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8 Best Hand Blenders That Are Smooth Operators

Mixing ingredients could not be any easier!

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Hand blenders are single-handed operating machines which simplify your blending needs. Unlike traditional blenders, hand blenders make it effortless to blend your soups, fruit smoothies, sauces and even dessert meringues without a fuss. Its versatility lies in its simple yet highly-functional usage. Experience the benefits of hand blenders from the exceptional selections we have listed for you! 

Cuisinart CSB-76W SmartStick Immersion Hand Blender

₱ 8769.00
Best hand blender for cakes

Cake making requires precision and the right amount of mixing. Allow this smart-stick immersion blender to help you whip up delicious birthday cakes and party treats hassle-free. With smooth, stainless steel blending blades, you can mix cake, pancake and even custard batter easily. The simple push-control system keeps your batter lump-free too!

Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender

₱ 5454.00
Best hand blender for puree
2. Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender
Best hand blender for puree
Updated on 25th December 2018

This multi-quick hand blender makes cooking stress-free and enjoyable. With PowerBell Technology, the blades of this blender deliver fast and fine mixing which is perfect for pureeing ingredients. This allows you to make everything from pasta sauces to clotted creams, fruit smoothies and even dips. The turbo boost function also aids in quick mixing to get the job done faster.

Philips HR1600 Hand Blender

₱ 2995
Best hand blender for soap making
3. Philips HR1600 Hand Blender
Best hand blender for soap making
Updated on 24th June 2020

Interested in the art of making soap? This durable hand blender makes your creative process less tiring and more enjoyable. The ProMix technology ensures your solution is well mixed, helping to create the ideal bubble effect in your soap mixture. With a sturdy plastic handle and a 2-button release system, cleaning is made easier with no worries about backsplashes.

Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender HDP402WH

₱ 6295
Best hand blender for ice

Nothing says bliss like a cool icy shake on a hot, sweaty afternoon. With this tri-blade hand blender, crush ice in minutes for some nice, yummy drinks. Super-fast and efficient, it features three levels of cutting per rotation, shaving through blocks of ice competently. Be creative with your hand blender and make fun snow cones and homemade ice cream!  

Imarflex Immersion Blender ISB-740C

₱ 2499.75
Best hand blender with chopper
5. Imarflex Immersion Blender ISB-740C
Best hand blender with chopper
Updated on 24th June 2020

It’s common for us to enjoy eating healthy but lack the effort in preparation. If this is you, this hand blender will make your kitchen work easier! With speed control and a secure grip, it allows you to blend and chop fresh ingredients for a variety of food recipes. The stainless steel chopper blades can mix anything up from pesto, appetising dips to even fruit compotes.

Decdeal Hand Blender Set 850W

₱ 5200.00
Best hand blender for soup
6. Decdeal Hand Blender Set 850W
Best hand blender for soup
Updated on 25th December 2018

Invest in this expert hand blender if you’re looking to experiment with various food techniques in your kitchen. Perfect for everyday cooking needs, it is both sturdy and highly-functional. Finely mix ingredients to create thick and creamy consistency with the high-quality food grade blender stick. This is made from stainless steel and ideal to puree hot soup or sauces.

KOIOS Ultra Stick 6-Speed Powerful Immersion Hand Blender

₱ 2142.00
Best hand blender with whisk attachment

Do you envy chefs with their fancy gadgets creating beautiful masterpieces? With this ultra-powerful hand blender, you could be as versatile in your own kitchen! Make fluffy egg white omelettes, delicious quiche and even salad dressings with this blender and whisk combination. This blender has six-speed settings at your disposal, allowing you to make magic in your kitchen. 

KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender

₱ 4687.00

Best hand blender for baby food
8. KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender
Best hand blender for baby food
Updated on 9th January 2019

Babies require extra care at all times, and so does their food preparation. This KitchenAid hand blender is a mother’s trustworthy helper. Even while you juggle other tasks in the kitchen, it’s possible to still safely work with this non-slip, soft-grip, ergonomic hand blender. It produces fine and smooth food textures, making it safe and easy for your baby’s consumption. Avoid accidental chunks and let your child enjoy a fine meal (pun intended!).

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