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9 Best Foundation Brushes That Offer Your Skin A Better Coverage

Wave the magic wand, and you’ll be granted with a seamless finish.

A good foundation can only do so much. With that in mind, proper ways of makeup application are important to create a natural, flawless foundation base and help you control the amount of product you apply on face. 

Among a diverse range of makeup tools flooding in the market, we know you love how quick and easy your fingers can blend in the products. But let’s face it, makeup brushes are going to take the foundation game to another whole new level. 

Foundation brush vs sponge?

Regardless of the fact that both brushes and sponges have the same duty of applying makeup, they do make a difference. 


- Has a longer lifespan (Easily 10 years). This is because the bristles absorb less products than a sponge which, potentially provides a breeding ground for bacteria. Nevertheless, you need to clean your brushes often for them to last. 

- Provides higher coverage. It applies the intended amount of foundation and gives your face a full coverage without it absorbing any of the product. 

- Quick application. Using a brush allows you to apply the product straight to your skin without dampening it. It can also reach every corner on your face which makes application so much easier. 


- Sheer coverage. Dabbing the sponge helps to lift and absorb excess product from your skin, resulting in a light or medium coverage. This is especially good for those who love a natural finish. 

- Works best when damp. It is recommended to dampen your sponge before reaching out to your foundation in order to minimise the absorption of the product. You wouldn’t want your makeup to end up wasting, would you?

In short, investing in brushes is said to be more cost-effective compared to sponges. However, it all comes down to personal preferences. Ahead, we have uncovered the best makeup brushes that will make you blend foundation like a pro.

Best overall foundation brush
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Real Techniques
Check Real Techniques Expert Face Brush price below:

We understand that a high-quality brush can be pretty pricey. Lucky us, there are affordable alternatives that are equally as good such as Real Techniques’ Expert Face Brush.

As a popular vegan-friendly brand, this brush is made with ultra-soft taklon bristles that help to conceal pores and fine lines to give a smooth, delicate finish. It even features an extended, high-quality aluminum handle for a lighter grip.

Best cheap foundation brush
EcoTools Foundation Brush
Check EcoTools Foundation Brush price below:

Crafted with incredibly soft synthetic taklon bristles attached to a highly sustainable bamboo handle, this pick is 100% cruelty-free and eco-friendly! The brush picks up cream or liquid foundation well and glides over your face smoothly to give you an even, blended finish.

Best foundation brush for liquid
Fenty Beauty Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110
Fenty Beauty
Check Fenty Beauty Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110 price below:

No streaking and cakey makeup anymore; this flat paddle brush will grant you the everyday no-makeup, makeup look. With more than 140,000 ultra-fine synthetic bristles compacted into a paw-like shape, your foundation will blend easily, offering quick coverage and leaving you with a pleasant natural base.  

Best foundation blending brush
Tarte The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation
Check Tarte The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation price below:

Tarte’s Buffer brush is known for its feathery light bristles to get blending done effortlessly. The vegan makeup brush has a fluffy broad base to perform a quick and effective application. It comes with densely packed, yet lightweight bristles that are tenderly soft to your skin and before you knew it, the job is done.

Best foundation buffing brush
Sigma Beauty 3DHD® Kabuki Brush
Sigma Beauty
Check Sigma Beauty 3DHD® Kabuki Brush price below:

Engineered with a diamond-tip, the Sigma Beauty 3DHD® Kabuki Brush buffs into every crook and cranny on your face to achieve a natural, airbrush finish. The firm brush works well with liquid, cream and powder products to promise you an ideal amount of coverage without any over absorption. 

The product also earns a bonus point for its multifunctional purpose which can also be used to prime, conceal, contour and highlight.

Best foundation powder brush
Artis Brush Elite Collection Gen 2 Smoke Finish Oval Brush #6
Artis Brush
Check Artis Brush Elite Collection Gen 2 Smoke Finish Oval Brush #6 price below:

Meet the bestselling Artis brush - the Oval 6! Featuring an oval fibre bundle, it fits just right onto the shape of your face, offering a seamless blend of foundation to achieve the skin-perfecting look with ease. The oval brush is also great for other uses such as applying concealer and eyeshadow.

Best foundation flat top brush
It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation #6
It Cosmetics
Check It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation #6 price below:

This compacted flat-top brush is designed with ultra-plush hair to offer the right density in building an airbrushed coverage. With the mega-high hair counts, it leaves your skin with a flawless finish in no time while blending away to cover skin imperfections. It is a must-have for those who are always on the go!

Best drugstore foundation brush
Wet N Wild Foundation Brush
Wet n Wild
Check Wet N Wild Foundation Brush price below:

A beginner? Well, drugstore is always the best place to begin with. Created to work with cream or liquid formulations, this brush possesses an ideal balance between firmness and softness to deliver you a naturally seamless foundation finish.

Best foundation kabuki brush
Sigma Beauty F80 Flat Kabuki™ Brush
Sigma Beauty
Check Sigma Beauty F80 Flat Kabuki™ Brush price below:

Nothing beats the Sigma Beauty F80 Flat Kabuki™ Brush for its pleasantly butter-soft bristles to smooth out your favourite foundation. The result is a dewy complexion that is free from any obvious makeup streaks. Not to mention, its dense brush head allows you to take good control in layering your foundation beautifully.

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