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The heart of every home is a well-equipped kitchen. With the right range of cooking stove in your kitchen, you can experiment with any recipe you desire. No matter the size of your home, keep the creative juices flowing in your kitchen by opting for these best stoves for your homemaking.

Best stove for campervan
1. Kyowa KW3642 Induction Stove
Best stove for campervan

Would you like to travel the world and still enjoy homely benefits? Here’s an ideal induction stove to furnish your mini kitchen. This highly-functional gadget has a slide and sensor touch control system with various pre-set and manual features.

You will be able to cook a variety of meals in moments, saving an amount of precious time. Moreover, it does not use open flame, guaranteeing your vehicle’s safety at all times.

Best stove for backpacking

Travelling around while keeping to a budget is quite a challenging feat, however not impossible. This backpacking canister camp stove is made of strong and quality construction to enable long lasting usage. Its ultra-lightweight size makes it convenient to be packed into your travellers’ pack. With the PIEZO ignition, it will be a power packed machine for your cooking needs.

Best stove for narrow boat

This single coil electric stove exudes old-school charm together with today’s modern functions. Instead of your average gas burner, this single cooking plate has spiral heating elements which allow you to cook without exposed flames.

You can also regulate the temperature of your heating with the thermostat control. This stove prioritises safety with the neon power indicator, informing you when the device is still hot.

Best stove for rental property
4. Rinnai Ri-522SC Economic Burner Gas Stove
Best stove for rental property

Conscious about the budget, but do not want to compromise on quality? Focus on this economic burner stove which will reduce your expenditure and yet maintain your kitchen needs. This proficient burner produces consistent flames while reducing energy consumption. Also, the enamel cap burner head allows heat to dispel without any smoke residue.

Best stove for camping
5. Fire Maple Engine Stove FMC-F3
Best stove for camping

Here’s a great helper packed into a small size appliance. If you enjoy the wilderness and love roughing it outside, this engine stove would certainly be an invaluable item to pack.

It sports a modern design which has increased efficiency as it is able to withstand greater weights despite its smaller looking legs. The easy to pack structure together with its lightweight setup makes this durable stove perfect for your camping trips.  

Best stove with oven

Only have the budget for one cooking appliance? Consider this multifunctional stove and oven combination which takes care of all of your culinary needs at the same time.

The Fujidenzo Cooking Range features 3 different sized gas burners and an extra-large oven. You can pop in your Sunday chicken or a cake dessert into the oven while cooking up a storm on the burners. Multitasking is made effortless with this powerful stainless-steel cooktop.

Best stove with griddle

The best home certainly deserves the finest kitchen, so why not splurge a little for this cast iron cooking range? With an elegant looking tempered glass top and a mirror glass door, this beauty certainly speaks of class. The exquisite matte black body features a stain and scratch resistant surface, making life easier for families with smaller children.

A highlight of this stove is the cast iron girdle. Imagine yourself flipping some good, classic pancakes for breakfast, wouldn’t that be a sight?

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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