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Prep Your Smoothie Easily with These 6 Personal Blenders

Time to make that perfect shake!

Why use a personal blender instead of a regular blender, you ask? Simple. A personal blender is very much like a regular blender except that you blend for one person. You avoid wastage by preparing your blend just enough for one person hence the use of the term “Personal”.

You also save the hassle of transferring the mixture into a separate container - just remove the blender lid, replace with a bottle lid and you are ready to go. Interested? We have rounded up 7 personal blenders that are worth purchasing.

Best personal juice blender
IHome I-B31 Personal Blender 
Check IHome I-B31 Personal Blender  price below:

You can now prepare healthy juices more conveniently with the IHome I-B31 personal blender.  The sturdy stainless-steel blade will be sure to pulverise the fruit of your choice, without leaving any nutrients behind thanks to the easy extraction function. It is designed to be portable and fit comfortably into the car cup-holder. You can now carry your favourite homemade juice everywhere you go.

Best personal blender that can crush ice
Oster-My Blend, Personal Blender
Check Oster-My Blend, Personal Blender price below:

Why go to Starbucks when you can prepare your café frappe with this Oster-My Blend Personal Blender? All you have to do is fill in and blend the ingredients with just a twist of the bottle. This personal blender comes with 250W power and strong stainless-steel blades which enables it to crush ice easily. It is also fast and easy to use with the one-touch blending action.

Best personal smoothie blender
Breville Blend-Active Personal Home Blender
Check Breville Blend-Active Personal Home Blender price below:

Smoothie enthusiasts are in for a treat with this Breville Blend-Active personal blender. Convenient and just enough for a single serving, the blender features a one-touch operation, enabling you to blend your smoothie fuss-free and in a jiffy.

Best personal shake blender
Ferrano Blend Express BE51 Personal Blender
Check Ferrano Blend Express BE51 Personal Blender price below:

The Ferrano Blend Express BE51 Personal Blender is Singapore made and perhaps the best of its kind when it comes to preparing shakes. If you are working around the clock and need a quick boost, or have no time to prep early, you can easily use this personal blender and whip up a quick shake. A plus point is its insulating neoprene sleeves which enables the blender to help keep your shake cold.

Best for frozen fruit
Ergo Chef My Juicer Personal Blender
Check Ergo Chef My Juicer Personal Blender price below:

Pulverizing frozen fruits can be quite a challenge but not with the Ergo Chef My Juicer. With the heavy-duty motor power of roughly 300W and 4 stainless steel blade, you will be able to pulverise any frozen fruit or veggies in no time. The bottle also has measurement indication, so you’ll know exactly how much is enough. As an additional bonus, the personal blender comes with recipes too.

Best small and cheap personal blender
Portable Rechargeable USB Juicer Cup
Check Portable Rechargeable USB Juicer Cup price below:

A personal blender is a lifesaver when it comes to having a hectic schedule. Here we have a cheap and petite one. You can now blend anywhere with this Portable Rechargeable USB Juicer Cup. When it runs out of charge, you can use any USB device such as your power bank, laptop, or even your mobile phone to recharge it.

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