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10 Best Antibacterial Wipes in Singapore 2024 - Top Brands

All it takes is just one swipe!

Antibacterial wipes come in super handy when water and soap are not easily accessed. The best part is that you can even carry these cleaning wipes around with you almost anywhere.

With the current outbreak of COVID-19, keeping frequently touched surfaces germ-free is more important than ever. Therefore, keeping the area clean with these wipes (and disinfecting the surfaces afterward) will lower the risk of falling sick and thus, the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Below, we list the top antibacterial wipes that work to keep just about anything clean and germ-free. 

Top 10 Antibacterial Wipes in Singapore 2024 

Best Overall Antibacterial Wipes
Dettol Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes
Dettol Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes-review-singapore
Check Dettol Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes price below:
add_circle Recommended by experts and doctors
add_circle Kills germs up to 99.9%
add_circle It has a light scent
remove_circle The scent may not be to your liking

Why It’s Our Top Pick:

Truth be told: Dettol is the world’s leading and most popular skin and surface cleaners. It is the best way to protect yourself from germs. With that being said, this product has earned its way to being the best among these antibacterial wipes.

Key Ingredients:

Looking for antibacterial wet wipes that are not harmful to the skin? Dettol has the answer! The pH of these antibacterial hand wipes is neutral, meaning they don’t mess with your skin’s natural barrier. Dettol Wet Wipes are already moistened with purified water, so your skin will feel clean and have a light scent after you use them. They also don’t have any alcohol, optical brighteners, or formaldehyde.


What’s so good about this product is that the soft, textured fabric cleans your skin gently without irritating it and keeps a wide range of germs from getting in. The emollients in the wipes also help keep your skin moist.

Best Antibacterial Wipes for Travel
Clorox Travel Safe Bundle
Clorox Travel Safe Bundle-review-singapore
Check Clorox Travel Safe Bundle price below:
add_circle Sanitizes in 30 seconds
add_circle Eliminates foul smell
add_circle Suitable for both hard and soft surfaces
remove_circle Strong scent

Key Ingredients:

COVID-19 Virus, staph, E. coli, MRSA, salmonella, strep, and Kleb—do you know all these viruses? Regardless of your answer, Clorox disinfecting wipes have this antibacterial property that can clean and kill 99.9% of these bacteria and viruses that live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. I mean, how cool is that!


Who knows what has been on the seat in front of you? Don’t worry; use Clorox wipes to clean it up. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes have three layers that help them clean, kill germs, and get rid of allergens for 5x the cleaning power and a clean, fresh scent. Say hello to traveling in comfort!

Best Antibacterial Wipes for Sensitive Skin
Watsons Antibacterial Sensitive Cleansing Wipes
Watsons Antibacterial Sensitive Cleansing Wipes-review-singapore
Check Watsons Antibacterial Sensitive Cleansing Wipes price below:
add_circle Baby powder scent
add_circle Free from paraben, silicone, and mineral oil
add_circle Affordable
remove_circle Available in small packets only

Key Ingredients:

Do you have sensitive skin? Worry no more! Since Benzalkonium Chloride is used to make these wipes, they are guaranteed alcohol-free and can be used to clean the skin. Also, this ingredient is known to help keep cuts from getting infected, so these wipes can be used to clean cuts and the area around them.


Watsons made sure that the material in this product is not rough or abrasive because it is made for people with sensitive skin. The wipe is just the right amount of wet, and if you use wipes to take off your makeup, this one works well. Also, it doesn’t make your skin oily, and it doesn’t leave behind any residue.

Best Antibacterial Wipes for Toddlers
Hoppi Premium 99% Baby Water Wipes
Hoppi Premium 99% Baby Water Wipes-review-singapore
Check Hoppi Premium 99% Baby Water Wipes price below:
add_circle Super soft and absorbent
add_circle Safe for newborns
add_circle Paraben-free
remove_circle It may dry out when placed in direct sunlight

Key Ingredients:

Because babies’ skin is so sensitive, it may be best not to use alcohol-based products on them. This is why Hoppi carefully curated their wipes with their main ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride, which helps kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Also, this product is made without alcohol–one way to ensure that your baby’s environment is clean and safe.


It is made for babies and has a premium grade spunlaced nonwoven material, proven safe, soft, and super moist on the skin–perfect for your tiny ones!

Best Antibacterial Wipes for Open Wounds
HospiCare 70 Resealable Alcohol Wipes
HospiCare 70 Resealable Alcohol Wipes-review-singapore
Check HospiCare 70 Resealable Alcohol Wipes price below:
add_circle Antimicrobial effectiveness tested
add_circle Kills 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses
add_circle Effective against coronavirus
remove_circle A bit expensive compared to other antibacterial wipes brands

Key Ingredients:

70% Isopropyl alcohol solution makes up these wipes. Its fast-acting solution effectively kills 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Aside from this, it also cleans and disinfects surfaces in the environment and in clinical settings.


Aside from everything mentioned above, what makes this perfect for open wounds or anything under a clinical setting is that the HospiCare 70 Isopropyl Alcohol products have now been retested and shown to kill enveloped viruses, like Coronavirus, in just 30 seconds. I would definitely buy this in bulk!

Best Antibacterial Wipes for Dogs
Absorb Plus Antibacterial Wet Wipes
Absorb Plus
Absorb Plus Antibacterial Wet Wipes-review-singapore
Check Absorb Plus Antibacterial Wet Wipes price below:
add_circle Alcohol and paraben-free
add_circle Aloe and Vitamin E-enriched
add_circle Softer, thicker for better cleaning
remove_circle The scent may not be to your liking

Key Ingredients:

Yep, your furry pets also deserve some lovin’! These wipes are pH-balanced, have been tested by dermatologists and microbiologists, and have been shown to give your pets the best care possible. It is also hypoallergenic and made with Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin E, and no soap, so it is suitable for pets with sensitive skin. It keeps your pet’s skin and coat soft.


The wipes also feel softer and thicker, which helps them clean better. Since there is no alcohol or paraben in these wipes, they are excellent antibacterial cleaning for your pet’s paws, face, and body.

Best Antibacterial Wipes for Skin
BzuBzu Baby Wet Wipes
BzuBzu Baby Wet Wipes-review-singapore
Check BzuBzu Baby Wet Wipes price below:
add_circle Suitable for sensitive skin
add_circle Skin-safe
add_circle With Vitamins B and E
remove_circle A bit expensive compared to other brands

Key Ingredients:

Antibacterial wipes that are safe for all skin types? Bzu Bzu’s got you! Their Antibacterial Baby Wipes include natural nutrients like Okura and Artichoke extract, with Vitamins B and E to protect the skin. It softly washes while moisturizing for smoother skin.


A straightforward answer to how effective this product is would be–it cleanses, relaxes, and moisturizes the skin. BzuBzu’s Baby Wipes are dermatologist-tested and certified safe for adults with sensitive skin.

Best Antibacterial Wipes for Electronics
Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes
Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes-review-singapore
Check Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes price below:
add_circle Effectively cleans gadgets
add_circle Foil-wrapped, contamination-proof packaging
add_circle One-year warranty
remove_circle A bit expensive

Key Ingredients:

Of course, our gadgets need their care, too! These Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes are made of soft, microfine tissue and don’t have any lint or ammonia. Although they are initially made for eyeglasses and lenses, they are also effective for gadgets. They don’t scratch and are safe to use on coatings that don’t reflect light. 


These products can be used on all kinds of eyeglasses, but they work best to clean and protect coated lenses. And they’re not just suitable for cleaning glasses; they also work well on binoculars, cameras, cell phone screens, and tablets.

Best Antibacterial Wipes for Home
Lamoxias Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Disinfectant Wet Wipes
Lamoxias Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Disinfectant Wet Wipes-review-singapore
Check Lamoxias Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Disinfectant Wet Wipes price below:
add_circle It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
add_circle It comes with a tight-lid container
add_circle Multipurpose and convenient
remove_circle The scent may not be to your liking

Key Ingredients:

Wipes that can do not just cleaning, but also disinfecting & deodorizing? Lamoxias’ Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Disinfectant Wet Wipes is a holy grail! Because they are antibacterial, these wipes can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including Staph, Strep, E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria, on hard and nonporous surfaces. Wow! This will save you a lot of time when you do your weekly cleaning.


Using a Lamoxias disinfecting wipe to wipe down a surface thoroughly is enough to eliminate all the protein and allergens that can be seen. Their disinfecting wipes are an innovative and helpful solution for kitchen counters, appliances, burners, cabinets, door handles, light switches, floors, trash cans, and the outside of toilets, baths, and sinks. Also, you can use them on devices like cell phones, tablets, and game controllers without hurting the surface.

Best Unscented Antibacterial Wipes
Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes
Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes-review-singapore
Check Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes price below:
add_circle Widely antibacterial
add_circle Prevents skin irritation
add_circle Alcohol and rinse free
remove_circle A bit expensive compared to other brands

Key Ingredients:

Not a fan of scented antibacterial wipes? These Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes offer you antibacterial properties minus the scent of usual antibacterial wipe brands. Since Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes contain a combination of antiseptic chemicals, it has proven safe and effective in eliminating 99.99% of dangerous microorganisms.


It cleans hands and surfaces quickly because it doesn’t contain alcohol and doesn’t need to be rinsed off. It’s great to use before and after going to the hospital, on bug bites and stings, to clean surfaces that people touch a lot, and when traveling.

What are Antibacterial Wipes?

Antibacterial wipes are just pre-moistened towelettes with a formula that kills or reduces germs on surfaces and the skin. Most of the time, they come in containers that make it easy to use one wipe at a time.

You might say, “oh, towels can also do that!” Yep, you’re right. But, wipes are easier to use than towels and other cleaning cloth materials because they save you time because you don’t need to wash them anymore. Also, cleaning with a dirty towel can spread germs and bacteria to a surface that wasn’t dirty before. When used right, wipes help get rid of this issue.

Do Antibacterial Wipes Kill Viruses?

It depends. Many antibacterial wipes, disinfectants, and hand sanitizers contain isopropyl alcohol which works effectively to disinfect against many pathogens, including viruses. But there are also some that are meant to just clean bacteria off instead of disinfecting. Therefore, the best antibacterial wipes with at least 70% alcohol can quickly kill germs, bacteria, and viruses on surfaces. 

Still, don’t throw away your non-alcohol antibacterial wipes! Instead, clean the surface with them first before disinfecting it with another appropriate item. Let the disinfected area sit for about 10 minutes (without wiping or drying it)

Importance of Antibacterial Wipes

Using antibacterial wipes can stop diseases and infections from spreading in your building, keeping your guests, employees, and reputation safe. Here are also some reasons why using antibacterial wipes is important:

It’s proven to kill bacteria.

Antibacterial wipes are very good at killing bacteria, and most wipes on the market can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. Since they have been shown to eliminate viruses and germs from surfaces, they are also suitable for the current climate. This lets you clean well so that your employees, customers, and visitors can always be in a safe place. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even more important to have a clean workplace since surfaces need to be cleaned more often. So using antibacterial wipes will help keep your workplace clean and free of Coronavirus.

It can save you time.

When you add up the time you’ll save by not having to restock and refill cleaning supplies, and your guests and employees will save by being able to wipe down surfaces in one step quickly, everyone will save a lot of time.

You can save money.

You can save a lot of money when you buy wipes in bulk. This lets you do other things instead, so you don’t have to order cleaning supplies as often. You’ll save money on the containers themselves and maybe even on shipping. Also, a clean and free facility of germs can reduce absenteeism, reduce sick days, and make staff more productive.

Best Antibacterial Wipes Brands in Singapore

Dettol - Dettol is the leading brand in the world of skin and surface sanitizers, offering ultimate protection from germs. These antibacterial wipes are pH neutral, so they do not interfere with your skin’sskin’s natural protective barrier. 

Watsons - Dermatologists frequently recommend Watsons because of its well-known products’ usage of essentially gentle formulations. It makes skincare items that are gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

HospiCare - This brand is known for making hospital-grade antibacterial surface wipes. Their antibacterial cleaning wipes are perfect for disinfecting hard surfaces like tables, countertops, and equipment.

Antibacterial Wet Wipes Price Range in Singapore

Keep loved ones clean and safe from germs and bacteria using these best antibacterial wipes Singapore! You may get yours for only $2.50 to $42.00. This depends on whether you buy in a single pack or bundles.

Where to Buy Antibacterial Hand Wipes in Singapore?

People looking for the best antibacterial wipes in Singapore will find plenty of options online. Online merchants provide various prices, verified reviews, and reliable suppliers and items. Shopee, Lazada, and Watsons are the most popular places to look for the best antibacterial wet wipes.


Antibacterial wipes can be a powerful and effective way to keep infections and diseases from spreading in your facility and business. Because they are easy to use, cheap, and liked by customers, you should keep them in your homes, offices, or other facilities. So, choose one or more of the antibacterial wipes listed above, and say adieu to those unwanted bacteria in no time!

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