver disease
Updated on 12th August 2020

Hearing that your dog has been diagnosed with kidney or liver issues can be difficult. This puts a strain on you, as their owner, and changes what your dog can eat and what their body can process. Still, you shouldn't worry; if treated early, dogs with kidney and liver problems can go on to live long and happy lives! Hill's Science Plan Mature Adult diet cuts down on those processed ingredients, making easily-digestible food for your canine buddy. With proper care, you should see signs of improvement in no time!

Switching your dog’s diet shouldn’t be a replacement for consultations with your vet – health issues should be tended to by a professional. However, these dietary changes will definitely help your fuzzy friend cope with their health hiccups, and bring the light back into those eyes!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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