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7 Portable Sewing Machines that are Sew Worth the Money

Sew you think you can stitch.

Set yourself up with a high-quality portable sewing machine to help you fix any rips or make alterations at a moment’s notice. Express your creativity in design using or pick up sewing as a new hobby. Select from the exclusive choices of portable sewing machine we have for you.

Mini portable sewing machine for beginners
Mini portable sewing machine for beginners
Check FSHM-505A Mini Portable Sewing Machine price below:

This is a user-friendly and low maintenance portable sewing machine that’s suitable for beginners. It boasts a 12-stitch function to help you kick off your early sewing days with a bang. Additionally, the reverse stitch function helps you strengthen the end seams of your design. Your visibility will be enhanced with the built-in light to increase your precision making those fine stitches with similar coloured thread-material combination.

Best cheap and light portable sewing machine
Cheap and light portable sewing machine
Check Kyson Mini Portable Sewing Machine price below:

Do not be fooled by the miniature size of this portable machine, it works wonders for a household with little children who are prone to careless rips and tears on their clothing. It’s easy on your pocket, convenient and lightweight. With basic sewing features, it is easy to use as it has perfect stitch control. The double thread sewing function reinforces any mends, even on the flimsiest material.

Sewing machine for buttonhole with automatic threader 
Sewing machine for buttonhole with automatic threader
Check Juki HZL-12Z Home Sewing Machine price below:

No strenuous eye exercise needed to fit the thread into the needle with this automatic needle threader. The half-rotary vertical hook keeps a high thread tightness and you can even create patterns on your fabric with the adjustable zigzag stitching width. Sewing a buttonhole can be done in four easy steps – just select the function. A perfect electric sewing machine for those with maturing eyesight.

Overlock sewing machine
Check Singer 14N655 4 Thread Portable Overlocker price below:

Are you looking to tailor full time? If so, this portable overlock sewing machine is certainly an investment well made for your profession. With 4-threads overlocking and a high speed up to 1,250 stitches per minute, you can sew the edge or hem cotton, knitted fabrics, polyester or even denim effortlessly. End a seam in fashion with a coloured overlock stitch.

Embroidery sewing machine
Check Brother NV955 Embroidery Sewing Machine price below:

Design beautiful embroidery patterns onto your dresses or shirts from a selection of about 296 built-in patterns in this portable embroidery sewing machine. With 129 stitch functions and 10 different buttonhole patterns, this device is the ideal companion for the artistic trendsetter. Navigate the patterns of your choice with a touchscreen. You can even design a tapestry to be hung at your home or as a housewarming gift for family or friend.

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Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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