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9 Bath Towels That’ll Warm And Dry You Quick After a Cold Shower

For all purpose hygiene.

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How often do you wash your towels, or replace them? It is important to wash them once every few days or in a week due to hygiene purposes. You should also know that it is important to replace them every 2 years as most towels would lose their absorbency power by then.

Being made with different absorbency and different materials depending on its main purpose and quality, here are some good quality towels that may suit your needs.

Canningvale Australia Egyptian Royale Bath Towels

SGD 34.9

Indulge yourself in pure bliss with this bath towel that is made with 100 percent certified pure Egyptian cotton. The towel is incredibly absorbent and its colours are hand tested to ensure that it doesn’t easily fade. Soft to the touch, this thick towel will have you dry and warm in no time. 

LoveSprings Bamboo Baby Bath Towel

SGD 19.9
2. LoveSprings Bamboo Baby Bath Towel
Best bath towel for newborn and for sensitive skin - will not have lint

This special LoveSprings Bamboo Baby Bath Towel is made from high quality bamboo fiber. Not only are bamboo fibre towels eco-friendly, durable and odour-resistant, but they are naturally soft which lends this towel its cushion surface. Moreover, this towel is made to be antibacterial. Perfect for your baby’s delicate skin.

Canopy Airlight Bath Towel

SGD 40

Owning a set of comfortable, good quality towels don’t have to break your bank. For perpetual softness in your towels, you can opt for these Canopy Airlight Bath Towel. The set of four distinctly lightweight and absorbent towels comes in varying designs and colours. It is super soft, dries quickly and is very easy to care for.

Cooling Sports Towel

SGD 2.99
4. Cooling Sports Towel
Best bath towel for gym and outdoor activities

If you lead an active lifestyle, you would need a towel that soaks up sweat right away and dries just as fast. With this cooling sports towel, you’ll have yourself covered, literally. The towels is quite absorbent, breathable and lightweight as well. A perfect addition to your gym bag. 

Baby Bath Towel Robe with Hood

SGD 16.9

Has your baby reached its peak cuteness? Think again. With this baby bath towel, your little bundle of joy will not only look its most cutest for your amusement, but also stay dry, warm and snug after a shower. It comes in several designs such as a dinosaur, elephant and princess. The towel is also soft and absorbent as well as easy to wash. 

3 Packs of Face Towel

SGD 13.99
6. 3 Packs of Face Towel
Best bath towel with tassel - suitable for face

The skin on your face are more delicate and should deserve the best. In fact, it should deserves the premium touch of this cotton towel. This three pack of towels include a white, khaki and light blue coloured towels. It is perfect as a premium door gift or just to pamper your face with the goodness of soft cotton touch. 

Romix Magic Towel

SGD 14.9
7. Romix Magic Towel
Best bath towel with loops - suitable for travel

The Romix Magic towel is certainly a jack of all trades as it is your perfect companion on the go, in the gym, in the office and wherever else you can think of. It is able to absorb up to five times its own weight and has anti-bacterial properties to help reduce odour. Talk about being great for outdoor use too!

Spa Wrap Towel

SGD 19.99
8. Spa Wrap Towel
Best bath towel made with elastic - suitable for women

Extremely absorbent and is made from both cotton and ultra fine fibre, this cute towel has an elastic band on one end which is useful for hanging onto the chest securely. Thus, it suits most women especially since one may need to be in their bath towel for facial sessions after a bath.

Classic Checkers & Stripes Bath Towel

SGD 8.9

If you want just a simple, no-frills everyday bath towel, this big towel should be practical enough. Being made from ring-spun premium cotton, it has good absorbency. Not only will not stay soft, but it is quite durable than typical cotton towels.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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