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13 Best Fashion Baju Raya in Malaysia 2024 - Top Reviews

Make your neighbours’ front yard your runway this year.

As we thread our way through Ramadan, the spirit of celebrating Syawal is slowly approaching. Hari Raya would feel incomplete without the beautiful ladies donning the Malay traditional clothing–be it baju kurung, kebaya, kebarung or jubah.

We know just how hard it is to pick a colour, whether it should be a kebaya or a kurung, followed by the patterns and even the clothing material! Let’s not talk about where to buy it. There are many platforms for you to find your baju raya, but have you found the one for you?

So we gathered a bunch of baju raya that can make you look stunning during Syawal. Ranging from different shops, colours, styles and sizes, they are all available online and will be delivered to your doorstep. Just… pick one (or two).

HABRA HAUTE Baju Kurung Sulam Scallop DAHLIA
Check HABRA HAUTE Baju Kurung Sulam Scallop DAHLIA price below:

Patterned top and plain bottom can never go wrong. With a batik pattern and scallop embroidery, this Kurung Dahlia makes the wearer look elegant and confident. The top is a Kurung Kedah with an A-cut while the bottom is non-slit with back pleats for a graceful look.

This Kurung design is available in a few colours to choose from.

  • Material: Premium cotton
  • Fit type: Straight cut, not tight and breathable material
  • Colours: Sage green, mustard, navy blue, pink, red, purple
  • Sizes available: XS - 2XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, special dinners, wedding
JANNAHNOE - Cempaaqa Kurung
Check JANNAHNOE - Cempaaqa Kurung price below:

Simple design lovers, this is the perfect Raya fit for you. With a peplum top and embroidered bottom, you can pair this baju kurung with a white or cream hijab to complement your look since the colours are rather soft and pastel-like.

If you like some patterns and colours on you, then maybe you can consider a floral shawl in earth tones.

  • Material: Twill, embroidered cotton, border lace
  • Fit type: V-neck, fit to the body, pencil skirt
  • Colours: Teal green, beige, butter
  • Sizes available: XS - 2XL
  • Suitable for: Any occasion including Raya and wedding
Check Zalia Flounce Kurung Panjang Set price below:

Designed for you to look graceful and elegant on Hari Raya, this outfit from Zalia has a flounce top with lace details and a solid straight-cut skirt. To spice up your fit, you can pair it with some boldly patterned hijabs and accessories.

Some outfits are wearable during Syawal only but this one is versatile. You can wear it to a function or a wedding and still not look out of place.

  • Material: Polyester, lace
  • Fit type: Round-neck, regular fit, high-rise bottom
  • Colours: Midnight Blue, Pale Pink, Pistachio Green
  • Sizes available: XS - XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, corporate dinners, engagement
INHANNA Lufyaa Embroidered Kurung Riau
Check INHANNA Lufyaa Embroidered Kurung Riau price below:

“Old is new” is the concept that INHANNA is going for this year–it brings back older trends and collections with improved material and cutting. Made to emphasise both modesty and elegance, this Kurung Riau has an overall embroidered pattern.

For those looking for a Raya outfit that can work as daily wear baju kurung, this one should be your pick. It has a pinch of elegance, modesty and a traditional feel–all in one.

  • Material: Polyester, cotton
  • Fit type: Teluk Belanga neckline, regular fit, front overlap pencil skirt
  • Colours: Black, Dusty Blue, Lime Green, Butter Yellow, Rose Pink
  • Sizes available: XS - 4XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily office wear
ZOE ARISSA Kafeeya Kurung Sulam Lace
Check ZOE ARISSA Kafeeya Kurung Sulam Lace price below:

Embroidered with beautiful floral motifs, this Kafeeya kurung can pass as a mix-and-match top and bottom for a daily look. It is a relaxed fit that you can comfortably wear as it is ironless and not sticky to the body despite its material being satin silk.

For a pristine and clean look, the pastel collection can be paired with a white shawl or a low messy bun with pearl earrings to compliment your final look.

  • Material: Cotton and premium satin silk
  • Fit type: Round-neck, relaxed fit, ironless, breathable
  • Colours: Blue, White, Lilac
  • Sizes available: L - XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily wear, engagement, wedding
Naelofar Suri Overlap Lace Abaya
Check Naelofar Suri Overlap Lace Abaya price below:

If you prefer a flowy and gorgeous look, this abaya from naelofar is exactly what you need. Its silky satin material gives off a rich feeling and the lace sleeves and hem make you pop out well.

While the layer on top adds texture to the abaya, it also works as a nursing-friendly slit for mothers. Being a mother does not mean you have to miss out on looking amazing–pair this abaya with a cute pair of heels to emphasise the laced hem.

  • Material: Chiffon and silky satin
  • Fit type: Relaxed, flowy, lightweight, breathable
  • Colours: White, Rosewater, Light Grey, Smokey Blue
  • Sizes available: XXS - XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily wear, engagement, wedding
Dian Signature Ewan Sapora Embroidery Tulle Pareo
Check Dian Signature Ewan Sapora Embroidery Tulle Pareo price below:

For plus-size queens like this author, here is an eye-catching outfit for your Raya. Made with satin from top to bottom, the upper part of this outfit is layered with floral embroidery on tulle, giving a fresh yet traditional look to the wearer.

The pareo bottom is flowy, stunning the viewers with its drape. No worries, you wouldn’t have to worry about tying up your bottom, since the pareo is made for instant wear with its full rubber waistband.

  • Material: Satin, tulle
  • Fit type: Round-neck, pareo design, flowy, breathable
  • Colours: Black, Maroon, Mint Green, Yam Purple, Champagne
  • Sizes available: XL - 6XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, special occasions, traditional look
Hanna Rauda Kebaya Songket
Check Hanna Rauda Kebaya Songket price below:

Nothing beats our traditional Kebaya or the rich Songket design of ours. Now, what if we combine both of them in one outfit? This Kebaya Songket from Hanna Rauda took a different approach to Kebaya by alternating the skirt with a Songket instead of a Batik. This style is rather underrated, so you might want to be the trendsetter.

  • Material: High-quality Germany Cotton, Songket Tenun
  • Fit type: Square-neck, back pleated skirt, fit cutting
  • Colours: Black Gold, Maroon Silver, Maroon Gold, Emerald, Black Bronze, Grey, Dark Blue
  • Sizes available: XS - 3XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, traditional look, engagement
Lubna - Short Kebaya With Printed Skirt Set
Check Lubna - Short Kebaya With Printed Skirt Set price below:

If looking youthful is one of your goals this Syawal, this short Kebaya from Lubna will do the job. Its simple top and bright-designed bottom will make you appear more vibrant and years younger–even the colours are made to look dazzling.

While Raya is one of the occasions you can wear this, we think it will also suit formal events with a traditional theme to level up your game especially if paired with a bold make-up look!

  • Material: Polyester
  • Fit type: Regular fit, V-neck, breathable
  • Colours: Lilac Pink, Sky Blue, Green Multi, Peach
  • Sizes available: XS - XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, traditional look, formal events
POPLOOK Zakiya Blouse & Skirt
Check POPLOOK Zakiya Blouse & Skirt price below:

Floral and leaf patterns have always been closely incorporated into baju kurung since forever and the truth is… they never get old. The Zakiya line from POPLOOK presents multiple designs with the motifs of leaves and flowers, making your outfit as simple as it can be yet captivating to the eyes.

The simple design gives you the chance to play around with your accessories, headscarves and shoes–you can be a little fancy with your hijab style or heels and sandals to make your legs look slimmer and taller.

  • Material: Non-stretch chiffon, polyester
  • Fit type: Regular fit, high-neck blouse, breathable
  • Designs: Aquafoam Leaves, Blue Fog Abstract, Periwinkle Garden
  • Sizes available: XS - 3XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily wear, wedding
Baju kurung with lace details
Anies Iman MAHSURI Kurung Moden
Check Anies Iman MAHSURI Kurung Moden price below:

Specially tailored for those who enjoy luxurious-looking baju kurung, where this Kurung Moden has a fit cutting and a laced detail on top. With the Kembang Payung cutting for the skirt, this Mahsuri Kurung Moden complements the wearer’s body line.

If you are planning to have an exquisite look this Hari Raya, you should opt for minimalistic designs with a touch of extravagance like this one!

  • Material: Premium dull satin, lace
  • Fit type: Modern cutting, round-neck, flowy
  • Colours: Black, navy blue, maroon, iceberg, beige, silver
  • Sizes available: XS - XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, formal events and dinners
Lubna - Cotton Kebaya with Satin Skirt Set
Check Lubna - Cotton Kebaya with Satin Skirt Set price below:

For the cottage core girls, this might be your best choice to date yet. The pastel colour combinations will soften eyes that land on you, and the puff sleeves add texture to your look since the cutting is straight.

Paired with a satin skirt as a set, the top can actually be worn as daily wear if you’d like to. You can do your hair as freely as you want (pst, maybe a half-up-do or a simple headband?) or a simple plain hijab in soft colours can do so much to this look!

  • Material: Cotton, polyester, lace
  • Fit type: Regular fit, medium top, mid-rise, relaxed, breathable
  • Colours: Blue Yellow, Pink Salmon, Green
  • Sizes available: XS - XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily wear, date and dinners
Baju raya for pregnant ladies
JeMels Nuraya Kebarung Lace
Check JeMels Nuraya Kebarung Lace price below:

If you are torn between kebaya and baju kurung, we present to you: Kebarung–shaped like a kebaya but long-sized like a baju kurung. This Nuraya Kebarung has a floral motif and lace at the sleeve hems, which complements the modest look of the Kebarung. Its shape also makes it suitable for pregnant mothers since it is very flowy and loose.

Like the model in the picture, since the Kebarung is already laced and full of patterns, a plain hijab–a bright one in this case since the line is rather pastel-coloured–can make your complexion glow. Sprinkle in some sparkly accessories, and voila, you will be astonishingly beautiful.

  • Material: Premium French Crepe, embroidery sequin lace
  • Fit type: Loose-fitting, flowy, V-neck
  • Colours: Mint Green, Yellow, Romance Pink, Baby Blue
  • Sizes available: XS - 2XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, formal functions, wedding

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