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8 Cute Baby Bibs To Handle Your Messy Little Eater Easily

The holy grail of bibs!

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It’s nothing out of the ordinary if your little ones are incapable of eating without making a mess. From drool and spit up to mealtime messes, the perfect bib is what will save those cute adorable outfits, keep your baby clean and dry, and lighten your laundry load. Here are our top selection of bibs that take on the drooliest of droolers and messiest of messes without sacrificing softness and style.

Tommee Tipee Roll n Go Bib

₱ 380.00

Made out of soft and light material, this is a great option for when you are feeding your baby solids, as you can wipe or rinse it clean. The handy snap closure allows you to adjust to different sizes, accommodating your baby as they grow. When you are out at dinner or travelling, it’s also easy to roll up and put away in your diaper bag until you can clean it. 

Babybjorn Soft Bib

₱ 1499.00
2. Babybjorn Soft Bib
Best for eating
Updated on 6th May 2019

Made using a combination of food-safe polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), this bib manages to keep up with even the messiest of eaters as it can be easily wiped-down or rinsed. It is also designed with a deep pocket to catch spilled food so that less ends up on your child’s lap - less mess, less stress! 

Arkids Bidbana

₱ 590.00
3. Arkids Bidbana
Best for drool
Updated on 6th May 2019

Ah, teething. During this phase, your baby might be easily irritated and constantly gnawing on their hands. This means you’ll start seeing a lot of drool. Drool bibs come in handy to keep wet saliva from soaking your little one’s clothing and causing discomfort. Not only does this bib come in an array of designs, it also absorbs a lot of moisture with its quick drying fleece backing. The snap prevents your baby from ripping them off, and it can even be adjusted in between sizes.

Aden + Anais Bib

₱ 1450.00
4. Aden + Anais Bib
Best full coverage bib - suitable for newborns
Updated on 6th May 2019

This bib is essentially a thick, durable cloth that does double duty. As a bib, it wraps around your baby and snaps at the back. As a burp cloth, its kidney-shape allows it to be neatly draped across your shoulder. Through this, your baby gets a wider coverage to prevent stains on their clothes. The silky soft fabric makes it suitable for your newborn’s sensitive skin, and it gets even softer with each wash.

OXO Tot Roll-Up Bib

₱ 895.00
5. OXO Tot Roll-Up Bib
Best waterproof bib - with pocket
Updated on 6th May 2019

Made of waterproof fabric and a silicone pocket, this bib is BPA and PVC free, and machine washable. After mealtimes, just give it a quick scrub with some soap and let dry, and it’s clean for the next use! This bib also features a large and deep pocket to catch food and liquids, making it ideal for messy eaters. It can be rolled-up and secured via velcro, and is available in an array of fun colours. 

Luvable Friends Bib

₱ 249
6. Luvable Friends Bib
Best for milk
Updated on 6th July 2020

Luvable Friends’ bibs have a Velcro fastener, are easy to put on and made of soft fabric that won’t irritate your baby if they try to rip it off. It keeps your baby’s neck and entire torso covered, preventing milk from accumulating in the neck folds. Additionally, the material around the neck area is extra absorbent to ensure it catches all those milk dribbles.

Stephen Joseph Wipeable Bib

₱ 349.00
7. Stephen Joseph Wipeable Bib
Best baby girl bibs
Updated on 6th May 2019

With a cute and vibrant design, this Wipeable Butterfly Bib from Stephen Joseph is perfect for your little princess. Made from nylon, this bib closes with a hook and loop fastener, and comes with a built-in crumb catcher that can be easily flipped to be emptied. Easy to clean, machine washable and 100% safe, you can easily roll it up and carry it along during outings or when travelling. 

Skip and Hop Zoo Tuck Away Bib

₱ 95

Your baby’s on-the-go mealtime just got a lot cleaner with this Skip Hop bib. Rather than searching for a plastic bag to keep your baby’s dirty and wet bib, you can simply fold this one up into its tuck-away pouch to store until you get home. The food-safe, thin silicone material is easy to wipe down, and can even go into the washer for a deeper clean. The velcro neck strap makes putting on and taking off easy too.

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