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Make-up does wonders for our appearance especially if it’s applied with the best tools. Among them, brushes play a big part in helping you to achieve your desired look. Check out our list for the best brushes to achieve the best blush look – and more.

Best angled brush

An angled brush helps to create precise definition - giving you the look that you are looking for. This brush from Morphe is made from the softest hair material that is not just easy to use, but also gentle on your skin. It helps to blend blusher perfectly and to contour your cheekbones. This is definitely a real game changer for many of us.

Best for powder

This is the brush that does it all, be it powder, blusher or highlighter. You can bet that it is one that will cater to your needs. Made from the best synthetic hair, it works best with powder formulations, making it a must-haves in your beauty bag.

Best retractable brush
3. 3. Maange Retractable Blush Brush
Best retractable brush

Always on the go or simply need to clear space in your makeup bag? This retractable brush will do that for you. It comes with a cap that allows you to not only protect the brush, but also preserve it from damage. Plus, it does not just work for blusher, but also for loose powder - making this a 2-in-1 brush for busy girls out there!

Best blush, contour and bronzer brush
4. 4. BH Cosmetic Studio Pro Brush Set
Best blush, contour and bronzer brush

A girl can never have too many makeup brushes, right? Introducing this set of 3 brushes, designed specially for you to achieve precise contour, bronzer glow and that perfect blushing effect. Created as a studio pro set, these brushes have been set to give the best results and are worth a try.

Best brush under PHP 200

This cute multi-colour brush is certainly eye catching. Made from the softest hair material, it is shaped slightly slanted to easily capture and distribute blush. And for the quality that Essence offers for this brush, it is definitely a steal.

Best for highlighting

Trying to achieve that highlight so you stand out in the crowd? This fan brush spreads out at an even angle from right to left and is handcrafted with soft vegan-friendly synthetic bristles. The brush is coated with a layer of anti-bacterial solution to keep your face clean, and means serious business when it comes to makeup.

Best compact brush - suitable for small face
7. 7. Estee Lauder Blush Brush 15
Best compact brush - suitable for small face

Frustrated with the uneven deposit of blush on your face (especially if you have a smaller heart-shaped face)? Fret no more as this brush, with its full rounded shape, spreads colors evenly on smaller areas. It’s designed with directions from top makeup artists, and features a lightweight wooden handle for an easy and flawless application.

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