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The kitchen is where you prepare your food, and that's why it should be the cleanest space in your house. Although it's easy to wipe the countertops, it's annoying to have to clean the floor as it requires more time and effort. Luckily for you, we've listed six kitchen mops that will quickly get the job done with ease.

1. Black & Decker Steam Mop

Best kitchen steam mop

Price from SGD113.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD113.00

For hard-to-remove floor stains, we'd recommend the Black & Decker Steam Mop. Although it can be quite expensive, you get to clean faster and more efficiently. It works by applying hot steam to the floor's surface through its microfiber pad that loosens stains and removes them quickly.

The only thing that might concern you with this mop is that it requires a lot of power, so you might expect a noticeable increase in your electricity bill if you use it quite often. However, you can detach its steamer and use it as a regular mop on days where there's not much heavy-duty cleaning needed.

It's easy to set up and use. The tank is also removable, so you get to fill it with water without any difficulty. This mop kills 99.9% germs, keeps your floor sparkly, and has a five-meter cord to cover the entire kitchen area. Moreover, it works on almost any floor type.

2. BONA Tile/Laminate Spray Mop

Best kitchen spray mop

Price from SGD74.80

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If you don't want to pay the expensive electricity bill that comes along with steam mops, then you'll want its alternative - the BONA Tile/Laminate Spray Mop. The main difference between the two is obvious; a spray mop doesn't require electricity, so you get to mop the floor without that annoying cord.

The only downside is that it's less effective at clearing hard-to-remove stains. However, when it comes to killing germs and removing dust and lighter stains, you can bet on the spray mop to do its job properly. You can load its tank with soap solution and get the mop wet without dipping it into a bucket.

This mop also has a convenient design. Its handle has the trigger placed ergonomically, and it is lightweight. The price is also reasonable and has an easy-to-remove mophead, making it quick to clean or replace.

3. Bona Microfiber Floor Mop

Best mop for kitchen tiles

Price from SGD44.80

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Do you have a fully white tiled kitchen? If that's the case, you're going to want the Bona Microfiber Floor Mop. Although suitable on any surface, it's best on tiles due to its super smooth mophead. It removes dirt, light stains and dust super fast without scratching or damaging your tiles even after many uses.

What's also great about this mop is that it attracts dirt and traps them on its mop head. Plus, it's light as a feather, meaning you won’t get tired quickly while using it. It also works well with water to remove tough stains.

4. SCOTCH-BRITE 3M Butterfly Sponge Floor Mop

Best sponge mop for kitchen and bathroom

Price from SGD29.90

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If you want a mop to dry wet floors with ease, nothing can beat this SCOTCH-BRITE 3M Butterfly Sponge Floor Mop. For starters, it's a sponge mop that's perfect for absorbing water. It can be used in the kitchen and bathroom and is ideal for water spills and vinyl or tile floors.

Furthermore, this sponge mop is durable and has an auto-squeeze feature which makes it convenient to use. It also has an ergonomic design to keep your grip secure even when the sponge is full of water and heavy.  

5. Leifheit Clean Twist Mop

Best wet mop - suitable for washing kitchen floor

Price from SGD168.00

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Here is a mop for extreme heavy-duty cleaning - the Leifheit Clean Twist Mop. This mop is the one you’ll need when it comes to washing the entire kitchen floor. It is huge and removing dirt from its mophead is easy with its innovative bucket and water squeezer. A 360° joint also allows you to mop under cupboards and around furniture.

The Leifheit Clean Twist Mop is durable and ideal for commercial use. If you have a restaurant or eatery, this mop gives you flexibility in ways that regular mops don’t. With its twist feature, you can save time by not moving tables and chairs as it can bend under them with ease. It also works with any type of flooring, so there's no limit to it. Although it is quite expensive, it is a worth-while investment.

6. Microfiber Spray Mop

Best mop for small kitchen

Price from SGD16.90

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Some kitchens don't require that much maintenance, especially if they're small or not used as frequently. If you have a kitchen like that, you’ll only need this Microfiber Spray Mop. This kitchen mop is ideal for people who live alone or in small apartments.

The Microfiber Spray Mop is an innovatively designed spray mop. It is lightweight and has a detachable water tank for you to put in your cleaning solution. Although the mophead is only 15 inches in width, it is effective enough to remove stains and dust.

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