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Get Your Eyes to Pop With These 9 Waterproof Mascaras

Rub all you want; these mascaras are here to stay.

If you’ve ever used a mascara, you know why it is such an essential product to a makeup routine. Not only does it make your eyes look bigger, but it can also make or break your makeup look be it chic, edgy or dramatic makeup. Plus, it gives you more confidence when you look at people because you know you look fresh and awake. 

Here comes the difficult part - finding one that’ll stay put. That’s where waterproof makeup comes to play. For a lot of us, we hesitate to use them often because they aren’t easy to remove. Don’t worry, we have an answer!

Best way to remove waterproof mascara

With so many new types of makeup removers in the market, there are different ways to use them to remove waterproof makeup, especially eye makeup. It can be a little more taxing to do so as around the eye is a delicate area that needs extra care. So, never forget that it always pays to be gentle.

If you use a cleansing wipe or cleansing water on cotton pad, make sure to place the wipe/cotton pad on your eyes for a few seconds so the product can soften the makeup. Then, gently wipe the eye makeup off. You’d be surprised to see how easily even waterproof mascara comes off.

Using a cleansing balm or cleansing oil instead? Rub the balm or oil gently over closed eyes. This will dissolve the eye makeup. Wash it all off with water after that.

However, if you’re not entirely satisfied with the results of the makeup remover, just wet a cotton bud with cleansing water. Then, reach for the leftover mascara between your lashes. Always remember to wash with water after.

No idea which waterproof mascara you need? You’ll be spoilt for choice with our list of mascaras below, researched according to the internet’s queries.

Best overall waterproof mascara
Lancôme Grandiôse Waterproof Mascara
Check Lancôme Grandiôse Waterproof Mascara price below:

A long-lasting mascara that stays up to 24 hours, that is the LANCÔME Grandiôse Waterproof Mascara. With a formula that’s deep in black yet glossy, you will fall in love with its patented swan-neck wand which allows for easy separation between every lash. 

It also has a quick drying formula that’s infused with rose-cell extract to nourish and leave your lashes feeling soft and supple after.

Best waterproof mascara for sensitive eyes
Orbis Waterproof Mascara
Check Orbis Waterproof Mascara price below:

Those with sensitive eyes might tear up or get irritated easily from certain eye products. But not to fear, for Orbis is here with its waterproof mascara that is fragrance-free and has been allergy-tested, so it is suitable for those with sensitive eyes. 

It comes with 3 sets of ingredients: “curl set” ingredients for strong holding power, “silky separating” ingredients for clump prevention, and “lash care complex” for lash protection.

Best drugstore waterproof mascara
Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara Waterproof
Check Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara Waterproof price below:

Drugstore products do not necessarily fall short on quality. The Maybelline Total Temptation Waterproof Mascara is here to break the stereotype. Not only does it give volume to your lashes, but your lashes will appear thicker and well-separated from clumps too. Moreover, its creamy formula is actually infused with coconut extract to help soften the lashes.

Best waterproof mascara from Sephora
By Terry Mascara Terrybly Waterproof
By Terry
Check By Terry Mascara Terrybly Waterproof price below:

You know Sephora holds many of the best makeup products in the market. But this beeswax-formulated mascara is one of the best and there is a reason why. 

Upon application, it volumises the eyelashes without clumping them. It also does not leave lashes feeling rigid or cause it to flake. Instead, it’ll deliver a glossy finish and last throughout the day no matter the weather.

Best waterproof smudge proof mascara
Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara
Urban Decay
Check Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara price below:

The Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara is a creamy mascara that lengthens and volumises lashes. Its pigmented black formula promises to be budge-proof, so you can apply it without worrying it will result in panda eyes. 

In terms of its formula, this mascara is free from fragrance and parabens, infused with proteins and mino acids including marine collagen, which stimulates lash growth.

Best lengthening waterproof mascara
MKUP Gravity Defying Lengthening Curls Mascara
Check MKUP Gravity Defying Lengthening Curls Mascara price below:

From the name itself, you can be rest assured of what this mascara can bring to the table. 

With an ultra-fine brush head design, this dramatic lengthening mascara is designed to fit perfectly with any Asian eye shape and last as long as 16 hours. Plus, the wand makes the lashes easy to brush and will not clump. Just one use of this mascara and you’re never going back.

Best cruelty-free waterproof mascara
Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara
Too Faced
Check Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara price below:

Sulphate-free and paraben-free, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara is here to show the world what it means to be good to animals while maintaining quality. This waterproof mascara will last all day and gives a bold look to your eyes with its hourglass-shape brush. The shape also pumps up curls in your lashes to boot!

Best brown, waterproof mascara
Jill Stuart Lasting Curl Blossom Mascara WP
Jill Stuart
Check Jill Stuart Lasting Curl Blossom Mascara WP price below:

This cacao-brown waterproof mascara will have your lashes looking fuller than ever. It separates the lashes nicely without clumping up, making your eyes ever so sultry without being overloaded with the formula. 

Speaking of which, the formulation is infused with diamond powder to give off a light shade, so it is easy to apply and clean off. Be cautious though; some have said that the formula may not last as long on oily-lids, unfortunately.

Best natural waterproof mascara
Xlash Waterproof Mascara with Vitamins B5 & E
Check Xlash Waterproof Mascara with Vitamins B5 & E price below:

Enriched with vitamins B5 and E, that is the Xlash Waterproof Mascara. Its formula promises to strengthen your lashes while maintaining their flexibility. Other than that, its other benefits include lengthening, volumising, curling, and lifting - all through natural means. Best of all, it is dermatologist-tested, so it is non-irritating to the skin.

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