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Best Thermal Imaging Camera in Singapore

6 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras in Singapore 2024

Only the best infrared cameras for your informed decision

Due to the large number of options available, selecting the best thermal imaging cameras is indeed a difficult task. Because this is a three-to-four-figure investment, you can't buy one without doing your homework. Why? Well, let's face it, we aren't all wealthy.

To help you find the best thermographic cameras, we combed the web, sat at our computer for hours scrolling through hundreds of Google searches, and found the Best Thermal Imaging Cameras specifically for you.

Here is our list of the Best Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras that aren’t only great in their class, they’re well worth your money too. Thank us later!

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What should I look for in a thermal imaging camera?

Besides the device’s durability, camera sensor, and economic features, to discover the best thermographic camera, you'll need to compare four key specs of the camera to the requirements of your specific application. They include;  

Temperature Range

The temperature range you require from your thermal imager is determined by the highest and lowest temperatures you encounter throughout your inspection. Alternatively, you may choose a camera with a wide temperature range that either determines the range automatically or lets you manually select the range based on your scene.


Because most thermal imaging cameras have fewer pixels than visible-light cameras, determining detector resolution is equally crucial. The resolution required will be determined by the size of your imaging region and target. To illustrate, high-resolution thermal imaging cameras will be required for small item detection.


Look for a thermal imager that meets or surpasses 2% (or 3.6°F) accuracy to reduce errors, improve measurement accuracy, boost repeatability, and get the best results. That is something that most high-quality thermal imaging cameras can do, if not more.

Image Fusion

With image fusion, users can combine visible and thermal images into a composite as it gives them complete control over how much of the shot is seen behind the thermal image. Interestingly, this function can be used to draw attention to an abnormality inside a structure, hence, making it possible to generate convincing evidence for both documentation and repair.

Best Thermal Imaging  Camera in Singapore

Best thermal imaging camera with recording
VarioCAM HD Head
Check VarioCAM HD Head price below:

Because of its time-, trigger-, and temperature-controlled recording of 16-bit single frames or image sequences with a timestamp, this device is an excellent choice for exact infrared recordings. Not to mention, it has awesome photographic quality too!

Why it’s Our Top Pick;

This gadget produces magnificent thermographic images with unmatched accuracy, even when recording the finest details. This is exactly the reason why it’s often used and make an excellent choice for use in the industry and research.


VarioCAM cameras are equipped with current microbolometer detectors with up to 1024x768 pixels and show an image format of 2048x1536 pixels, thanks to its superior Microscan technology for LWIR imaging and temperature monitoring. This camera also has a wide range of features, such as a frame rate of up to 240 Hz, GigE Vision interface, and pixel size with a microscopic lens up to 17 μm.


In addition to the above specs, the VarioCAM HD Head produces stunning 16-bit thermographic images, allowing for exceptional efficiency, particularly when capturing the finest details on large object surfaces.

With this device, one can successfully recognise very quick temperature swings due to its greatest frame rate of 240 Hz. Furthermore, the different pieces of equipment make it simple to customise the setup to the exact measurement work that one has at hand.

Best thermal imaging camera for a home inspection
Fluke TiS20+ Thermal Imaging Camera
Check Fluke TiS20+ Thermal Imaging Camera price below:

The Fluke Tis20+ is an easy-to-use thermal camera with good image quality for everyday electrical and mechanical inspections, whether for home or commercial applications.  It's made to make users job easier and faster by giving them the ability to point, shoot, sort, and solve problems on the fly.


This device features a 120x90 infrared resolution, a 9 Hz frame rate and a 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen for easy troubleshooting. Not only that, it automatically sort images with Fluke Connect Asset Tagging, IP54 enclosure rating that is water and dust resistant and strong enough to withstand a 2-meter drop.


In addition to the above features, users especially favour this product because of its IR-Fusion which blends visible and infrared images for faster inspections and better reporting. 

With a single tap, users may adjust the setting at will and will be able to scan from full infrared to full visible photos to locate the area of an issue with ease. Hence, making it an excellent choice of inspection scanner for applications at home and industrial facilities.

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