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Chinese New Year Won't Be Complete Without these 12 CNY Snacks and Goodies

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When it comes to Chinese New Year season, cookies galore is a must! From the sweet pineapple tarts to the savoury bak kwa, these are some of the familiar Chinese New Year delicacies you often find in Singapore. Too lazy to go out and shop? No worries. Here is a compilation of the best Chinese New Year cookies you can buy online!

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Mdm Ling Bakery Hazlenut Cookies

SGD 16.80

Halal-certified and vegetarian-friendly as well, have a plate of these nutty Hazlenut cookies in your collection of CNY cookies for your guests. These cookies are said to be buttery and may melt on your mouth just like Mdm Ling's other popular cookies.

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Old Seng Choong Yuzu Pineapple Tarts

SGD 29.8

Pineapple tarts may be perfect just the way they are already. Working from an already perfect recipe of a buttery, melty and sweet snack, why not try the brand's popular pineapple tarts with a touch of Yuzu juice?

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Breadwerks Signature Cornflake Cookies

SGD 11.50

The familiar term of “one bite is never enough” definitely rings true for irresistible goodies like cornflake cookies. After all, it’s hard to say “no” to these sweet and crispy nibbles. One such cookie you can try is Breadwerks Signature Cornflake Cookies, which also happens to be certified Halal.

Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kwa

SGD 21.00

With over 80 years of history, Bee Cheng Hiang is synonymous with most Singaporeans (and Malaysians) for its famous bak kwa varieties. Topping the list is their signature sweet and smoky Sliced Pork bak kwa, which is a must-have meat-lovers.

They also has its Chilli Pork, targeted for those who prefer their bak kwa with a spicy kick. Otherwise, Bee Cheng Hiang's original classic version (original pork or chicken) is still a classic favourite and remains one of the best bak kwa in Singapore that you can't go wrong with!

Grandma Tay Homemade Kuih Bangkit

SGD 16.00

Grandma Tay Cookies has an illustrious history that stretches way back to 1974. All of her cookies, including the melt-in-your-mouth kuih bangkit, are homemade that has become part of her family traditions. You can purchase her cookies online or head to the Stall 18B at Temple Street, Chinatown.

Handmade Vegetarian & Low Sugar Love Letters

SGD 11.8

It is no question that Chinese New Year cookies tend to be sweet and full of calories. But thankfully, there’s still room for those who are health-conscious. Take note of this particular online seller, for instance. Not only are the crispy rolled love letters deliciously handmade, but also low in sugar and even suitable for vegans!

Dayibakes Classic Choco Walnut & Cashew Cookies

SGD 14.5

Why settle for just walnut when you can have three best things in one cookie? Thanks to Dayibakes, they've come up with a heavenly concoction of a cookie that combines chocolate with grounded walnuts and cashew flakes. The combination of two different nuts gives you a different texture upon each bite. To top it off, Dayibakes’ cookies are entirely handmade from scratch.

Bakerzin Good Luck Cookies

SGD 9.56

Bakerzin’s Chinese New Year version of fortune cookies come in 9 different forms. Classic favourites include Golden Flakes (crushed cornflake cookies), Flower-Shaped Butter Cookies, Abundance Rice Crackers and Double Chocolate Chip.

For more modern flavours, choose from Rose Chocolate Chip, Coconut Chia Seed, Purple Sweet Potato, Parmesan Cheese and Cranberry. Looking at the list alone, Bakerzin sure knows how to bring everything together with a potpourri of sweet and savoury nibbles.

Nina’s Stove Peanut Cookies

SGD 16.80

Nina’s Stove insists on using best ingredients and old-fashioned baking methods to make their handcrafted peanut cookies for Chinese New Year season. The cookies are infused with a delightful combination of nutty crunch and buttery texture.

Xiang Ye Black Sesame Cookies

SGD 15.00

Not content to just selling rice dumplings, Xiang Ye expands their offering with an assorted range of sweet and savoury snacks. One of them is Black Sesame Cookies, which has a uniquely sweet-and-salty aftertaste. Each cookie is also coated with plenty of black sesame seeds to give you that distinct contrast of texture.

Kim Choo Kuih Makmur

SGD 355

Otherwise known as kuih momo or ghee cookies, kuih makmur is originally a traditional Malay delicacy. But Singapore has its own variant that is also made as part of Chinese New Year snacks. Kim Choo’s version is an eggless-based kuih made only with few ingredients, which includes butter, flour and some vanilla essence.

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