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Stay Cool Anytime, Anywhere with these 9 Portable Fans

It's easy breezy!

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In today’s hot climate, ventilation is of extreme importance. It is becoming increasingly impossible to spend time indoors without a powerful fan.

Reduce the heat and regulate air circulation for a cooler feel with a convenient portable fan. Unlike traditional fans, this portable gadget would be your faithful companion, ensuring cool aeration at all times. Be energy-conscious and opt for the best portable fan from our extensive list of choices.

Bavin E738 Portable Rechargeable Fan

₱ 178

Stay cool even in the heat with this handheld fan! It has a foldable handle that ensures it consumes less space and is convenient to be placed in bags. Rechargeable via USB, it’s also possible to power it with a powerbank so you won’t have to worry about running out of charge when you’re outdoors. 

O2Cool Deluxe Misting Fan

₱ 699.75

Get moisture-infused breeze with this battery operated mist-making portable fan. It is handheld and can be easily taken anywhere for your own convenience. The fine-mist sprayer avoids excessive droplets of water and its bottle has an opening that is large enough to be filled with water and ice to increase cooling on a hot summer’s day. 

32W Bladeless Electric Fan And Air Cooler

₱ 3799

This magic maker is a safe option for air circulation if you have active little ones moving around your house.

It is a bladeless electric fan which is light enough to be brought along with you for your baby’s comfort. Moreover, it produces clean and quiet wind circulation effortlessly, and can be easily controlled using its remote. You can even specify the level of air humidity according to your personal preference! 

O2Cool Portable 10-Inch Fan

₱ 2249

This portable fan provides you with an additional touch of comfort even when you’re roughing it out in the jungle. 

With a compact design and dual power source, this fan packs light and doesn’t act as excess burden in your bag pack. Tilt the fan for directional airflow. It can also be powered by batteries so that you can use it in your tent on warmer nights. 

Tylex Portable Hand Held Mini Fan

₱ 285

Pack light and enjoy the luxury of a personalised portable fan on your cruise trip! This mini fan provides exceptionally strong air flow despite its size. Also, its low noise keeps it from troubling co-passengers. 

Place it on a stand or carry it with you. It has various air speed levels and a long battery runtime so you won’t have to constantly be on the lookout for a charger. 

Portable Mini Electric Clip Fan LX-307

₱ 139

Up the ventilation in your kitchen with this clip-on fan. It is compact and has soft blades to avoid accidental injuries, making it suitable to be placed close to you. Its whisper quiet function doesn’t pose as a distraction when users are busy in the kitchen. All you’ll have to do is to clip it onto a table or window and you are set! 

Portable Mini USB Fan

₱ 419.00

Does your smartphone heat up often? Constant usage without rest causes overheating which is harmful for both the device and the user. However, trust this portable mini fan with an IOS USB connector to immediately resolve overheating issues. It has extremely low power consumption and has both a USB and Micro port for the user’s specific need. It is suitable to be used at home, in the office and on-the-go. 

Frost Mini Portable Rechargeable Cooling Desk Fan

₱ 30

Place this cooling desk fan on your car’s dashboard to keep the interior of your car extra windy while you drive. In the case of an air-conditioning failure, this sturdy fan has a smart control system with reliable performance to function for a longer duration. Adding to this is its simple structure and design which makes it perfect to be placed at any angle in your car.  

Zero9 Portable USB Bladeless Fan

₱ 249

Chill out on the beach while enjoying the carefree wind of this strong bladeless fan. With an aerodynamic design, this fan effortlessly absorbs the air from 360 degrees and transform it into a strong yet controlled breeze. Its bladeless technology ensures it works quietly and is safe to be used by children. All it takes is just 4 hours to fully charge this fan! 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thanks! 

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