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8 Electric Guitars That Just Might Strike A Chord With You

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Looking to spice up your music or learn a new instrument? The electric guitar is a versatile instrument whose existence is highly celebrated in music. Besides rock and metal, it is also synonymous with genres such as jazz, blues, country, and pop.

As different electric guitars are more suitable for certain genres or playing styles, it is important to weigh factors such as body type, tonewood, and pickup system. So, if you’re caught up with the choices on the Internet, fear not! Here are our picks for the budding rockstar in you.

Godin Montreal Premiere TriplePlay

SGD 2970
1. Godin Montreal Premiere TriplePlay
Best with a semi-hollow body – for intermediate players

Expand musically with the Godin Montreal Premiere TriplePlay. This versatile multi-genre guitar made of Canadian wild cherry wood features a ‘breathe-through’ carved spruce core for a melodious, resonant tone. Plus, it has two Seymour Duncan humbuckers for higher sustain! 

The integrated Fishman Custom TriplePlay technology even allows it to interact with the computer as a wireless MIDI controller.  

Charvel Desolation Soloist DX-1 FR

SGD 667

This guitar is made for the shredders. Power up riffs and solos with the active Dual EMG humbucking pickups for deep lows and bright highs. It is equipped with the highly praised Floyd Rose Double-Locking Tremolo for epic ‘divebombs’ and tuning stability for those who want more pitch control. You’ll also shred comfortably with its jumbo frets and compound radius fretboard!

Vox Starstream Type-1

SGD 1105

The Vox Starstream Type-1 is made for the rebels and innovators. Its ground-breaking AREOS-D system converts the guitar’s magnetic pickups into sounds with enhanced realism. The piezo pickup system integrates brighter tones with clarity mimicking that of the acoustic guitar.  

You can even choose either 1/4” or 1/8” output to alternate between live performances, recordings, and headphone usages! 

Godin Summit Classic SG

SGD 1080

Want lower string tension or shorter fret spacing? The Godin Summit Classic SG’s 24-3/4" short scale length is made for you. This electric guitar has a body that is made of Canadian Laurentian Basswood which resonates mellow lows alongside a bright and rich midrange tone. Its Custom Godin humbuckers also pack a biting sound that is suitable for rockers. 

Godin Empire HG

SGD 967.5

Immerse your worship with the rich, wide-ranging tones of the Godin Empire HG’s mahogany body. Get access to vintage and hot lead tones with the integration of both low-noise single-coil neck pickup and Custom Godin bridge humbucker. You’ll also find long worship sessions comfortable due to its smooth Ergocut design, further enhancing playability. 

Yamaha PAC112V

SGD 469
6. Yamaha PAC112V
Best with a thin, narrow neck – suitable for beginners with small hands

Get tonal versatility at a jaw-dropping price with the Yamaha PAC112V! This lightweight guitar features an alder body along with a thin, narrow C-shaped maple neck to give learners with small hands better and more comfortable playability. 

It even fits a vintage tremolo bridge with block saddles. This way, the guitar stays rightly tuned for long practice sessions. 

Godin Session SG RN

SGD 823.5

You found your style and budget but have you found the right match? The Godin Session SG RN is for you. This premium guitar produces bright, rich tones that resonates from its Canadian Laurentian Basswood body. You can even create a spectacular range of sounds with its Godin GS-1 single-coils and Godin bridge humbucker through the 5-way switch. 

Yamaha EG112GPII Electric Guitar Package

SGD 299
8. Yamaha EG112GPII Electric Guitar Package
Best cheap electric guitar under SGD500 - with amp, suitable for kids

Get the whole package for your kid with a steal! Besides the Yamaha EG112UC electric guitar, this bundle includes essentials such as the GA15 guitar amp, YT100 tuner, picks, guitar strings and a cable. This budget-friendly package is also suitable for young beginners and can be helpful to accustom kids to the instrument. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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