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8 Best Rosacea Creams to Soothe and Heal Your Skin

Up to 10% of our population deals with rosacea But this skin condition has yet to be widely understood. In fact, many people who suffer from rosacea symptoms are commonly misdiagnosed as having acne, eczema or other skin concerns. A wrong diagnosis can worsen the effects of rosacea, as the treatment process is different from other skin issues.

Rosacea’s symptoms usually involve redness in areas of the face such as cheeks, nose and forehead, though in certain cases, the redness also appears on the scalp, neck and chest. There could also be pimples and small bumps appearing on the face, and if left unmanaged, the symptoms may cause irreversible damage to the skin.

While it is believed that rosacea has no permanent cure, the symptoms can be managed and treated to cause minimal disruption to daily life. Proper care for rosacea includes lifestyle factors such as diet and stress management, while skincare products can help to manage redness, inflammation and skin sensitivity caused by rosacea.

Here are a few products that can help you deal with rosacea flare-ups, giving your skin some much needed relief and care!

Best for face
VMV Hypoallergenics Red-Better Flare-Up Balm
Best moisturizer for sensitive skin with rosacea
Check VMV Hypoallergenics Red-Better Flare-Up Balm price below:

Formulated with azelaic acid and sulfur, this product is most suited to treat rosacea symptoms and flare-ups. The combination of ingredients provide strong anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that will fight bacteria and reduce external irritants. It also comes with coconut fatty acids and green tea extract, making it a hydrating and soothing product that prevents further aggravation of the skin. 

Best with SPF - suitable for sensitive skin
Uriage Roséliane Anti-Redness Cream
Check Uriage Roséliane Anti-Redness Cream price below:

Rosacea often gets worsened by surrounding external conditions and environmental factors, which is why a good protective barrier is needed. This hypoallergenic cream from Uriage uses thermal water to soothe and restore the skin, reducing bacteria and strengthening the immune barrier. It contains ginseng and red algae extracts to help with reinforcing the skin’s blood vessel walls, and other patented ingredients that provide anti-inflammatory benefits. SPF 30 solar filters also make it suitable for sensitive skin types. 

Best with tea tree oil - suitable for breakouts and acne
The Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion
Check The Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion price below:

Some forms of rosacea is actually related to demodex mites, a type of parasite that can be found on the face and while usually harmless, in large numbers, they can cause skin problems. In such cases of rosacea, using a tea tree oil product will help to eliminate the mites and effectively reduce any skin issues caused by them. Furthermore, it will help with acne and blemishes. This Body Shop moisturiser uses organic pure tea tree oil, and is lightweight and hydrating enough to use with most skin types. 

Best with capers
Kalme Night Repair Cream
Best with capers
Check Kalme Night Repair Cream price below:

A growing cult-favourite amongst chronic rosacea sufferers, this moisturiser from British brand Kalme comes from their rosacea treatment line which features a botanical extract from a plant called capparis spinosa, commonly known as capers. The extract has been proven to have significant anti-inflammatory properties and is able to calm reactive skin, greatly reducing redness. The cream also contains a plant-based hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to help soothe and protect the skin.

Best for eyelids and eye area
La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Eye
Best for eyelids and eye area
Check La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Eye price below:

Rosacea can lead to stinging and irritation, which can be especially painful around the delicate eye area. This light-textured product is formulated to help soothe and moisturise sensitive skin around the eyes, minimizing redness, pain and puffiness. It includes thermal spring water, niacinamide and neurosensine to decrease painful sensations and skin reactivity while calming and protecting the skin.

Best for scabies
Guardian Skin Relief Calamine Lotion with Menthol
Best for scabies
Check Guardian Skin Relief Calamine Lotion with Menthol price below:

Scabies is a skin condition caused by parasites and should be treated with a proper prescription. But the symptoms of redness, itchiness and inflammation can persist even after the infestation is dealt with. Apart from anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, calamine is also anti-pruritic. This helps to relieve skin itchiness, and acts as a skin protectant to help with wound healing. This calamine product from Guardian will help to soothe and mend the skin after treating scabies.

Best for perioral dermatitis
Avene Cicalfate Repair Cream
Best for perioral dermatitis
Check Avene Cicalfate Repair Cream price below:

This gentle, creamy formula is meant to help with accelerating circulation and healing for damaged or fragile skin. It is suitable to use for dermatitis, rashes or other skin conditions that require delicate care, and can help to speed up the process of wound healing as well as preventing long-term scarring. The hypoallergenic formulation also makes it suitable for those with perioral dermatitis, as it helps to fortify the skin barrier and shield your skin from external irritants.

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