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12 Best Baju Kurung For Raya Below RM150 Available Online

Shop for stylish-looking OOTD without ruining your budget!

While the fundamental of Malay traditional clothing for ladies is Baju Kurung, a modest knee-length top with a long skirt, it has evolved and altered to cater to trends. This is not necessarily bad, it just means that we still insist on including our customs and traditions in our daily life by adapting them to current trends.

In celebration of Hari Raya, the Baju Kurung is often donned by beautiful women and this year is no exception. With the newer and latest designs, the prices of baju kurung might have spiked up a little and it is getting more difficult to find a pretty and affordable one.

For those dreaming to look gorgeous in Syawal but have a limited budget, worry not, girls! We have listed down some baju kurung with trendy designs and prices less than RM150 for you to get some inspiration for your Raya outfit. Scroll through and get yours ASAP. Remember, the post hub will be overwhelmed in two weeks.

Baju Kurung Moden Kebarung Cik Anggun Exclusive Batik
Check Baju Kurung Moden Kebarung Cik Anggun Exclusive Batik price below:

Sometimes you find a design you really like but your size is not available. Sometimes they have your size but the design is not to your liking. If you struggle with finding your size because of your curvy body, bigger bones or wider shoulders, we’ve got you covered.

Here, we present to you this Kurung Moden with a Batik motif to bring a feeling of tradition and elegance to its wearer. With a few colours to choose from, the baju kurung is available in multiple sizes up to 5XL. For those looking for a simple yet elegant look this Hari Raya, this is what we recommend!

  • Material: Italian Dobby Silk
  • Fit type: Loose cutting, comfortable, nursing-friendly
  • Colours: Orange, Midnight Blue, Baby Pink, Dark Maroon
  • Sizes available: XS - 5XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, office wear, special events
Baju Kurung idea for open house
Kurung Riau Nisha Sulam Serawang
Check Kurung Riau Nisha Sulam Serawang price below:

When hosting an open house during Hari Raya, you would want to greet your guests, looking decent and proper although you are also busy running around making sure things are going smoothly.

With embroidery detail on the hem, this baju kurung lets you move around freely with confidence thanks to its loose Riau cutting. The design of this outfit is a fusion of traditional and modern looks, making the wearer look classic and elegant.

  • Material: Cotton linen, embroidery
  • Fit type: Riau cutting, flowy, nursing-friendly and wudhu-friendly
  • Colours: Silver Grey, Soft Yellow, Mint Green, Blush Pink, Lilac, Baby Blue
  • Sizes available: S - 3XL
  • Suitable for: Open house, Raya, special occasions 

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Zoe Arissa Humaira Kurung Sulam Moden
Check Zoe Arissa Humaira Kurung Sulam Moden price below:

There are times when you only need a simple modern baju kurung to wear to different occasions without looking underdressed. This Humaira Kurung Sulam from Zoe Arissa is made with satin silk matte, embroidered with a floral motif at the hem.

After Hari Raya, the simple yet graceful vibe this baju kurung gives off will be suitable for daily wear to work since it is ironless and breathable. If you are looking for an engagement dress, this one would be perfect, to be donned with a shawl and a veil.

  • Material: Premium satin silk matte, embroidery
  • Fit type: Kebarung cutting, breathable, wudhu-friendly, ironless
  • Colours: Burgundy, navy blue, dusty rose, champagne
  • Sizes available: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily wear to the office, engagement
Baju Kurung for pregnant ladies
dmimi Baju Kurung Adwaa Faqhira
Check dmimi Baju Kurung Adwaa Faqhira price below:

For pregnant mothers, we understand how bothersome it can be when your baju kurung is too tight around your belly and sometimes it cannot even fit you, considering your larger body proportion during pregnancy.

To ensure your comfort, we suggest getting this Adwaa Faqhira from dmimi since the top is flowy and nursing-friendly. Not only can you wear this during pregnancy, but also after giving birth to nurse your baby.

Since the material does not easily crinkle and there are hidden zips in the sleeves, we truly believe this one will make your Hari Raya with your baby bump much better.

  • Material: Korean Commo Crepe, chiffon
  • Fit type: Flowy top, breathable, wudhu-friendly, nursing-friendly
  • Colours: Dark Olive, Dark Pink, Brown, Dark Blue
  • Sizes available: SS - 2XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, pregnant & nursing mothers, open house
Baju Kurung Kedah idea and recommendation
Kurung Kedah Kyah Premium
Check Kurung Kedah Kyah Premium price below:

Who doesn’t like a Kurung Kedah when it comes to baju raya? Its cotton material and top design make it more breathable and comfortable, like this Kyah Kurung. With vibrant colours to choose from, this outfit also gives off a traditional look since the skirt has a front Lipat Batik.

  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit type: Kurung Kedah, breathable, comfortable
  • Colours: Blue, Yellow Mustard, Olive, Mint
  • Sizes available: S - XXL
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily office wear, wedding
Baju Kurung made of cotton
Baju Kurung Moden Adeliena Cotton
Check Baju Kurung Moden Adeliena Cotton price below:

When in doubt, wear a cotton baju kurung–it can never go wrong. Made of English cotton, this modern baju kurung from Adeliena Cotton Collection is comfortable to wear since it is loose, comfortable and easy to handle. It is also suitable for daily wear and its lightweight material makes moving around easier.

  • Material: English Cotton
  • Fit type: Kurung Kedah, breathable, comfortable
  • Colours: Cream, dark blue, black
  • Sizes available: XS - 4XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily office wear
Baju Kurung Songket recommendation
Alfaro Puffy Baju Kurung Moden Batik Songket
Check Alfaro Puffy Baju Kurung Moden Batik Songket price below:

If you are a fan of puffy sleeves like a princess dress, this one from Alfaro should be your choice–plus point, it is also not too puffy that it makes you look out of place! With jacquard material for the top and paired with a kain Songket, this combination will make you stand out from the rest.

  • Material: Jacquard, Songket
  • Fit type: Ironless, wudhu-friendly, nursing-friendly
  • Colours: Mint, yellow, grey, pink, milo, emerald, roses, black, maroon, royal blue
  • Sizes available: S - 2XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily office wear
Baju Kurung Peplum recommendation
Zoe Arissa Shakila Kurung Peplum
Check Zoe Arissa Shakila Kurung Peplum price below:

Some designs never get old and peplum is one of them. Perfect for making you look effortlessly youthful and elegant, this Shakila Kurung Peplum has various designs and colours for you to choose from–finding a matchy baju kurung with your significant other and family is now made easier.

If you are the type to enjoy shorter tops to ease your movements, peplums and Kurung Kedahs should be your main choices. This peplum set from Zoe Arissa will not be restocked once sold out so do grab yours as soon as possible.

  • Material: Korean crepe
  • Fit type: Peplum top, comfortable
  • Colours: Blue, black, pink, white yellow, green, lilac, white pink, navy rose, black tulip, coral tulip
  • Sizes available: S - XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily office wear, bridesmaids
Baju Kurung Batik recommendation
Kaftan Batik Ameena
Check Kaftan Batik Ameena price below:

Batik lovers, if you are looking for an outfit to show off your enthusiasm for batik, this Ameena Kaftan will do the job. With a flowy-shaped top, this one will emphasise your body line, leaving a curvy impression. This is your chance to look graceful and impress others this year!

  • Material: Como crepe
  • Fit type: Loose, comfortable, nursing-friendly
  • Colours: Black, Emerald Green, Sky Blue, Nude, Maroon, Dusty Pink, Baby Blue, Offwhite
  • Sizes available: S - 2XL
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily office wear, open house
Baju Kurung ironless design
Haurabelle Kuntum Kurung
Check Haurabelle Kuntum Kurung price below:

Who doesn’t like an ironless outfit? It has become the go-to fit when you wake up late, or when you are too busy to iron one, or even just for the sake of making things less complicated. 

The best feature that makes this Kuntum Kurung different from many others is that it is ironless, other than the scallop design on its hem. We believe that it is suitable for both Raya and daily wear, especially since this baju kurung requires less attention from you (but more from others)–you will get ready much faster and easier.

  • Material: Cey crepe
  • Fit type: Loose, comfortable, nursing-friendly
  • Colours: Bean Brown, Maroon, Mustard, Navy Blue, Dusty Rose, Black, Dusty Green, Baby Blue, Olive, Galveston Grey
  • Sizes available: S - XXL
  • Suitable for: Raya, daily office wear, wedding
Baju Kurung with lace designs
Baju Kurung Riau Modern Lace Dress
Check Baju Kurung Riau Modern Lace Dress price below:

Designed with lace on the sleeves and the hem, this modern baju kurung makes its wearer appear distinguished and charming. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable hijab since there is also an option to buy a shawl to pair with the baju kurung–or just wear an off-white shawl, it fits everything.

  • Material: Como crepe with lace
  • Fit type: Loose, comfortable, pencil skirt
  • Colours: Navy Blue, Nude Brown, Lavender, Pink, Grey, White, Maroon, Black, Dusty Green, Baby Blue
  • Sizes available: S, M, Plus Size
  • Suitable for: Raya, engagement, wedding, solemnisation
Baju Kurung Pahang and Baju Kurung Riau recommendation
Check KURUNG SULAM QASEH price below:

If you enjoy knee-length and loose-cut tops, you would enjoy a baju kurung Riau and baju kurung Pahang. The Riau cutting of the top makes the fit comfortable and suitable for those wearing it all day long for a solemnisation or wedding. The sizing also has a broad range–everyone in S up until 5XL can fit into Kurung Qaseh.

  • Material: Como crepe with embroidery
  • Fit type: Loose, comfortable, padded shoulder, nursing-friendly
  • Colours: Black, Dark Blue, Maroon, Green Tea, Purple
  • Sizes available: S - 2XL (3XL - 5XL available via chat)
  • Suitable for: Raya, engagement, wedding, open house

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