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A water heater is a cost-effective and convenient addition to the bathroom. It's especially useful when you're fighting the chilly morning temperature, and something to look forward to at the end of an exhausting day.

Moreover, a water heater increases efficiency by avoiding the cost of fuel and manual exertion to heat the water before your bath. Here are our recommendations for the best water heater that will suit your needs.

Best tankless water heater

This tankless water heater is built with the Instant Heating feature; it only takes three seconds to get your water all hot and ready. The heater is not affected by high or low water pressure, making it suitable it suitable to be used in all types of houses. Furthermore, the absence of an external tank makes installation much easier.

Best electric water heater
2. Panasonic Water Heater
Best electric water heater

This water heater from Panasonic allows you to select the exact temperature you want for your bath. The advanced wattage control regulates with the built-in ELCB and prioritises your protection at all times. Plus, the flow sensor and thermal cut-off will ensure that water pressure is standardised.

Best for hard water

Your water quality could seriously affect the performance of your water heater. This is why this single-point heater features both a booster pump and a built-in filter. They work to sustain water quality and save energy, so the appliance is reliable and efficient.

Best water heater with a pump

The booster pump feature gives you the feeling of a water massage, especially on a stressful day. It has a strong water flow, as the pump will increase the strength of the pressure. This water heater is equipped with an anti-scald and safety feature that's perfect for your children’s bathroom too.

Best solar water heater
5. Solar Electric Water Heater
Best solar water heater

This solar and electric water heater is made for environmentally-conscious people. It's equipped with a thermostatic valve and automatic temperature control to preserve energy. Additionally, the water heater also provides a single shower concept which enables users to control their water usage.

Midea Digital Water Heater.jpeg
6. Midea Digital Water Heater
Best water heater for an apartment

This digital water heater has a turbo heating technology, heating water up much faster. Plus, the energy-saving Eco Heat feature allows you to save money on your monthly bill as well. Additionally, this heater comes with the Built-in Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker to ensure no overheating, electric shock and scalding.

Best portable water heater for travelling
7. Dalta’s Portable Water Heater
Best portable water heater for travelling

Enjoy a warm bath anywhere you are with this portable water heater. It has a dual function, working as a bathroom water heater to boiling water for drinking. The heater is made from a stainless-steel heating element, which is convenient and safe to use. Pack this device with you for a good old bucket of warm water whenever you travel.

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