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Practicing yoga can be beneficial when life is hectic and stressful. It clears your head, taking your body and mind into a safe serenity, at least for a while. No yoga is ever complete without the mat, so we’ve selected the best ones that are suitable for your daily practice.

Best yoga mat for sweaty hands - ideal for carpet surfaces
1. Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat
Best yoga mat for sweaty hands - ideal for carpet surfaces

Start your day right with this durable Manduka PROlite yoga mat. It's made with a closed-cell surface to prevent sweat from seeping into the mat during your practice. Designed with a high-density cushion as thick as 4.7mm, you can place this mat on any surface while getting all the support you need.

Best for beginners
2. Fuzzy Flex Eco Flex Mat
Best for beginners

A leading local brand, Fuzzy Flex Eco Flex mat is ideal for those who just started practising yoga. With its anti-slip surface, this reversible yoga mat provides a strong cushion bond while giving you the ultimate comfort through the postures without slipping. Easily wipeable, its material is bacteria and fungal-resistant.

Best yoga mat with grip for men
3. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat
Best yoga mat with grip - suitable for men

Designed with an extended length and width, the Harmony mat from Jade is what all men need for yoga. Thick and sustainable from natural rubber, this mat will give you maximum stability with an excellent grip. It's ideal if you tend to sweat a lot.

Best for travel

Whether you’re at home or out and about, you can always count on Gaiam 2-Color yoga mat. Super lightweight and durable, this reversible mat allows you to practice on either side. Its non-slip surface is padded with 4mm of cushioning to support your moves and posture.

Best yoga mat for bad knees

BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat is ideal if you are prone to knees injuries during exercising. Designed with a high-density foam material, the 10mm thick premium mat provides you with excellent comfort and resilience for great body balance during your practice. This mat is lightweight, and it comes with a strap so you can easily carry it anywhere.

Best yoga mat with a strap
6. Yoga Design Lab Mat
Best yoga mat with a strap

All you ever need for yoga is a little motivation, and Yoga Design Lab Mat could do just that. The mat is bonded to an ultra-absorbent microfiber towel layer to keep sweat away. This eco-friendly mat comes in a range of gorgeous designs to choose. There's also an easy-to-use strap for convenient commuting whenever you’re on the go.

Best yoga mat with a bag
7. Home Buddy High Density Yoga Mat
Best yoga mat with a bag

Keep your yoga accessories neatly in place when you’re on the go with Home Buddy High-Density yoga mat. Made with the durable, eco-friendly TPE material, this dual-tone mat provides a sufficient cushioning with a non-slip surface for ultimate protection at all times. Easily washable, this waterproof mat also comes with a strap and a mesh bag.

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