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Get Frizz-free Mane With These 9 Best Hair Conditioner

You’re ready for a hair commercial after this!

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Although other people seem to be slaying their thick mane of hair, like you, they probably share the same struggle - frizzy hair. So how can you fix it? By restoring moisture into those dried strands.

Dried hair is generally the cause that contributes to frizziness. It commonly results from heat or chemical exposure, over-drying shampoo (contains sulphate/ alcohol), or the bath towel that draws water out of your hair quickly. 

Then, when your strands are left crying out for hydration, they attract moisture from the atmosphere, which swells the strand and give you a lion mane.

Tips to make my hair less frizzy?

1. Avoid overly-hot water

While a good hot shower is always great at the end of the day, your mane will be grateful for lukewarm water instead. It’ll prevent the temperature strips of natural oils and create frizz. 

2. Say no to over-washing or over-brushing

These two will cause friction which lifts your cuticle (outer layer of hair). So, if you feel that your scalp isn’t clean enough, change shampoos. Regarding combing your hair, gently brush or separate your strands with your fingers, then brush through your hair from the bottom to the top.

3. Lower use of heated-tools

As you’ve already known, heat will cause dryness, which then causes frizziness. The next time you want to dry your hair, you can opt to air dry 90% of your hair before blow-drying. This allows you to dry without disturbing the hair strands whilst minimizing the heat damage. 

If you’re in a rush, remember to have some hair serum for heat protection. Then, dry the top of your head with the hairdryer’s cool option first before casually switching to a hotter option. Make sure to also end your hair-blowing session with the cool option.

4. Avoid drying/rubbing your hair against a towel

Ah, did we not mention replacing your regular towels? Common fabrics can be quite rough on hair, so we recommend squeezing out excess water with your hands first before gently squeezing with a towel first. You can also opt for a microfibre towel or an old cotton t-shirt instead. 

Above all else, ALWAYS condition your hair after shampooing. They act as a mini treatment for your hair after every wash. Here are the top conditioners that specifically battles frizziness!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Conditioner

SGD 14.9
John Frieda
1. John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Conditioner
Best rated hair conditioner for frizzy hair
Updated on 30th March 2020

Kickstart your soft-hair journey with this budget-friendly conditioner! Made with milk protein, avocado oil and Amino Repair Complex, it detangles your frizz-prone hair and reverses up to 75% of surface damage on your strands. The conditioner will also leave your mane 3x smoother than ever.

Matrix Biolage Ultra HydraSource Conditioner

SGD 31.90
2. Matrix Biolage Ultra HydraSource Conditioner
Best hair conditioner for dry, frizzy hair
Updated on 30th March 2020

Say if your strands are dying of drought, this conditioner is an absolute ultra hydra-source that’ll come to your rescue. Inspired by moisture-rich aloe leaf juice, its paraben-free formula targets very dry hair to restore hydration level. It also treats dry and thick, coarse hair with intensive nourishment to keep frizz at the bay.

DevaCurl One Condition Original

SGD 39.95
3. DevaCurl One Condition Original
Best hair conditioner for frizzy, curly hair
Updated on 30th March 2020

Unruly frizz and flyaways do not always have to be the first and only thing reminding you of curly hair! Infused with olive oil and botanical extracts, this rich, creamy formula keeps even the most rebellious frizz under control. Instead, it’ll leave only defined and bouncy locks.

Briogeo Farewell Frizz™ Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning Spray

SGD 32

One word says it all: volume. This ultra-lightweight conditioning spray is all you need for flat, thin hair. It acts as a heat protectant as well as heals split ends. Moreover, it locks out humidity with a powerful dose of nourishing oils like rosehip, argan and coconut oils. Also, it works just fine for other hair types.

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Conditioner

SGD 132.23

Bumble and Bumble hear you;- frizziness is not how you want to put an end to fine, limp hair. Therefore, just work this restorative formula intro your hair, from the mid-length to the ends. the watch your dry, brittle coils gain an instant boost of softness and silkiness. With a deluxe combination of six featherlight oils, it leaves your mane happy without any weight.

100% Pure Honey & Virgin Coconut Conditioner

SGD 48.00
100% Pure
6. 100% Pure Honey & Virgin Coconut Conditioner
Best natural-ingredient hair conditioner for frizzy hair
Updated on 30th March 2020

100% Pure strives to take care of your tresses and our Mother Earth at once without having you to choose between safe ingredients and healthy hair. This natural botanic conditioner smooths out tangled strands and deeply nourish stressed-out locks to deliver you shiny, healthy-looking hair.

Ouai Leave-in Conditioner

SGD 39
7. Ouai Leave-in Conditioner
Best leave-in hair conditioner for frizzy hair
Updated on 30th March 2020

A must-try to upgrade your arsenal in the battle of frizz. This multi-tasker holds a slew of moisturizing benefits. It gives heat and UV protection to seal in essential hydration while prepping your hair for styling.

Tsubaki Premium Hair Mask

SGD 19.9
Best Japanese hair mask for dry hair
8. Tsubaki Premium Hair Mask
Best deep hair conditioner for frizzy hair
Updated on 30th March 2020

There are days when conditioner may not be enough or your mane urges for extra tender loving care. Fret not, the Tsubaki Premium Hair Mask has got your back. Treat your damaged ends with this luxurious cream and you will be fascinated by how it transforms dull, lifeless strands into glossy shine in no time.

Herbal Essences Repair Argan Oil Of Morocco Conditioner

SGD 11.9
Herbal Essences
9. Herbal Essences Repair Argan Oil Of Morocco Conditioner
Best drugstore hair conditioner for frizzy hair
Updated on 30th March 2020

A drugstore option? Yes, please! Other than a seductive price tag, this formula is made of botanical ingredients including aloe and sea kelp to restore smoothness to your hair. It is also pH-balanced and works gently enough for colour-treated hair.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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