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Experience a Fulfilling Cycling Journey with these 7 Best Mountain Bikes

It’s time to conquer the terrain.

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There are numerous benefits you can get from mountain biking like strengthening and toning your leg and thigh muscles. It even helps to improve your stamina and heart health. While there are numerous mountain bikes to choose from, we've made it easier for you with this list.

Giant Rincon Disc 27.5

₱ 22000
1. Giant Rincon Disc 27.5
Best mountain bike for beginners
Updated on 11th August 2020

This 2019 Giant Rincon is an entry-level mountain bike that has a solid yet lightweight frame made from ALLUX-grade aluminium material. First-timers who are up for some trail-riding action can also look into the Giant Rincon’s 100mm Suntour XCT suspension fork, which helps to absorb shocks and bumps as you cycle on off-road terrains. Not to mention the glossy outlook of the bike which makes it all the more aesthetically pleasing.

Giant XTC Jr 20 Lite

₱ 11000
2. Giant XTC Jr 20 Lite
Best mountain bike for kids
Updated on 8th March 2019

This Giant XTC Jr might fit the criteria. It boasts a solid frameset made from a lightweight yet durable ALLUX-grade aluminium alloy material. The Shimano RS35 twist shifter is specially designed for easy gear changing, making it ideal enough for casual riders.

Finally, the Giant XTC Jr’s 20-inch tires are suitable enough for kids between seven and ten years of age. It's able to handle different terrains regardless of smooth, rough or uneven surfaces.

Giant ATX 2 27.5

₱ 18000
3. Giant ATX 2 27.5
Best mountain bike with disc brakes
Updated on 11th August 2020

Here’s the thing about having disc brakes on a mountain bike: they are generally reliable in generating stopping power without the need of applying too much force on the lever. And of course, they are good for an all-weather ride even if you hit your brakes hard on a wet surface.

One of the best mountain bikes that offers superb disc brakes is the Giant ATX 2, which uses Tektro TKB-172 model. The frameset is both durable and lightweight, thanks to its ALLUX-grade aluminium alloy. Its 27.5” tires are ideal enough for riding on the likes of trails as well as downhills.

Giant Talon 4 GI 29er (2019 Model)

₱ 19000
4. Giant Talon 4 GI 29er (2019 Model)
Best mountain bike with big wheels
Updated on 11th August 2020

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to choosing a mountain bike with bigger wheel sizes. As in the case of Giant Talon 4 GI 29er (pronounced 'two-niners'), it comes equipped with 29-inch wheels that can deal with obstacles like roots and rocks. This also makes it an ideal bike for cross-country and trail riders.

Bigger wheels like the Giant Talon 4 GI 29er means that it fits well for larger guys and girls; they have better stability when you ride on smooth or rough terrains.

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