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Clean and Moisturise Your Nails with These 8 Nail Polish Removers

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Nail removers are as important as polishers if you want great nails. Though, some removers tend to be too harsh on your nails while others might be ineffective. From dry to soft nails, there’s a perfect nail polish remover out there for everyone. Check out our best picks here.

Caronia Nail Polish Remover

₱ 58.00
1. Caronia Nail Polish Remover
Best for natural nails
Updated on 31st July 2019

Fast and effective, this remover thoroughly cleans your nails within seconds. Additionally, it's formulated with moisturising ingredients to nourish your nails. That will prevent it from drying and discolouration.

Sally Hansen Pro Vitamin Strengthening

₱ 320.00

This Pro-Vitamin Strengthening nail polish remover from Sally Hansen consists of acetone blended with vitamins and proteins. It's made to strengthen your nails, keeping them healthy. The remover is safe to use regularly to take away all the bits and pieces of broken nail polishers.

Zoya Remove+ 3-in-1 Formula

₱ 520
3. Zoya Remove+ 3-in-1 Formula
Best for acrylic nails
Updated on 31st July 2019

This award-winning product by Zoya can remove, prep and condition sensitive and artificial nails. It's gentle but still effective in removing stubborn nail colours. If you wear acrylic or extensions, then this 3-in-1 remover is ideal for you.

Girlstuff Nail Polish Remover

₱ 120
4. Girlstuff Nail Polish Remover
Best organic nail remover
Updated on 31st July 2019

Girlstuff's remover is acetone-free and organic. It's made with a strawberry scent that'll lighten up your mood. This product is non-toxic, plus it will keep your nails moisturised with its fruitful ingredients.

Rorec Sure Clean Nail Wipes 15g, 32pads

₱ 35

Rorec’s Sure Clean Nail Wipes will remove your nail polishes effortlessly; you can skip the hassle of pouring liquid removers on the cotton pads. It comes in three different scents - blueberry, peach and strawberry. This product is affordable and provides you with a quick way to clean your nails.

Orly Genius Remover

₱ 350
6. Orly Genius Remover
Best to remove glitter and gel nails
Updated on 31st July 2019

Get rid of stubborn gel polish or glitter nail lacquer with Orly’s Genius Remover. It's infused with Eucalyptus, Peach and Green tea extract. Besides, this remover will leave your nails nourished and spotless.

Tenten Nail Polish Remover

₱ 190
7. Tenten Nail Polish Remover
Best to remove colour street
Updated on 31st July 2019

Tenten’s nail polish remover can clean up even the most stubborn paint. Remove Colour Street nail polish strips easily with this non-drying and nourishing formula. It’s safe for kids, breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Etude House Nail Remover Nourishing Care

₱ 390

Etude House's nail remover contains coconut oil and sweet almond extract. It can remove stubborn nail colours and moisturise your fingers at the same time. So, you don't have to worry about your nails drying up.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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