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In the era of high-end technology, imagine a moment without electricity. Instead of being stranded in pitch black darkness during emergencies, it’s wise to invest in a quality flashlight to keep your night bright. Flashlights are manufactured in various designs and functions to allow you proper usage for different situations.

Keep yourself protected by choosing the ideal flashlight for you from our variety of selection.

1. Flashlight Bundle Set C ECT6B With Charger Set
Best flashlight under SGD 50 - with rechargeable batteries and zoom option

Affordability is as important as function. This high-powered flashlight provides you with amazing features well within your budget. It has a lightweight frame made of aircraft grade aluminium which is both durable and easy to be carried around.

What’s more, you can save energy with the rechargeable batteries used to power this flashlight.

2. Nitecore 460Lm Waterproof LED Flashlight With Red Light Mode
Best flashlight with magnet and red light mode

This integrated LED flashlight has an average bright white luminosity, making it perfect to throw a strong beam of up to 180 metres in distance.

Quite a handy gadget, it features five different level of brightness which includes red lighting mode perfect for night vision. Set up the flashlight to stand or upside while you work on your repair work with the magnetic flat tail cap.

3. Imalent DM21T Tactical Flashlight 1000 Lumens
Best flashlight with high lumens and pressure switch – for police duty

High performance with maximum brightness makes this device ideal for uniformed task forces. Portable and pocket-sized, it allows for easy one-hand operation. You can easily move about while using the flashlight.

Strong body frame and intelligent pressure switch are the only few amazing features of this capable torch. You can also maintain this high standard lighting with its anti-scratch and impact resisting lenses.

4. LED Tactical Handheld Waterproof Flashlight 1200 Lumen
Best flashlight for night photography and self-defence

Need an extreme level of luminosity to keep the night bright just like the day? With 1200 lumens of intense brightness, this flashlight can function in three different modes.

It enables you to adjust between the high or low level of brightness, which is useful for providing an emergency SOS signal in any moments of distress. With an adjustable focus, you can elevate or decrease the lighting and observation range. It works well in dry or wet environments.

5. Cree Q5 Flashlight Mini LED Torch
Best flashlight with AA batteries – for hiking

Carry this mini-sized flashlight with a blinding light effect on your nighttime hiking trails. With the focus zoom, you can navigate carefully without unwanted accidents. The strong aluminium alloy casing is skid proof and waterproof. You can also adjust your focus range with various brightness level according to your necessity.

A practical and convenient safety instrument for your home, the single switch at this flashlight’s neck makes operation easy. Added with the smart lock function, it prevents unnecessary activation by wandering hands.

Furthermore, the compact design makes it easy to be kept on the shelves or bedside drawers for easy access. Its light beam is strong enough to illuminate your room brightly while you try to move about.

Looking for a unique but useful gift? This laser pointer flashlight would be an appropriate present for those in the corporate or education sector. Simply point onto presentation slides or complicated maps and make it easier for students or audiences to follow your perspective.

A versatile flashlight, it also has an LED touch light with an extendable head and ultraviolet light to help you during an accidental power outage.  

Having a flashlight in your car can be a lifesaver in moments of crisis. In any case of a car breakdown, especially in the middle of the night, this flashlight functions as a headlight to warn other road users.

An ultimate lighting device, the flashing red light feature doubles as an emergency escape tool (seat belt cutter and window breaking device). Count on this multifunctional flashlight to help you in unexpected situations.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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