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4 Hari Raya Decor Ideas and 40 Decorations To Spark Up Your Home This Ramadan and Eid!

Time to bedazzle your homes!

Ramadan is the glorious holy month Muslims around the world have been waiting for. A month filled with forgiveness and blessing, it’s definitely a perfect time to make family and friends gatherings even more festive especially with Eid coming by. 

We’ve listed down everything you possibly need to embellish your spaces, so thank us later!


Your home needs to be an exclusive space that undeniably amplifies the joyful atmosphere of the entire room. Never seen to be overdone, these little bits of meaningful decoration items such as the string of lights and letter blocks put together can easily convey the blissful spirit of the holy month. Make your home a jolly one with simplicity which will win the hearts of many!

Islamic Calligraphy Sticker
Check Islamic Calligraphy Sticker price below:
Round Cotton Fairy Lights
Check Round Cotton Fairy Lights price below:
Meykrs Ketupat Cushion
Check Meykrs Ketupat Cushion price below:
Letter Foil Balloons
Check Letter Foil Balloons price below:
Eid Mubarak Wooden Wreath
Check Eid Mubarak Wooden Wreath price below:
LED Letter Marquee Light
Check LED Letter Marquee Light price below:
Moroccan Lantern
Check Moroccan Lantern price below:
Star Fairy Light
Check Star Fairy Light price below:

Raya Table Decorations

Your console and coffee table deserves to be the centrepiece when it comes to uniting decorative items. Highlighting the beauty of natural materials such as wood and clay, there’s countless of novelty things to bring out the aesthetics of your home. Take a look at these pretty babes you can add to your table display.

Gold Geometric Terrarium
Check Gold Geometric Terrarium price below:
Yankee Candle Tea Holder
Check Yankee Candle Tea Holder price below:
Calligraphy Art Canvas
Check Calligraphy Art Canvas price below:
Geometric/Arabesque Motif Porcelain Plates
Check Geometric/Arabesque Motif Porcelain Plates price below:
Lightbox Letter Signage
Check Lightbox Letter Signage price below:
Crystal Tea Light Holder Stand
Check Crystal Tea Light Holder Stand price below:
Check Hygge Glass Bell Jar price below:
Esleen Table Placemat
Check Esleen Table Placemat price below:

Hari Raya Classroom Decorations

The school hours can feel like forever during the fasting month - we’ve all been there. Well, why not spice up the learning environment with these colourful deco items you can even DIY? They’re not only affordable, but also recyclable to match with additional deco items the year after!

Pom Pom Fringe
Check Pom Pom Fringe price below:
Colourful Paper
Check Colourful Paper price below:
White Dizzy Danglers
Check White Dizzy Danglers price below:
Assorted Colour Balloons
Check Assorted Colour Balloons price below:
LED Flameless Candle Light
Check LED Flameless Candle Light price below:
Tassel Garland
Check Tassel Garland price below:
Wireless Fairy Light
Check Wireless Fairy Light price below:
Pom Pom Flower Lantern
Check Pom Pom Flower Lantern price below:

Hari Raya Decoration Ideas for Office

Share the joy and happiness with your colleagues all thanks to these decoration adornments. With blinking lights, hanging letterings, and embellished fixtures to portray the ultimate spirit of the month, these decos might just boost the mood and motivation of fellow employees. Also, that enthusiasm to go back to the hometown to see the family!

Ketupat and Crescent LED Light Chain
Check Ketupat and Crescent LED Light Chain price below:
Eid Mubarak & Ramadan Kareem Letter Bunting
Check Eid Mubarak & Ramadan Kareem Letter Bunting price below:
Metallic Gold Party Fans
Check Metallic Gold Party Fans price below:
Gold Cloth Ribbon
Check Gold Cloth Ribbon price below:
Matt Tinsel Backdrop
Check Matt Tinsel Backdrop price below:
Hari Raya Hanging Deco
Check Hari Raya Hanging Deco price below:
Ketupat Strew Garland
Check Ketupat Strew Garland price below:
Hari Raya Banner
Check Hari Raya Banner price below:

Ideas for outdoors - balcony

Hari Raya is a celebration that should not only be indoors with the loved ones but also shared along with the rest of the world! The ambience of your home’s interior should, therefore, be at par with the outdoors, like your balcony! So take a look at these decorative items you may need to beautify your home - from a cosy to a lively feel!

Check Artificial Hand-Tied Decoration Flowers price below:
Check Round Paper Lantern Decor price below:
Check Colourful LED Strip tube price below:
Check Round Hanging Flower Baskets price below:
Steve & Leif Artificial Green Grass
Check Steve & Leif Artificial Green Grass price below:
Check Fairy Wire Bulbs price below:
Check Artificial Ivy Green Leaves Garland price below:
Check Assorted Colour Fairy Lights price below:
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