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12 Beautiful Baju Raya 2021 Picks for Women this Hari Raya

Welcoming this season with the latest astonishing baju raya collection!

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As the celebration of Hari Raya inches closer, the collection of Muslimah fashion grows bigger on various online shopping platforms such as Zalora, Shopee & Lazada. And to our delight, the traditional approach to ‘Baju Raya’ (New year clothing) has evolved with such modernity in the core of every piece as women today dress accordingly to the latest fashion trend. 

For more ideas, we list a great number of choices here to cater to your taste and style to help you make the right choice in selecting the perfect Baju Raya this 2021.

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KM Muslimah Fully Printed Baju Kurung Set
1. KM Muslimah Fully Printed Baju Kurung Set
Traditional Baju Kurung
Updated on 15th March 2021

So, you are in a ‘raya rush’ for your baju raya and you need to look head-to-toe good. Well, for starters, you can try looking at traditional baju kurung as you can never go wrong in customary designs. Introducing KM’s Muslimah Fully Printed Baju Kurung Set. This baju kurung is made out of crepe blend material. The set has an assortment of varying floral designs, thus not making the style look any lacklustre.

Gene Martino Mazika Kurung Traditional Set Sedondon
2. Gene Martino Mazika Kurung Traditional Set Sedondon
Traditional Baju Kurung
Updated on 15th March 2021

Gene Martino has a wide collection of beautiful baju raya designs. Apart from its range in modern designs, they also cater to traditional sets as well. 

Their Mazika Kurung Traditional Set Sedondon carries a traditional flair and would look great for any occasions, besides the festive season. Both the top and bottom are made out of mix cotton poly fabric. The top in particular is a regular fit with pesak which makes it comfortable to wear, whereas the bottom is designed with pleats on its side.

Gene Martino Kurung Modern Sempit
3. Gene Martino Kurung Modern Sempit
Modern Baju Kurung
Updated on 15th March 2021

Over time, customary designs of traditional costumes evolved to follow trends that fashion demands these days. Behold, the Gene Martino Kurung Modern Sempit; a modern twist to the traditional baju kurung

The top is adorned with French lace detailing made over a polyester fabric, with a touch of unique beauty to the baju kurung due to the emphasis of its tiered cuffs sleeves. As for the bottom, nothing ever goes wrong with a mermaid-cut skirt, which is what this baju kurung would have you standing out during this festive season of Hari Raya.

KAMDAR Dhia Cyrina Kurung Modern
4. Kamdar Dhia Cyrina Kurung Modern
Modern Baju Kurung
Updated on 15th March 2021

The style of modern baju kurungs is relentless. Kamdar’s Dhia Cyrina Kurung Modern elicits a traditional touch of songket-prints masked at the base of the kurung top, with flowers scattered sparsely all over. Its skirt compliments the top with songket prints at its base too. This style of baju kurung comes in various colours and will have you making a fashion statement from anywhere!

LARA NOUR Baju Kurung Moden Cotton
5. Lara Nour Baju Kurung Moden Cotton
Modern Baju Kurung
Updated on 15th March 2021

Feel poised in this Lara Nour’s Baju Kurung Moden Cotton which will make you feel captivated by its enticing beauty. This baju kurung is made out of Italian cotton and it comes in a plethora of dazzling colours. 

Though its design is plain, but it has an eye-catching design whereby the top is of a semi-peplum design and its bottom in a pencil skirt for a sleek silhouette. You will never go wrong with the combination of these two designs for any time of the year besides being a baju raya for 2021.

INHANNA Baju Kebaya Songket Dian
6. Inhanna Baju Kebaya Songket Dian
Baju Kebaya
Updated on 15th March 2021

Baju kebaya has always been known to exude elegance and class despite its batik designs which are splayed all over the skirt. INHANNA’s Baju Kebaya Songket Dian gives you the best of both worlds by catering to two alternate designs. 

These sets come in a range of soft, pastel colours. Its highlight is the pencil skirt which has a front overlap that accentuates the curve of your body even more. Now go paint the town red in this breath-taking baju kebaya and your matching stilettos!

INHANNA Kurung Kedah Polos Bunga
7. Inhanna Kurung Kedah Polos Bunga
Baju Kurung Kedah
Updated on 15th March 2021

Baju Kedah is unique in the sense that the tops are shorter in length, making them ideal for shorter ladies so that they can look tall. If you are looking for a baju kurung Kedah style, then you may be interested in this modern Kurung Kedah Polos Bunga. 

This baju kurung is tailored with a high-quality custom-textured cotton material of a plain colour. Adding a touch of modernity to the skirt is a pencil-cut design which is beautified with pleats at its side. You simply will not be able to resist this one that comes in a wide array of spectacular colours!

Baju Kurung Pahang Afifah
8. Baju Kurung Pahang Afifah
Baju Kurung Pahang
Updated on 15th March 2021

If you are searching for a simple style of baju kurung with a burst of some motives, then this Baju Kurung Pahang may suit your preference. The white floral motives set against its cotton royal blue fabric gives a very classy touch. As the fabric is made out of cotton, this baju kurung will be such a comfortable wear in the midst of our current scorching weather.

INHANNA Kurung Riau Gulinear
9. Inhanna Kurung Riau Gulinear
Baju Kurung Riau
Updated on 15th March 2021

Sometimes, when things are simpler, the better. INHANNA’s Kurung Riau Gulinear offers you this fit and flair modern kurung Riau set that features simple colours yet, catches the attention with its Teluk Belanga-style neckline top. 

The skirt on the other hand, is of a pencil skirt silhouette with a front-overlap that mimics that of a sarung batik. Thus, you still get a modern twist out of this baju kurung despite its minimalistic style, which is made out of high-quality German cotton fabric.

Kurung Sulam Kasih
10. Kurung Sulam Kasih
Baju Kurung Johor
Updated on 15th March 2021

If you are looking for a plain-coloured design baju kurung yet, with some form of pattern, then choosing those with embroidery designs which may intrigue you. This baju kurung Johor-inspired Kurung Sulam Kasih set comes in a variety of colours that are sewn in embroidered cotton viscose. 

On the sleeves and the base of the top and bottom are also decorated beautifully with delicate embroidery. The sheer contrast of the embroidery against its plain-coloured fabric makes this baju kurung look all the more chic for the wearer!

Kurung Batik Sara Blue
11. Kurung Batik Sara Blue
Baju Kurung Batik
Updated on 15th March 2021

This Kurung Batik Sara Blue adds a modern twist to a traditionalistic approach. Printed on hand block printing, this baju kurung is split into two distinct designs. The top has a mesh of darker shade of blue designs that blend beautifully well against a sea blue fabric. Whereas for the bottom, it boasts a collage of batik prints with pops of colours that make the design stand out even more.

Kurung Lace Larney Black Green
12. Kurung Lace Larney Black Green
Baju Kurung Lace
Updated on 15th March 2021

When there is lace draped around your clothing piece, it literally preaches elegance without another word more! The delicate and pristine handiwork of lace makes any piece of clothing even more beautiful than it already is, such as the Kurung Lace Larney Black Green. 

This baju kurung is made out of French lace, set against satin cotton. Its bottom skirt is also adorned in a mermaid cut that helps to elicit such elegance!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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